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13 Jan. 1955
Stuffed Shirt
An unfaithful wife learns the hard way that her husband isn't the only "stuffed shirt" to give her problems.
17 Feb. 1955
The Wild Bunch
On the way home after their honeymoon, a bride confesses two things to her groom: She's wealthy and has three teenage children plus a dog waiting for them at her home. He soon learns that they're a wild bunch in need of taming.
28 Apr. 1955
The House Always Wins
Although it seems to be just another night in his gambling casino, Willie Dante runs into an old flame who reveals that the party she's with want to rob the place.
5 May 1955
Uncle Fred Flits By
Uncle Fred descends upon a suburban home, completely disrupts the lives of the family by his eccentric behaviour, and brings two young lovers together. His unwilling accomplice, and a horrified spectator of this chaos, is his nephew, Pongo.
26 May 1955
9 Jun. 1955
The Executioner
A complex web of deception is revealed during the investigation of the assassination of a police official. In a foreign country during the Cold War, an American doctor is accused to being a spy and targeted for murder, but the wrong man is killed. But, perhaps, the right man died after all.
30 Jun. 1955
13 Oct. 1955
Face of Danger
A reporter meets with a 100-year-old woman to ask about her life in the Old West. Her family keeps insisting she lived an upright and charming life in those frontier days, but she remembers the torrid affair she had with notorious outlaw Laramie Cole.
27 Oct. 1955
Full Circle
A particularly bad review causes a Broadway actress to scheme to humiliate the drama critic.
3 Nov. 1955
A Spray of Bullets
A former sheriff, Will Sonnett, known for his fast draw shows up in Mesa to see an optometrist; he's become nearsighted and badly needs glasses. Also in town is a punk gunfighter who wants to make a name for himself. Knowing Sonnett has vision problems, he challenges the lawman to a duel.
10 Nov. 1955
The Devil to Pay
In Hell, the administrating office is hopelessly out of date and incompetent, so Satan enlists the help of an exceptionally aggressive and heartless businessman to modernize the place. He installs an IBM system and soon it's the picture of efficiency, much, it turns out, to the businessman's regret.
17 Nov. 1955
Here Comes the Suit
A milquetoast employee at a novelty company is overlooked by everyone from his boss to the woman he crushes on. But after being suckered by a shady tailor into getting a shockingly garish suit, he's whistled at by woman and mistaken for a gangster. His newly found self-confidence fits him well.

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