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16 Mar. 1954
Episode dated 16 March 1954
Guest is Matt Henson the last survivor of the Peary Expedition to the North Pole.
30 Oct. 1956
Episode dated 30 October 1956
Actor Charlton Heston discusses his film "The Ten Commandments" in which he portrays Moses.
3 Jan. 1961
Episode dated 3 January 1961
Lucille Ball talks about her experiences in the Broadway musical play "Wildcat".
27 Dec. 1962
Episode dated 27 December 1962
Buddy Greco sings "Stranger".
15 Sep. 1964
Episode dated 15 September 1964
Henry Fonda discusses his new movie, "Fail Safe".
11 May 1965
Episode dated 11 May 1965
The Broadway revival of Tennessee Williams' play "Glass Menagerie" along with the cast Maureen Stapleton, Pat Hingle, Piper Laurie, George Grizzard and Tennessee himself are Hugh Downs' guests.
21 May 1965
Episode dated 21 May 1965
A review of Broadway theatre.
10 Sep. 1965
Episode dated 10 September 1965
Devoted to the career of Douglas Fairbanks Sr. with excerpts from several of his top films and commentary from his son Douglas Jr.
23 Oct. 1965
Episode dated 23 October 1965
Coverage of the launching of the Atlas-Agena target vehicle and the Gemini-Titan 6 spacecraft, their orbiting and rendezvous.
3 Feb. 1966
Episode dated 3 February 1966
The 25th anniversary of the founding of the USO features entertainers such as Al Jolson, Bob Hope, James Cagney and Gary Cooper. Also John O'Neal and Gil Moses discuss the Free Southern Theater.
20 Jun. 1966
Episode dated 20 June 1966
Comedian Jan Murray; Jerry Lanning from the Broadway hit "Mame"; Robert Manry, author of "Tinkerbelle," named after the tiny wooden sailboat (13.5 foot) that Manry sailed from Falmouth, MA, USA to Falmouth, Cornwall, UK in 78 days in 1965.
1 Sep. 1966
Episode dated 1 September 1966
Stars of the new TV series "Star Trek" guest.
30 Mar. 1967
Episode dated 30 March 1967
Dedicated to "Magic and Illusion", with Milbourne Christopher, Frank Garcia, Roy Benson, James Reneaux who demonstrate the art of escape, illusion and magic.
28 Jun. 1967
Richard Rodgers-65
A two hour salute to Richard Rodgers on his 65th birthday.
2 Aug. 1967
Episode dated 2 August 1967
Jerry Van Dyke and Lois Nettleton were promoting their new NBC series "Accidental Family".
9 Aug. 1967
Episode dated 9 August 1967
The cast of the hit TV series Ironside (1967) is interviewed.
25 Aug. 1967
Episode dated 25 August 1967
Hugh Downs with a two-hour "Shakespeare in the Summer" with Burgess Meredith offering a soliloquy from "Hamlet" in this special on William Shakespeare.
6 Sep. 1967
Episode dated 6 September 1967
Composer Leslie Bricusse talks to Hugh Downs & Barbara Walters about the upcoming release of "Doctor Dolittle."
29 Nov. 1967
Episode dated 29 November 1967
Hugh Downs with "The Eternal Hope", a 2-hour salute to Bob Hope on occasion of his 30th anniversary with NBC, including interviews with Hope and Bing Crosby at their respective homes and a film report on Bob's career.
2 Jan. 1968
Episode dated 2 January 1968
Rex Harrison, in New York to promote "Doctor Dolittle," talks to Barbara Walters.
27 Sep. 1968
Episode dated 27 September 1968
Includes a film on Chicago's Wrighley Field, home base of the Cubs.
2 Dec. 1968
Episode dated 2 December 1968
"Peanuts" creator Charles Schulz and Nerin E. Gun, author of a book about Hitler's mistress are the guests.
17 Sep. 1969
Episode dated 17 September 1969
Joe Garagiola interviews the cast of the new TV series "Bracken's World".
5 Dec. 1972
Episode dated 5 December 1972
Dancer-singer-actress Ann Miller talks about her new book "Miller's High Life".
