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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: My Wife Geraldine

25 September 1952
A man learns that he is suspected of murdering his wife, whom he now claims never existed.

Charles Boyer ... Mr. Graham

Porter Hall ... J. R. Martin

Una Merkel ... Rose Barton
Noreen Nash ... Salesgirl
Jim Hayward ... Mr. Blake
Don Dillaway ... Mr. Peters
Barbara Woodell ... Neighbor
William Boyett ... Interne (as Bill Boyett)

Season 1, Episode 2: Dante's Inferno

9 October 1952
Willie Dante owns a bar and gambling house called Dante's Inferno. One night, the wife of an acquaintance tells Willie that her husband has threatened her. Willie comforts her and sends her home, but she turns up dead the next day.

Dick Powell ... Willie Dante

Virginia Grey ... Nancy Shaw

Regis Toomey ... Lt. Wald
Marvin Miller ... Max Bruno

Paul Richards ... Tony
William F. Leicester ... Steve Caspery (as William Lester)
Herb Vigran ... Monty Leeds
Ray Walker ... Sgt. Phillips (as Roy Walker)
Elaine Williams ... Girl
Mel Ford ... Doorman
James Conaty ... Gambler (uncredited)
Rudy Germane ... Doorman (uncredited)
Joe Gilbert ... Gambler (uncredited)
Sam Harris ... Club Patron (uncredited)

Mitchell Rhein ... Croupier (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 3: The Lost Silk Hat

23 October 1952
A refined man stands outside of a home trying to convince strangers who pass by to retrieve his silk hat from inside the house.

Ronald Colman ... Caller
Richard Whorf ... Poet

Jay Novello ... Clerk
Tudor Owen ... Laborer
Leo Britt ... Policeman

Season 1, Episode 4: Backstage

6 November 1952
A well known actor encounters a woman attempting suicide by jumping off a bridge. He persuades her to let him put her up at a hotel for the night, but he accidentally provided fake stage money for her room.

Charles Boyer ... Paul
Marcia Henderson ... Amy

Hillary Brooke ... Miriam
Hugh French ... Evan

Florence Bates ... Ottilie
Louis Jean Heydt ... Lt. Albert

Rhys Williams ... Stage Manager

Will Wright ... Willie
Cecil Cunningham ... Woman (Hotel)
Percy Helton ... Pan Handler (as Percy Hilton)

Season 1, Episode 5: Welcome Home

20 November 1952
A notorious criminal returns to his home town after 15 years away, and a young man wants to join him in notoriety and, probably, death at the hands of police.

Claire Carleton ... Alice Hutchinson

Russ Conway ... Detective
Herbert Ellis ... Hank - Man in Bar (as Herb Ellis)
Herbert Heyes ... Mr. White
David Holt ... Chuck Stern

Howard McNear ... Mr. Stern

Dick Powell ... Eddie White
Maudie Prickett ... Mrs. White

Season 1, Episode 6: The Island

4 December 1952
A doctor caring for natives on a tropical island is dismissed by the bully owner of the island who discovered a discrepancy in his medical past. Suddenly, the owner is struck with acute appendicitis and the just-fired doctor is called to perform emergency surgery.

David Niven ... Doctor

George Macready ... George
Dianne Foster ... Laura

Walter Sande ... Johnny Boss
Robert Cabal ... Marua

Season 1, Episode 7: The Officer and the Lady

18 December 1952
A reformed pickpocket in Paris obtains the purse of an attractive woman. He reads a letter telling about her dying son, and he decides to grant the boy's wish to meet his father.

Charles Boyer ... Andre

Andrea King ... Sidonie

Allen Jenkins ... Fingers
Lonnie Thomas ... Jean
Alphonse Martell ... Man
Louis Mercier ... Proprietor

Season 1, Episode 8: Knockout

1 January 1953
A young man follows a quick trajectory from beginning boxer to the middleweight championship match. The night before the championship fight, he learns that the match is fixed, with him as the chosen winner.

Broderick Crawford ... Mike Dundee
Ron Hargrave ... Bobby Greggory
Buddy Wright ... Fred Stevens

Ted de Corsia ... Bulloti
Lucille Barkley ... Nancy Shaw
John Indrisano ... Julio
Frankie Grandetta ... Doc (as Franke Grandetta)

Harry Wilson ... Stevens' Corner Man (unconfirmed)
Jack Deery ... Fight Spectator (uncredited)

Leonard Nimoy ... Bulloti's Henchman (uncredited)
Charles Sullivan ... Stevens' Corner Man (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 9: The Man on the Train

15 January 1953
William encounters an old acquaintance, John Dwerrihouse, on a train with 75,000 pounds. Only later did William learn that Dwerrihouse had disappeared four months earlier after embezzling 75,000 pounds from the train company.

