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bright, exiting and colourful.
moosemuncher_1715 November 2006
I found this short film moving and exiting. all there was, was colour, patterns and shapes, but it quite obviously meant so much more...

Len Lye is a god of moving art and i just wish there were ten thousand more of his short films. i'm not sure what he was feeling when he made the film, but i think i could tell how happiness flowed through him, as it did the film. you don't have to be an art lover to enjoy this film, it will bring a smile to any living, breathing person. Possibly the whole reason for it's creation. Len Lye uses the same music in this film as in his "particles in space" film which is moving in a more darker territory, which

just shows how he's managed to changed the mood of music, which i personally never thought could be so easy.
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