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16 times tonight's episode of The Apprentice was too cringeworthy for public health

Tonight's episode of The Apprentice might have seen Lord Sugar congratulating the boys on the best advertising campaign ever on the show, but that didn't mean it was all plain sailing. In fact, in true Apprentice style, there were 16 moments so cringeworthy that we think we might have pulled a muscle:

1. Lord Sugar making a cactus pun.

"It's fair to say I'm the prickly customer." Oh dear.

2. Mergim's contribution during the boys' brainstorm.

"My idea is sexiness."

3. And also Joseph's contribution during the boys' brainstorm.

"Quite deserty... something dry. Something wet." Thanks for that, Joseph.

4. "What about Manly Moist?"

We're with Sam: "Ugh."

5. The boys getting their digital billboard model wet.

Where to start? "He's going to wet his trousers, isn't he?" "Do you mind being in your pants?" "Get him dry, it's baltic!" "Stay away from the package."

6. David giving his models direction.

"The sun is shining - take me to heaven!
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Betsy Palmer Dead: Friday the 13th Actress Dies at 88

Betsy Palmer Dead: Friday the 13th Actress Dies at 88
Betsy Palmer, best known as the mother-turned-murderer Mrs. Voorhees in 1980's Friday the 13th, has died. The actress' manager, Brad Lemack, confirmed in a statement to The Associated Press that the star passed away due to natural causes at a hospice facility near her Danbury, Conn., home on May 29. She was 88. Palmer's five-decade-long career included a stint as Wheel of Fortune's original letter turner, and a regular role as a panelist on the I've Got a Secret game show. She also contributed to NBC's The [...]
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Jayne Meadows Dead: Emmy-Nominated High Society Actress Dies at 95

Jayne Meadows Dead: Emmy-Nominated High Society Actress Dies at 95
Jayne Meadows, an Emmy-nominated actress known for her role on the TV series High Society, as well as the game show I've Got a Secret, died Sunday, April 26, of natural causes, Entertainment Tonight reports. She was 95 years old. Born in China to missionary parents, Meadows first rose to fame in the 1940s. Over the next five-plus decades, she graced both stage and screen in projects including Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, and Undercurrent, which costarred Katharine Hepburn. Between 1978 and 1996, she was nominated for three [...]
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Legendary Actress Jayne Meadows Allen Dead at 95

Legendary Actress Jayne Meadows Allen Dead at 95
Longtime television actress and Broadway star Jayne Meadows Allen has passed away at 95. The widow of TV legend Steve Allen died at her home in Encino, Calif., Sunday evening due to natural causes. Meadows' career in the spotlight spanned nearly seven decades and ranged from plays to Emmy-nominated television shows and even films alongside the likes of Katharine Hepburn. She also toured the country in a one-woman show dubbed Powerful Women in History for seven years, as well as appeared as a longtime panelist on CBS' I've Got a Secret. The beloved actress was nominated for three Emmys: one for her 1977 episode of PBS' Meeting of Minds, the second in 1987 for NBC's St. Elsewhere...
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Joey Fatone -- Lie, Lie, Lie (Probably)

  • TMZ
Joey Fatone has arrived to New York ... where he's rumored to reunite with *Nsync at the MTV VMAs this weekend ... but when we asked him about it, he seemed to be Lying like a rug. Don't get us wrong ... he totally denied being in NYC for the alleged performance. But c'mon Joey ... Ya gotta watch the clip -- it's jam packed with a suspicious alibi, awkward laughter and facial expressions that scream "I've Got A Secret!
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Phyllis Diller: 1917-2012

Phyllis Diller: 1917-2012
Phyllis Diller, the wild-haired, eccentrically-dressed performer credited with opening the doors of stand-up comedy to women, passed away at her home in Los Angeles. She was 95 years old.

She was born Phyllis Ada Driver on July 17, 1917 in Lima, Ohio to Perry Marcus and Frances Ada (Romshe) Driver. After graduating from Central High School, she headed to Chicago's Sherwood Music Conservatory, where she continued to study piano, with dreams of one day becoming a concert pianist. From the Conservatory, she transferred to Bluffton College in Ohio, where she became the school's newspaper editor and oversaw the publication of humor pieces.

In November 1939, at the age of 22, she married Sherwood Anderson Diller and gave birth to a son, Peter, in 1940. She would have five more children: Sally (1944), a son who died two weeks after being born (1945), Suzanne (1946), Stephanie (1948), and Perry (1950). Perry would later manage his mother's business affairs. Contrary to popular belief, she is no relation to Susan Lucci.

During WWII, the fledgling Diller clan moved to Michigan, where she began to mine her home-making experiences for jokes. She also worked as an advertising copywriter at this time. After the war, the Dillers moved to San Francisco, where she found work as a secretary at the radio station KROW. Later that year, she was in front of the camera for the first time with a program titled "Phyllis Dillis, the Homely Friendmaker" for Bay Area Radio-Television. She continued working in Bay Area television, this time at KGO-TV, where she was invited to participate in the station's show "Belfast Pop Club", co-hosted by Willard Anderson and Don Sherwood.

