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irresistible Ugly Duckling variant

Author: Spleen from Canberra, Australia
21 March 2002

In Australia (probably elsewhere, too) this short cartoon was screened just before "The Lion King". For a brief moment I sensed a new golden age, with hand-animated features basking in critical praise and paying their way at the box office, and classic short cartoons once again seeing the light of day (that is to say, the darkness of cinemas). The dream didn't last long, did it? "Lambert" turned out to be the last hand-animated short I ever saw in a cinema; today, Disney doesn't even bother to re-release its old FEATURES any more, and its animation department, which has maintained continuous production for something like seventy-five years and still has the best animators in the world, is fighting for its life in the face of general indifference. We are living in evil times.

I was particularly glad to see this cartoon in the dark, just before "The Lion King": it always brought tears to my eyes, which I managed to keep secret. I gather it was based on a children's book, or was at one point going to be a children's book, or some such, but unless the prose was as perfectly crafted as Hans Christian Andersen's, this is surely the better form. It's a departure for Jack Hannah, who doesn't try to be funny; he just tells a sweet, warm-hearted story as clearly as possible. How can you not love it?

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A sparkling underrated jewel!

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
24 June 2009

I loved this when I was a kid, and as you have already guessed, I adore Disney and all the Silly Symphonies and shorts they did. Lambert the Sheepish Lion is narrated excellently by Sterling Holloway who also narrated the 1946 classic Peter and the Wolf. The short features an amusing title song, has beautiful animation and tells an Ugly Duckling-like story of a lion who can't fit in with his sheep family, as they tease him for being different. The short also has a wolf, who is very similarly designed to the wolf in Peter and the Wolf, and while not as terrifying, has a roar that made my hair stand up. Thank goodness Lambert saves the day and finally gets accepted. Overall, a wonderful jewel, that deserves a 10/10. Bethany Cox.

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excellent short Disney piece

Author: didi-5 from United Kingdom
2 May 2004

One of the award-winning shorts produced by Disney in the studio's heyday, this charming cartoon is the tale of a lion who is accidentally placed by the stork (shades of Mr Stork from 'Dumbo' here) with a flock of sheep along with the new lambs. He grows up to be a figure of fun for his sheep cousins who tease him for being unable to baa like them and for not being either a lamb or a lion.

Of course, Lambert saves the day by being a real lion when he has to be and becomes the hero of his flock. The baby Lambert is a little cute thing who grows up to be a slightly dumb looking lion, always hiding behind his 'mother'. The piece is narrated by Sterling Holloway, who had the perfect voice for this kind of thing, and has a catchy little title tune which recurs throughout.

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Courage for Lambert. My favourite Disney short...

Author: rebeljenn from Bath, England
7 January 2006

I remember watching 'Lambert the Sheepish Lion' on the Disney channel years and years ago. It was my favourite Disney short. In summary, Lambert is a lion cub who is mistakenly given to a sheep. Lambert is ridiculed by the other sheep until there is trouble and he must save the sheep from danger. By doing this, he gains his courage. The theme tune to this little short is very catchy, and it's just a feel-good story with the ironic little twist and the feeling of success that Lambert has become a hero now instead of being bullied. Out of all these years, I have never forgotten this little short, and I can vaguely remember the tune.

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Disney's Wild & Wooly Tale

Author: Ron Oliver ( from Forest Ranch, CA
22 October 2000

Raised by sheep, LAMBERT THE SHEEPISH LION wants to live a life of gentle peace & quiet. Then one night, a wicked wolf carries off his foster mother...

Winner of the 1952 Oscar for Best Animation, this is a very enjoyable little film. Bill Peet, eventually a popular children's author in his own right, was one of the writers here. The title tune is infectious, and Sterling Holloway is perfect as the Narrator.

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A classic Disney short!