David Niven ... William Langford
Lowell Gilmore ... Jeff Pender

Rhys Williams ... Raikes

Alan Napier ... John Dwerrihouse
Walter Kingsford ... Sir Charles
Reginald Sheffield ... Inspector Blaney
Alex Frazer ... Conductor

Jean Willes ... Allyson Pender (as Jean Willis)
Gordon Richards ... Grimms
David Thursby ... Bobby

Season 1, Episode 10: Trail's End

29 January 1953

Dick Powell ... US Marshal Philip Dana

Lee Van Cleef ... Bob Wheeler aka Sonora Kid
Jean Howell ... Mrs. Elizabeth Preston Wheeler

Richard Hale ... Pop

Season 1, Episode 11: Sound Off, My Love

12 February 1953
A woman with a reputation of being hard of hearing secretly gets a hearing aid, and starts overhearing people making fun of her. Everyone knows her husband is having an affair, but she also discovers that he is trying to kill her.

Merle Oberon ... Martha
Gordon Oliver ... Bill

Barbara Billingsley ... Betty
James Seay ... Storekeeper
Lawrence Dobkin ... Doctor (as Larry Dobkins)
Ottola Nesmith ... Mrs. Mull
Alix Talton ... Maria

Season 1, Episode 12: Man in the Box

26 February 1953
Theater-goers are surprised to see actor Victor Sherman at the play, considering what happened a year earlier. As the play proceeds, the man in the box imagines himself playing each of the characters in the drama being performed onstage.

Charles Boyer ... The Man
Harry Bartell ... Davidow
James Craven ... Man in Audience
Dorothy Green ... First Woman
Christine Larsen ... Second Woman (as Christine Larson)
Herbert Heyes ... Elderly Man
Isabel Randolph ... Elderly Woman
Todd Karus ... Chauffeur

Patricia Morison ... Elena (as Patricia Morrison)

Season 1, Episode 13: No Identity

12 March 1953
Mitch Carver befriends and eventually adopts an orphan boy. Mitch's wife is pregnant with their first child, and she treats the boy as a threat to the natural family that she wants to have.

David Niven ... Mitch

Frances Rafferty ... Lynn

Tommy Rettig ... Tommy

Hugh Beaumont ... Father Renaldo
Myra Marsh ... Mrs. Carver
Mack Williams ... Doctor

Season 1, Episode 14: The Man Who Walked Out on Himself

26 March 1953
After separating from his wife, a wealthy clubman is about to marry a much young woman -- whereupon his mirror image walks out on him in disgust.

Ronald Colman ... Cameron (as Ronald Coleman)
Francis Pierlot ... Edward

Season 1, Episode 15: The Last Voyage

23 April 1953
A sea captain on his final voyage learns that there is a bomb on his ship, timed to go off soon after reaching port.

Charles Boyer ... Captain
William F. Leicester ... Second Mate (as William Leicester)

Jack Lambert ... Engineer

Walter Sande ... First Mate

Regis Toomey ... Colonel
John Harmon ... Sparks
Ray Walker ... Steward

John Alvin ... Third Mate

Season 1, Episode 16: Night Ride

7 May 1953
On a late night subway car, five passengers try to determine which of them is a homicidal maniac, the subject of a city-wide manhunt.

David Niven ... Phil Weston
Christine Larsen ... Carol (as Christine Larson)

Jay Novello ... Bookkeeper

Rhys Williams ... Bum

Adam Williams ... George
Ray Walker ... Policeman

Season 1, Episode 17: Ladies on His Mind

21 May 1953
A psychiatrist listens to his female patients go on about their troubles. As they talk, he imagines himself within each of their stories.

Ronald Colman ... Dr. Bosanquent
Elisabeth Fraser ... Diana (as Elizabeth Fraser)

Hillary Brooke ... Miriam
Alix Talton ... Nurse
Benita Hume ... Mrs. Bosanquent

Patricia Morison ... Charlotte

Season 1, Episode 18: To Whom It May Concern

4 June 1953
A bank employee mails a letter to his boss confessing to stealing $7000 and includes the stocks he bought with the money. As he puts a gun to his head, he sees in the paper that the stocks' worth have gone through the roof. Now he wants to live and goes on a frantic chase to get the letter back from the post office before it gets delivered.

David Niven ... Bingham

Martha Wentworth ... Mrs. Flanagan

Ned Glass ... Gus
Dayton Lummis ... Mail Clerk
Harry Cheshire ... Wainright
Steve Pendleton ... First Mailman

Marjorie Bennett ... Woman

Edward Earle ... Third Mailman
Janet Stewart ... Miss Bell

Season 1, Episode 19: Shadowed

18 June 1953
Burt Stroude is about to be chosen as the party's senatorial candidate. At the same time, he hears from the married woman he'd had an affair with in his youth. She's dying and wants him at her bedside, but going to her would destroy his political career and possibly his marriage.

