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1 Jan. 1953
A young man follows a quick trajectory from beginning boxer to the middleweight championship match. The night before the championship fight, he learns that the match is fixed, with him as the chosen winner.
15 Jan. 1953
The Man on the Train
William encounters an old acquaintance, John Dwerrihouse, on a train with 75,000 pounds. Only later did William learn that Dwerrihouse had disappeared four months earlier after embezzling 75,000 pounds from the train company.
29 Jan. 1953
Trail's End
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12 Feb. 1953
Sound Off, My Love
A woman with a reputation of being hard of hearing secretly gets a hearing aid, and starts overhearing people making fun of her. Everyone knows her husband is having an affair, but she also discovers that he is trying to kill her.
26 Feb. 1953
Man in the Box
Theater-goers are surprised to see actor Victor Sherman at the play, considering what happened a year earlier. As the play proceeds, the man in the box imagines himself playing each of the characters in the drama being performed onstage.
12 Mar. 1953
No Identity
Mitch Carver befriends and eventually adopts an orphan boy. Mitch's wife is pregnant with their first child, and she treats the boy as a threat to the natural family that she wants to have.
26 Mar. 1953
The Man Who Walked Out on Himself
After separating from his wife, a wealthy clubman is about to marry a much young woman -- whereupon his mirror image walks out on him in disgust.
23 Apr. 1953
The Last Voyage
A sea captain on his final voyage learns that there is a bomb on his ship, timed to go off soon after reaching port.
7 May 1953
Night Ride
On a late night subway car, five passengers try to determine which of them is a homicidal maniac, the subject of a city-wide manhunt.
21 May 1953
Ladies on His Mind
A psychiatrist listens to his female patients go on about their troubles. As they talk, he imagines himself within each of their stories.
4 Jun. 1953
To Whom It May Concern
A bank employee mails a letter to his boss confessing to stealing $7000 and includes the stocks he bought with the money. As he puts a gun to his head, he sees in the paper that the stocks' worth have gone through the roof. Now he wants to live and goes on a frantic chase to get the letter back from the post office before it gets delivered.
18 Jun. 1953
Burt Stroude is about to be chosen as the party's senatorial candidate. At the same time, he hears from the married woman he'd had an affair with in his youth. She's dying and wants him at her bedside, but going to her would destroy his political career and possibly his marriage.
24 Sep. 1953
Steve Carlyle is an actor who can't find work because his famous nearly identical cousin Roger takes measures to keep him from getting any parts that would gain Steve any public exposure, because Roger knows that Steve is a better actor.
1 Oct. 1953
The Squeeze
Willie Dante begrudgingly lets the son of the district attorney play dice in his illegal gambling hall, under threat of exposure. Willie kicks him out anyway when he finds out that his checks are bad, but a gangster under indictment robs Dante of the boy's checks, in order to blackmail the DA.
8 Oct. 1953
A Place of His Own
A brain-damaged PT boat commander is exploited by his prominent family, but loved by his community. The World War II hero longs for his own small house, but his miserly sister-in-law refuses to provide the Commander with a $500 down payment, claiming that she needs every sou to marry off his troublesome younger brother to a wealthy woman.
15 Oct. 1953
Love at Sea
A woman on a cruise without her husband feels abandoned and alone, but her spirits are revived by a series of anonymous romantic gifts. Several men on the ship attempt to romance her, but which of them is sending her the gifts?
22 Oct. 1953
The Witness
A defense attorney idles in a swank restaurant while his client's on trial for murder. The attorney's PIs search for a female witness who can get the defendant off, so the attorney avoids court to keep delaying the trial. But as the judge's temper boils, the attorney wonders if the woman really exists.
29 Oct. 1953
A Matter of Advice
Weary Dr. Gentry gets no rest from his irritating patients. The pediatrician deals with ill-mannered kids and parents who can't make a move without checking with him first. An evening out with his wife to watch their oldest daughter star in "Romeo and Juliet" becomes a disaster when a panicked new mother interrupts the balcony scene with a silly phone call.
5 Nov. 1953
Search in the Night
A newspaper reporter is intrigued as to why a woman hired a dive team to retrieve her purse from the Chicago River.
12 Nov. 1953
An overworked man is ordered by his doctor to take a vacation. While at the resort, he falls in love with a blind woman.
19 Nov. 1953
The Hard Way
Vic breaks the bank at Willie's gambling hall, and Willie unknowingly pays him off with counterfeit money. When Vic threatens him, Willie convinces him that they've both been duped, and they cooperate to track down the real culprit.
26 Nov. 1953
For Art's Sake
Ted Parker enlists his friend Addy, a famous art expert, into an elaborate ruse to portray his budding love interest as a break-out artist, despite her lack of talent.
3 Dec. 1953
The Girl on the Park Bench
Trudy is incensed when her rent goes up after the city relaxes rent control. She marches down to the mayor's office and threatens to make his name mud if he doesn't reinstate the controls. He doesn't, so she calls some reporters and sets up housekeeping in the city park.
10 Dec. 1953
The Room
A doctor opens an office in a small Cuban village, but he finds out that doctors are not allowed, according to the decree of a vengeful 200-year-old unseen tyrant.
17 Dec. 1953
A Man of the World
Predictable Andy Bush is taking a train to his annual three week vacation without his wife. A young woman in trouble approaches him and asks him to help her by pretending to be her husband.
24 Dec. 1953
The Gift
Businessman Carl Baxter is a good boss for 364 days a year, but his memories of his estrangement with his son causes his mood to change at Christmas.
31 Dec. 1953
House for Sale
A woman visits an isolated house expecting to meet with the realtor. Instead, she encounters a murderer who's escaped from a mental hospital. When a couple drops in to tour the home, she tries to escape with them, but they refuse to believe her story of a killer with a body in the fireplace.

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