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The Burl Case
Special Agents Sheldon and Randall of the F.B.I. pursue notorious jewel thief Arthur Bennett Burl. Burl funds his expensive life style by robbing the homes of wealthy acquaintances whom he meets socially through the beautiful women in his life who are unaware of the criminal activities and who unwittingly provide him alibis for his late-night burglar forays.
The Rocco Case
Al Rocco, a handsome, hot-headed hoodlum, is enraged when his wife decides to leave him because of his criminal activities. He plots to kill her with a camera-like apparatus that houses a deadly weapon and is instrument is a young woman who thinks she's taking a picture of a woman for a private detective.
The Scissors Case
State police attempt to apprehend the brutal Scissors Gang, who have committed over 50 armed robberies across Connecticut.
1 Sep. 1952
The Norma Breighlee Case, Part 2
Norma Breighlee is acquitted in Richmond, VA, of murder, after framing her safecracker boyfriend for the crime. Afterwards, she and two accomplices embark on a robbery and murder spree in the city.
The Red Dress Case
An ex-con just released from prison is reunited with his old criminal cronies with one change - his girl friend, a beautiful blonde with a sharp mind and a heart of stone, demands to call the shots for the gang. Things go well at for the crooks at first, until the woman decides she must have a beautiful, French-made red dress, but refuses to pay for it and a night watchman is slain during the botched robbery.
The Barrow Gang
Captain Stewart struggles with ideas to overcome the Barrow's gang use of state borders to avoid prosecution and thus bring Clyde Barrow, Bonnie Parker, and gang to justice.
The Duchess Spinelli Case
Old crone Duchess Spinelli trains three young thugs to pull stickups on random pedestrians. They pull in about $65 a week. Then an old chum of the duchess shows up and they graduate to holding up a diner. But one of the thugs gets trigger happy during the robbery and things go downhill from there.
The Durable Mike Malloy Case
A beat patrolman doesn't believe that a neighborhood woman died of alcohol poisoning as the police detectives suspect. He continues his own investigation and, after discovering a drunk dead under similar suspicious circumstances, probes the connection between the two deaths.
The Old Trapper
George Dunkin lives out in the woods alone and knows every inch of the countryside. He is occasionally visited by his nephew. One day he goes crazy and starts shooting at everybody. The police are called in and fail to catch him. Dunkin kills one of the officers. That officer said he knew Dunkin and was a friend. Now fearing he will kill others when the hunting season opens, the police call in professional tracker Slim Maw. Maw goes into the territory alone with a small dog. Maw and Dunkin enter into a game of cat and mouse with Dunkin trying to escape Maw or kill him...
The Suma Case
A criminal gang preying on bars and liquor stores in Manhattan and the Bronx has stayed one step ahead of the New York City Police Department. The first break the police get is when a patrolman stumbles across a pair of eyeglasses in the alley behind one of the robbery scenes. Using the frames, detectives create a composite sketch of one of the gang members and trace the owner due to the unusual lens prescription.

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