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Simply No.1 on my movie hit parade.
Ian Price4 February 2001
A classic tale of the canny Highlanders taking the sassenachs to the cleaners. The essence of the situation has great similarities with other contemporary movies like 'Whisky Galore', and has inspired more modern ones like 'Local Hero'.

The five owners of motor cars in the parish of Laxdale hold a tax revolt to protest the absence of a proper road into a remote village on the Wet Coast of Scotland near Skye. A parliamentary delegation is sent from London to restore order!

All acting performances are wonderful, with early appearances by character actors who went on to become household names. Prunella Scales as a very young schoolteacher; Rikki Fulton as a Glasgow poacher. I particularly enjoyed Kynaston Reeves as the Meenister, Jamieson Clark as the grocer, and of course Roddy MacMillan as the undertaker. And the general, oh the cheneral!

My favourite line is from a bit player, spoken at a public meeting. "Forty miles from the sea? No view of the Cuillins and no river? Man, I would rather live in Hell than in a place like that!"

Truly a way of life that has all but disappeared, even in Applecross where the movie was shot. On my last visit I arrived in the village by one good road and left by another.
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Laxdale Hall , number one film
m-mackenzie21 January 2007
Laxdale Hall is my favourite all time film, I live in Harris, Outer Hebrides and the film is really authentic. We still start meetings billed for 7pm at 8pm, honest! My next favourite film is The Maggie and of course 3rd is Whisky Galore. Unfortunately Laxdale Hall can only be obtained as a video taped from TV.I have several copies and hope to get them transferred to DVD,they don't make films like Laxdale hall now. It was a lovely time when island life was tranquil and sheltered from all urban angst.I would love to hear from fellow enthusiasts to discuss those old black and white films. There is talk of remaking Whisky galore but the original could never be improved on

Margaret Morrison Isle of Scalpay Harris Outer Hebrides
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A tip-top old Scottish comedy
Jimmy Smith31 January 2006
I was told many years ago that this film did not do well at the box office. Perhaps it was too Scottish for non-Scottish audiences! "Laxdale Hall" has been a favourite of mine ever since I first saw it, probably when first released. The age-old theme of Locals-v-Government always goes down well, but it is the characters who really make this film - Kynaston Reeves as the thundering minister with a passion for Macbeth, Prunella Scales as the village schoolmistress (in her first film role, but later better known as Basil's 'nest of vipers' Sybil in 'Fawlty Towers'), and best of all Roddy Macmillan as Willie-John the permanently-pessimistic undertaker who keeps expecting his father's body to be brought from the mainland by ferry but receives something else instead.

The smoothie MP sent from London wants the residents of Laxdale to up sticks and move to a fine new town going by the name of Drumleydubs. The locals are for none of this, and... well, you'll chust have to see for yourself! My favourite quotation came from Meg Buchanan during a downpour. One of the London visitors commented on the foul weather, and she told him, "I wass in London once, and they said it wass raining, but, och, you would neffer have noticed." it was probably a downpour to the Sessenachs!

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A superb film
ddh6426 September 2013
Barely any modern films can compete with this funny, family-suitable, timeless movie. A brilliant, intelligent, patriotic, 'heart-warming' film with no crude humour and certainly no interpretive, arty stuff.

The classic conflict between the government and the minorities is perfectly managed in this movie with hilarious performances by Kynaston Reeves and Roddy McMillan. The landscape and weather portrayed in the movie leave an 'authentic' and realistic feel to the plot. This old time classic leaves most modern rubbish films in the dust.

Perfect for a Friday/ Saturday night at home with friends, with a 'feel-good' finish that will leave you inspired, unlike many depressing Hollywood films these days.

A must-see for anyone.
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Anyone who gives this movie less than 8 has obviously not read the original novel
JohnHowardReid9 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This delightful comedy of Scottish manners, with its ruggedly beautiful location photography and a fine cast of character players, follows the book fairly closely, although some characters have been eliminated - - such as Olaf Swanson, the novelist, and Mr. Crantit, the translator of "The Bacchanals of Euripedes". The elimination of Crantit means that the scriptwriters have been forced to find an alternative play for the villagers to perform, and they have wisely chosen Shakespeare's "Macbeth". They have also moved the performance from the climax to a position immediately preceding the capture of the poachers. This is a most ingenious juxtaposition for it allows them to use the "Macbeth" costumes to humorous effect during the capture. The character of Macaulay has also been changed. He no longer entertains religious doubts. On the other hand, Pettigrew remains in full flower and the wonderful dialogue at the climax of the meeting is carried over virtually intact.

The director takes full advantage of his locations, milking the script of its drama and quiet humor with unobtrusive skill. Production values are first class.
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