12 Nov. 1973
Episode dated 12 November 1973
Barbara Walters reports from London on the preparations for Princess Anne's wedding.
15 Jan. 1974
Episode dated 15 January 1974
Barbara Walters interviews Liza Minnelli about her career and personal life.
9 Aug. 1974
Episode dated 9 August 1974
Richard M. Nixon resigns from the Presidency of the United States.
15 Oct. 1974
Episode dated 15 October 1974
Elizabeth Ashley is interviewed about her current starring role on Broadway in Tennessee Williams, "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof".
16 Oct. 1974
Episode dated 16 October 1974
Colleen Dewhurst, Broadway star of O'Neill's "Moon for the Misbegotten" is interviewed.
13 Dec. 1974
Episode dated 13 December 1974
Director Billy Wilder discusses his latest film "The Front Page" (which is a remake of the Hecht-MacArthur play) starring Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau and Carol Burnett.
22 Jun. 1977
Episode dated 22 June 1977
Liza Minnelli talks to Gene Shalit about her film "New York, New York."
25 Oct. 1977
Episode dated 25 October 1977
"Rich Man, Poor Man" author Irwin Shaw discusses his sequel "Beggerman, Thief".
10 Feb. 1978
Episode dated 10 February 1978
The topic was "The Widespread Use of Computers in the Home".
15 Feb. 1978
Episode dated 15 February 1978
Liza Minnelli talks to Gene Shalit about her Broadway show "The Act" and comments about the effect media gossip has had on her career and that of her mother, Judy Garland.
6 Feb. 1980
Episode dated 6 February 1980
Gary Coleman and his parents discuss kidney health, dialysis & the need for organ donors; in Chicago, Phil Donahue talks to Robert Flack & James Finney about the corn-row hairstyle popularized by Bo Derek in the film "10"; Eubie Blake talks about turning 97 and performs a few of his songs.
22 Apr. 1980
Episode dated 22 April 1980
Gene Shalit talks to Liza Minnelli & Martha Graham at the opening of Graham's dance company, they also discuss Minnelli's role as Storyteller for the Graham ballet "The Owl and the Pussycat."
25 Dec. 1980
Episode dated 25 December 1980
Christmas songs and stories are highlighted on this Christmas Day broadcast.
23 Jul. 1981
Episode dated 23 July 1981
Liza Minnelli talks to Gene Shalit about her upcoming film "Arthur" and the release of the extended director's cut of "New York, New York"; Dudley Moore talks to Rona Barrett in Hollywood. Married astronauts Sally Ride & Steve Hawley are also profiled.
16 Sep. 1981
Episode dated 16 September 1981
Gene Shalit interviews Ian Charleson and Ben Cross about their new movie, "Chariots of Fire", which Shalit predicts people will be hearing a lot about in the future.
14 Jan. 1982
Episode dated 14 January 1982
A special commemorating the Today Shows 30th anniversary.
29 Apr. 1982
Episode dated 29 April 1982
Kentucky and the 1982 Knoxville World's Fair; Paul McCartney profiled, Falkland Islands War.
19 Oct. 1982
Episode dated 19 October 1982
French-Canadian actress Genevieve Bujold promotes her new movie "Monsignor".
10 Mar. 1983
Episode dated 10 March 1983
Gary Theroux was interviewed by Judy Woodruff about his book, "The Top Ten."
16 Jan. 1985
Episode dated 16 January 1985
Liza Minnelli talks to Gene Shalit about the film "That's Dancing!"
29 May 1985
Episode dated 29 May 1985
Roberta Flack & George Benson promote their series of concerts at Radio City Music Hall, Flack and Willard Scott reminisce about growing up in Washington, D.C.; Secretary of State James Baker; Roger Miller talks about his hit Broadway musical "Big River."
28 Oct. 1985
Episode dated 28 October 1985
In the first of a two-part interview Liza Minnelli talks to Gene Shalit about her TV film "A Time to Live."
29 Oct. 1985
Episode dated 29 October 1985
Gene Shalit concludes his interview with Liza Minnelli who talks about her personal struggles.
16 May 1986
Episode dated 16 May 1986
In a five minute segment, actress Margaux Hemingway visits her grandfathers favorite haunts in Key West, FL.
