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Season 4

1 Sep. 1954
Kangaroo Story
Freddie brings a boxing kangaroo to the Albrights which Margie insists he get rid of. Vern arrives while they're out and is punched out by the 'roo. Roberta's visiting father thinks he's drunk and no onde can then locate the marsupial creating confusion.
22 Sep. 1954
Star of Khyber
When Margie learns a maharajah is visting America she's determined to meet him. She enlists Freddie's help in schemes that involve a laundry basket and becoming a harem girl that does the Charleston.
20 Oct. 1954
Convention Story
Margie accompanies her dad Vern and his boss Honeywell to a convention. Mr. Honeywell hopes to be elected an officer and Margie in an attempt to help derails the effort. She then tries to fix the situation to save her father's job.
24 Nov. 1954
Vern's Winter Vacation
Vern and Margie get a free trip to Bermuda from Mr. Honeywell, but end up in Palm Beach to help rescue Freddie from a crazy television scheme.
8 Dec. 1954
Operation Rescue
Margie's dad comes home from a trip, and he's carrying extra baggage - a fiancé.
15 Dec. 1954
Subconscious Approach
Margie uses subliminal messaging in her latest scheme to get her dad to take her on a vacation to Havana.
5 Jan. 1955
Miss Whoozis
Margie takes a modeling job, and she tries to keep it a secret from her father. She develops a crush on the photographer, but he doesn't even know her name.
12 Jan. 1955
Murder in Bermuda
Margie becomes convinced that she has witnessed a murder, while peering through binoculars from her Bermuda hotel room window into another widow of the hotel.
19 Jan. 1955
The Unexpected Guest
Margie and Verne become trapped in their own apartment by two very unexpected guests.
2 Feb. 1955
Vern's Mother-In-Law
After another incident due to Margie's obstinacy, Vern and Mr. Honeywell reminisce. They recall when Vern first courted his wife and his trouble with his mother-in-law, whose traits her granddaughter inherited.
23 Feb. 1955
Hawaii Story
Vern's boss wont let him take Margie to Hawaii with on business trip to win a new client who's a semi-retired movie star who's vain about her age and prefers younger men. Vern's boss gets him to dye his hair and pretend to be younger. Vern had told Margie she could go on this trip and he had already acquired the tickets he had to tell her his plans had changed and he was going to Alaska and she could cash in the tickets and use the money for any thing she wanted. Margie and Roberta decide to use the tickets to go to Hawaii instead of cashing them in. Once in Hawaii ...
2 Mar. 1955
Las Vegas Story
Vern takes Margie to Las Vegas to meet with a potential client, a casino owner.
23 Mar. 1955
Corpus Delicti
Margie and Freddie track a murderer to a mysterious mansion. Two things Margie doesn't know: The man is a client of her father, and he's never murdered anyone.
30 Mar. 1955
Mr. Uranium
Honeywell sends Vern on a fishing trip to sign a simple man who accidentally became rich due to a uranium strike, but Vern mistakes another man for his potential client while forming an adversarial relationship with the real man.
20 Apr. 1955
Papa and Mambo
Vern wagers his future with the company against Mr. Honeywell's job as president, in a competition to sign an important client.
27 Apr. 1955
Matinee Idol
A prominent actor to make his girlfriend jealous creates a magazine campaign to find his dream girl. Fitting the attributes of the described dream girl, Margie decides to try to be the actor's girl which vexes Vern and Freddie.
18 May 1955
Vern's Butterflies
Margie wants to spend some time with her boyfriend Ted, so she convinces Vern that his prospective client, Mr. Briggs, is vacationing at the lodge enjoying his favorite hobby, catching butterflies. In order to keep Vern busy, she gets the lodge's janitor to pretend to be Mr. Briggs. It seems to be a foolproof scheme--until the actual Mr. Briggs shows up.

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