Author: Robert Reynolds ( from Tucson AZ
29 May 2001

This short is one of the more successful Disney produced in the 1950s. Nominated for an Oscar in 1951, it has one of the more memorable one-shot characters Disney created in Lambert. Some of the visual gags, particularly toward the end of the cartoon are hilarious! Toward the end of the 1940s, Disney slipped behind UPA and MGM and even Warner Brothers in terms of shorts. The quality was still there, but the energy seemed to fade a bit. Cartoons like Lambert show that Disney could still more than hold its own. Highly recommended

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Perhaps this should have won the Oscar

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
22 September 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

LAMBERT was nominated for the Best Animated Short Oscar but lost to THE TWO MOUSEKETEERS--a rather cutesy cartoon featuring Jerry the Mouse and his little slightly annoying sidekick, Tuffy. The MGM short isn't bad, but compared to Disney's LAMBERT is sure seems inconsequential. As for the only other nominated film, I'll try to be nice and only say that ROOTY, TOOT, TOOT was severely lacking....okay, fine, it was a horrible film, there I said it.

So why did I like LAMBERT THE SHEEPISH LION so much that I wished they'd given this cartoon the Oscar instead? Well, the quality of the animation was a bit better--as MGM had recently began drawing their Tom and Jerry cartoons with a much simpler and cheaper style. Also, the story of Lambert is just charming and cute--but not cloying or too cute for viewing by diabetics. It's just a very nice and rather original take on the classic tale of "The Ugly Duckling".

The film begins with Lambert (who is a lion) accidentally being delivered to a flock of sheep instead of his real mother. Poor Lambert actually thinks he's a sheep and is just as docile and harmless as a lamb. That is, until his flock is attacked and something primal within Lambert is released. No, he does NOT eat his flock-mates--just see the film for yourself to see how it all ends.

Lovely story, lovely animation and a lot of fun.

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You're Lion

Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
27 September 2013

The stork from Dumbo delivers a flock of baby lambs to some sheep on a quiet grass plain (as this is how you explain procreation to children), only a lion cub has gotten mixed in with the rest of them. The cub immediately cuddles up to a lonely ewe and grows up believing that it is a sheep, but finally becoming a lion when the flock is threatened by wolf.

As most of the short is set at night there is a lot of nice, dark animation and background which are quite atmospheric, especially with the glowing full moon beaming down. This short was edited together with The Old Mill (1937) to create a Blueberry Hill music video for the Disney Channel back in the 90s, which is where I was first introduced to it.

Definitely one of my fave Disney toons.

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Author: Polaris_DiB from United States
27 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Three words: Hooray for DVD! DVD has allowed us to have access to things that were previously forgotten in remarkable ways. I ended up seeing this fun little Disney short as an extra on the Fox and the Hound DVD (by the way, The Fox and the Hound is one of my favorite Disney movies, but that's for a different review).

This short tells the tale of Lambert, the sheepish lion... the lion that's sheepish cowardly, and lives with a family of sheep, so is sheepish. Get it? It's actually pretty funny, as Lambert tries to fit in only to learn that he has a stronger ability on his side, eventually to earn the admiration of the flock.

It's like an ugly duckling story with a twist, one where the duckling rejoins the flock and is appreciated for his difference. Such shorts are always useful to children as they learn to appreciate uniqueness in individuality. This short's presence on The Fox and the Hound is complimentary because it helps reinforce the theme of accepting difference and removing prejudice.


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You're All Wrong.

Author: Raviv5 from New York.
2 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's Not The Same Stork as in Dumbo, It's A different one, voiced by the same actor. They're not the same, Disney said it himself. and there are other things here too. This short is not boring and is pretty interesting. Lambert should get A 10/10. Very Clever, I saw it in preschool. we were always watching Disney films, and shorts. this short really got me laughing or crying, the lion finally gaining strength, and fighting the wolf, pushing him off a cliff (This cliff resembles Pride Rock, from The Lion King, so for all those who still Think The Lion King is A Huge Total Rip-Off of Osama Tezukiu's Kimba The White Lion Cub, here's another thing similar in the defense} when i remember that day now, I always imagine it for some reason to be played with the Indiana Jones Music. This Short touched my heart This short is one of the best shorts ever made. Really, You're all wrong about The Croen (I mean everything,only more advanced). The Croen

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