18 Mar. 1987
Episode dated 18 March 1987
Liza Minnelli talks to Gene Shalit about her PBS TV special tribute to her film director father "Minnelli on Minnelli" and mentions that "Lust for Life" was Vincente Minnelli's favorite of his own films.
5 Jul. 1988
Episode dated 5 July 1988
Liza Minnelli talks to Gene Shalit about "Arthur 2: On the Rocks" and her upcoming concert tour with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr.
7 Jul. 1988
Episode dated 7 July 1988
Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli talk to Gene Shalit about "Arthur 2: On the Rocks" and show a clip from the film.
9 Aug. 1989
Episode dated 9 August 1989
NBC News special entitled 'Fatal Addictions'. Maria Shriver talks to various celebrities who have battled addictions in their personal lives.
15 Sep. 1989
Episode dated 15 September 1989
Topics included the impact of the Valdez Oil spill on Alaska, the recycling industry and director Euzhan Palcy on his film "A Dry White Season" and actor Bruce Willis.
22 Sep. 1989
Episode dated 22 September 1989
Legendary entertainer Bob Hope and actor Michael Douglas appear; also shown is a "Saturday Night Live" retrospective.
16 Oct. 1989
Episode dated 16 October 1989
Liza Minnelli talks about her new album "Results."
5 Nov. 1991
Episode dated 5 November 1991
Bryant Gumbel talks to Roberta Flack about her album "Set the Night to Music."
7 Nov. 1991
Episode dated 7 November 1991
The cast of "The Golden Girls" visits the Today Show.
29 Apr. 1992
LA Riots
Oct. 1992
KFC Musical Feast
Presentation and Live Performance by the Winner of the KFC Musical Feast, Mark Janicello.
23 Oct. 1993
Episode dated 23 October 1993
Liza Minnelli entertains at the ceremony to mark the re-installation of the restored Statue of Freedom to the top of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.
20 Jul. 1994
Episode dated 20 July 1994
The 25th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing with former astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Alan Shepard is discussed.
10 Nov. 1994
Episode dated 10 November 1994
Women's health; Meg Ryan promotes her film "I.Q."; vitamins; Gene Shalit previews "Interview with the Vampire"; Roberta Flack closes the show with a performance.
13 Jan. 1995
Episode dated 13 January 1995
Financial news; P.M.S.; weight loss & fitness tips; Roberta Flack performs.
23 Feb. 1996
Episode dated 23 February 1996
Skaters Witt & Hamilton preview their "Stars On Ice" tour; Ann-Margret talks about her NBC TV film "Seduced by Madness: The Diane Borchardt Story"; Goldberg & Pentecost talk to Al Roker about their Disney film "Pocahontas".
23 Aug. 1996
Episode dated 23 August 1996
Liza Minnelli performs and talks to Jody Applegate about her new CD "Gently" and sings a song from it at the shows end.
20 Dec. 1999
Episode dated 20 December 1999
Liza Minnelli talks to Matt Lauer about her stage show "Minnelli on Minnelli," a tribute to her father, film director Vincente Minnelli.
25 Dec. 2001
Episode dated 25 December 2001
As the Today Show nears it's 50th anniversary (01/14/2002) it offers a look at past Christmas programs including a compilation of Barbara Bush, Liza Minnelli, Willard Scott and Cicely Tyson reading Clement Moore's "Twas the Night Before Christmas."
31 Oct. 2003
Episode dated 31 October 2003
In this Halloween special, actress Linda Blair helps Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, and Al Roker with a Halloween Contest!
4 Dec. 2003
Episode dated 4 December 2003
Disney On Ice plays a visit to the show with the characters of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Tarzan, and Jane.
8 Feb. 2005
Episode dated 8 February 2005
Liza Minnelli, appearing as part of the Today Show concert series, talks to Matt Lauer about her career and personal struggles.
11 Feb. 2005
Love Shack Series
Bedroom makeover series with Carter Oosterhouse of Trading Spaces.
14 Jul. 2005
Episode dated 14 July 2005
Al Roker helps make the Fear Factor Live smoothie in a blender, then has the two hosts (Nygro) and (Crisp) drink it in a contest to finish first.