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Season 2

14 Oct. 1953
Brad's Moustache
Joan wants Brad to grow a mustache, thinking that it will make him look more "dignified" and give him a better shot at being appointed a Superior Court judge.
4 Nov. 1953
Sister Pat
Joanie invites her younger sister, Beverly, to stay at her house while she goes to college. In revenge, Judge Stevens invites four cousins to join the merry throng, much to Beverly's delight and Joan's distress.
2 Dec. 1953
Bev's Boyfriend
Joan meddles in her sister's romance with a young hot-rodder with disastrous results. Her plan backfires when the speed demon falls for Joan instead of Beverly.
13 Jan. 1954
Joan has trouble building a backyard barbecue.
27 Jan. 1954
Mabel's Dress
Joan finds the dress that Judge Stevens hid for their neighbor's birthday celebration. Not realizing the expensive gown wasn't meant for her Joan makes drastic alterations which ruin it. Desperate to make up for her gaff, Joan agrees to bake the birthday cake for the party, which only makes matters worse.
10 Feb. 1954
Bev's Mistaken Marriage
Joan and Brad get the wrong idea when Beverly and Tom are overheard talking about a secret.
24 Mar. 1954
Pop Retires
Because of a mix up in the mail, Pop thinks he is invited to retire and move in with his son.
31 Mar. 1954
Changing Houses
The Stevens and the Hendersons agree to swap houses for a week after Joan and Mabel admire each other's wildly different interior decorating efforts.
7 Apr. 1954
Joan claims Brad is always trusting when Mabel's husband is suspicious of the attentions his wife receives from Dr. Salazar. When Joan is told a husband in love is jealous she goes all out to provoke Brad's emotions.

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