Both Anderson and Sherwood encouraged her to pursue her stand-up comedy ambitions, and in 1955, she landed a two-week gig at the venerable San Francisco nightclub, The Purple Onion, where her self-deprecating wit and unique laugh kept her on the stage for the better part of two years. The buzz created by her act reached Hollywood, and she made her first rounds on talk and variety shows with the likes of Jack Benny and Red Skelton.

Her appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Jack Parr was her breakthrough, and led to recurring gigs as a contestant on "You Bet Your Life" with host Groucho Marx, "What's My Line?", "I've Got a Secret", and "Hollywood Squares". She appeared on the silver screen as well, making her debut in William Inge's drama, Splendor in the Grass. In 1961, she made her stage debut in The Dark at the Top of the Stairs. Appearances in films with Bob Hope -- Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number!, The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell, and Eight on the Lam -- began a lifelong bond between the two performers, who would co-star in numerous TV specials; in fact, Diller would be featured in every Bob Hope Christmas Special from 1965 through 1994. At the height of the Vietnam war in 1966, Diller joined Hope's USO troupe overseas.

As her star rose, husband Sherwood managed her career, though the relationship broke down and the couple divorced in 1965. By this point, however, Sherwood had become a staple of her act, as she made jokes about a husband named "Fang," while she smoked from a exaggerated cigarette holder -- which would become the comedienne's signature prop, paried with her increasingly outlandish wardrobe and hairstyles. Soon after her divorce, she married Ward Donovan, whom she met while appearing on stage in "Wonderful Town". Worth noting is the fact that Joan Rivers was one of her writers at this period in her career.

In the late 1960s, she starred in a pair of short-lived series, "The Pruitts of Southampton" and variety show "The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show", though she found her greatest success elsewhere, from her continued guest appearances on talk, variety, and game shows. Toward the end of the decade, she began a successful string of guest spots on "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In". Harkening back to her film debut, she gained notices for her work in the drama The Adding Machine with Milo O'Shea.

For three months, at the start of the 1970s, she appeared on Broadway in "Hello, Dolly!", stepping in for Carol Channing. On TV, she frequented on Dean Martin's celebrity roast specials and "the Mike Douglas Show". She cut hit comedy records, published her first books, and continued working the stand-up circuit. A new source of laughs -- her own plastic surgery -- stood in humorous contrast with other Hollywood performers.

Her on-screen career began to wane in late in the decade and into the 1980s, with guest appearances on "The Love Boat", "Celebrity Hot Potato", and a revamped version of "Hollywood Squares".

In the 1990s, roles in B movies Dr. Hackenstein and Silence of the Hams were minor cultural blips, but in 1998 she regained the spotlight for her voice role as the Queen ant in the second Pixar movie, A Bug's Life. She also had a recurring role on "The Bold and the Beautiful". A year later, she suffered a heart attack and was fitted with a pacemaker.

By 2002 she mostly retired from the stage and screen, though she appeared in the 2005 documentary The Aristocrats, notable because Diller, who steered clear of graphic material, did not recite the content of the famous dirty joke. An autobiography, Like a Lampshade in a Whorehouse, was published that same year; in 2006, a DVD version of the project was released, and she voiced several roles for "Robot Chicken" and, later, "Family Guy". She cameoed in 2007 on "Boston Legal" as a supposed lover of William Shatner's Denny Crane. A planned appearance later in the year for her 90th birthday on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" was canceled when she fractured her back.

Diller was a long-time member of the Society of Singers, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping singers in need. Two cities proclaimed "Phyllis Diller Day"s: Philadelphia (2001) and San Francisco (2006).

She is survived by daughters Sally and Suzanne and son Perry.

The 5 Forgotten TV Genres We Miss Most

In this YouTube age, a time when I can find any episode of Peyton Place or Herman's Head with a few simple clicks, it's hard to tell what kinds of old TV shows I genuinely miss and which I just like to revisit for kitsch value. Every year I feel like I'm slipping away from regular TV viewing and losing myself more and more in ancient YouTube footage, which is both edifying and horrifying. I think it's time that TV programmers start minding my departure and adjust TV schedules to accommodate more of the stuff I miss.

Thus, I'm counting down five old -- and perhaps outdated -- genres of television series that I still miss. I'd personally love if some wild TVLand exec could exhume them promptly. Let's begin.

1. Variety specials

Every Thanksgiving someone like Carrie Underwood will land a primetime special and sing a few standards, but I'm
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Pretty Little Liars Renewed for Season 3

Pretty Little Liars Renewed for Season 3

I've got a secret...the girls of Pretty Little Liars aren't done yet.

ABC Family has renewed its much talked about mystery based on the ten book series by Sara Shepard for another 24 episodes. The show, which returns January 2nd at 8:00, is in the middle of its 25 episode second season, with season three scheduled to hit the air sometime next summer. Pretty Little Liars will be joining another Shepard series adaptation (The Lying Game) on Monday nights in an hour filled with scheming teenage girls and a whole lot of scandalousness.

The show has yet to reveal either of the two central mysteries (who killed Allison, who in the world is A), but the summer finale and recent Halloween flashback shone a light on four characters that may have had something to do with it. (No spoilers here, but if you've been keeping
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Bobby Fischer: from prodigy to pariah

He played some of the most sublime chess ever seen. Then, as a new book and film illustrate, he disappeared from view. What made such a brilliant mind go into freefall?

In 1999, I spent three days sitting in a variety of thermal baths dotted around Budapest. As grand and attractive as the Hungarian capital's spas are, I wasn't stewing myself for therapeutic or leisure purposes. Instead, I was waiting for someone I'd been told frequented the baths, someone who was said to be a genius and a paranoid obsessive, the greatest chess player who ever lived and an obnoxious crackpot. I was looking for Bobby Fischer.

For the last four decades of his life, that's what people did with Fischer – they looked for him. Fans, journalists, biographers, friends, they all tried to find this mythical creature, either in person or in that fabulous abstract realm that he continued to haunt: chess.
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Farley Granger, 1925-2011

  • IFC
Farley Granger, 1925-2011
The Los Angeles Times reports that Farley Granger passed away Sunday of natural causes at his home in Manhattan. The star of many films, including the classic film noir "They Live By Night," was 85 years old.

Today Granger is probably best remembered as the star of two of Alfred Hitchcock's thrillers: 1948's "Rope" and 1951's "Strangers on a Train." Hitchcock himself wasn't the biggest fan of Granger's work, at least in his own movies. In their book-length interview he told director Francois Truffaut he "wasn't too pleased with Farley Granger; he's a good actor, but I would have liked to see William Holden in the part because he's stronger." Truffaut rightfully came to Granger's aid, pointing out that part of the reason "Strangers on a Train" works is that Granger downplayed the part of Guy in order to make his opposite number in the film, Robert Walker as the psychotic killer Bruno,
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'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: Home Sweet Homecoming

  • BuddyTV
'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: Home Sweet Homecoming
I've got a secret, can you keep it? "There's no place like homecoming" raised the bar for this intriguing drama and had me gasping for my breath in its closing moments. The episode title doesn't lie; in Rosewood there truly is no place like homecoming. 

This week we finally got some answers about Toby Cavanaugh. What we know? Toby's deep dark secret involved a tryst with his stepsister Jenna. If that's what Alison had on him, I don't really think he has the motive to be A or Alison's killer. We all live in the post-Clueless generation. Sure, step-sibling relationships are creepy but they're not unheard of. 

By the episode's gripping conclusion, we're led to believe that Toby is A's killer and that kindhearted Emily is his next victim. However, I smell a red herring. I think Toby's just a guy with a troubling past who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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Glee Review: Down with Global Warming, Up with Anger Sex!

  • TVfanatic
Typically, a Glee episode with so little Sue Sylvestor would leave us more disappointed than Brittany when she eventually realizes that dolphins aren't just gay sharks.

But Sue's paltry role on "Dream On" was understandable, as this was Neil Patrick Harris' chance to shine. He played Bryan Ryan, a former social choir member that turned bitter after his career flamed out, but remained hilarious in the eyes of viewers.

Bryan resents Will, loves anger sex, would probably not feed sheet music to a child and thinks global warming is a theory.

He can also go vocal chord to vocal chord, and facial expression to facial expression, with Will, as their duet of "Dream On" was one of my favorite performances in show history (purchase it now from our Glee music section!).

But while Harris' school board member stole the laughs, Rachel and Artie tugged at our hearts.

The most
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Buzz: Are Katy Perry and Russell Brand Dating?

What are they tweeting and not telling? Katy Perry and British comedian Russell Brand have caused a flurry of speculation that they may be dating after both recently tweeting about vacationing in Thailand - followed by Perry's rather cryptic announcement (via Twitter), "pssst... I've got a secret. Huge news coming in a couple days!!!" on Thursday. Related: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Russell BrandIn her original tweet, posted on Tuesday, Perry, 24, wrote, "After a week in magical Thailand I'm ready to face the real world again - been schooled on Morrissey, Oscar Wilde and Peter Sellers ... inspired." Brand, 34, known for his literary wit,
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Katy Perry Teases 'Huge News' On Twitter

Isn't it bizarre that we've gotten to the point where we get nervous when normally Twitter-heavy celebrities take a bit of time out from sharing their personal lives via the Internet? There was that post-vma period when Taylor Swift took some time off from tweeting, and Trent Reznor's frequent exits from the service became news every time he stormed off. Recently, Katy Perry took a vacation to Thailand and disappeared for about a week.

She returned to the service last night to praise Thailand, Morrissey and Peter Sellers. Her second tweet, though, is the one should raise a few eyebrows. "I've got a secret. Huge news coming in a couple days!" she wrote. She even preempted the inevitable speculation, adding, "No, my ego is not prego. Next!"

But what could Perry be talking about? A new album? Her next tour? Something else entirely? When MTV News caught up with
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