Dick Powell ... Burt Stroude

Frances Dee ... Rhoda Stroude
Tyler McVey ... Boyce Martin
Dan Riss ... Robertson
Raymond Largay ... Manning
William Forrest ... Wilke
Harry Cheshire ... Lafflin
Bill Walker ... Butler (as William Walker)
Bobby Johnson ... Frank (as Robert Johnson)
Charles Seel ... Covinger

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Finale

24 September 1953
Steve Carlyle is an actor who can't find work because his famous nearly identical cousin Roger takes measures to keep him from getting any parts that would gain Steve any public exposure, because Roger knows that Steve is a better actor.

David Niven ... Steve Carlyle / Roger Carlyle

John Litel ... Van Alten
Harvey Stephens ... Martell
John Eldredge ... Madden

Martha Hyer ... Gloria
Lawrence Ryle ... Patient

Season 2, Episode 2: The Squeeze

1 October 1953
Willie Dante begrudgingly lets the son of the district attorney play dice in his illegal gambling hall, under threat of exposure. Willie kicks him out anyway when he finds out that his checks are bad, but a gangster under indictment robs Dante of the boy's checks, in order to blackmail the DA.

Dick Powell ... Willie Dante

Richard Jaeckel ... Stanley Warren

Regis Toomey ... Police Lt. Manny Waldo
Herb Vigran ... Monte
Joan Camden ... Susan Warren
Mario Siletti ... Boss Deres--misspelled Deras in on-screen credits
Karl Lukas ... Ernie

Bill Baldwin ... Gambler (uncredited)
Jackson Halliday ... Barney (uncredited)
Les Raymaster ... Club Patron (uncredited)
Al Rhein ... (uncredited)

Benny Rubin ... Dutch (uncredited)
Edith Sheets ... Mary (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 3: A Place of His Own

8 October 1953
A brain-damaged PT boat commander is exploited by his prominent family, but loved by his community. The World War II hero longs for his own small house, but his miserly sister-in-law refuses to provide the Commander with a $500 down payment, claiming that she needs every sou to marry off his troublesome younger brother to a wealthy woman.

Charles Boyer ... Claude Le Beau

Jeanette Nolan ... Agatha Le Beau

Stacy Harris ... Frank Le Beau

Nestor Paiva ... Judge Le Beau

Ralph Moody ... Realtor

Ellen Corby ... Elsie
Jan Arvan
Tom Daly
Peter J. Votrian

Donald MacDonald ... Neighborhood Boy (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 4: Love at Sea

15 October 1953
A woman on a cruise without her husband feels abandoned and alone, but her spirits are revived by a series of anonymous romantic gifts. Several men on the ship attempt to romance her, but which of them is sending her the gifts?

Merle Oberon ... Margot Sterling
Lowell Gilmore ... Charles St. John
Stephen Bekassy ... Gino
John Harmon ... Coons
Richard Gaines ... Rawlinson

Byron Foulger ... Slattery

Dick Powell ... Paul (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 5: The Witness

22 October 1953
A defense attorney idles in a swank restaurant while his client's on trial for murder. The attorney's PIs search for a female witness who can get the defendant off, so the attorney avoids court to keep delaying the trial. But as the judge's temper boils, the attorney wonders if the woman really exists.

Dick Powell ... Mike Donegan
James Millican ... District Attorney

Charles Bronson ... Frank Dana (as Charles Buchinsky)
Marian Carr ... Alice Dana

Strother Martin ... Tom Blair (as Strather Martin)
Robert Sherman ... Philip Baedeker

Walter Sande ... Peterson
Charles Evans ... Judge
Nick Dennis ... Waiter

Lovyss Bradley ... Juror (uncredited)
John Breen ... Cafe Patron (uncredited)
Russell Custer ... Bailiff (uncredited)

Byron Foulger ... Bank Manager (uncredited)
Robert Haines ... Court Reporter (uncredited)

Kenner G. Kemp ... Juror (uncredited)

Frank Marlowe ... Reporter (uncredited)

Jack Perrin ... Juror (uncredited)
Richard Reeves ... Security Guard (uncredited)
Jeffrey Sayre ... Juror (uncredited)
Chalky Williams ... Bailiff (uncredited)
Mack Williams ... Court Clerk (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 6: A Matter of Advice

29 October 1953
Weary Dr. Gentry gets no rest from his irritating patients. The pediatrician deals with ill-mannered kids and parents who can't make a move without checking with him first. An evening out with his wife to watch their oldest daughter star in "Romeo and Juliet" becomes a disaster when a panicked new mother interrupts the balcony scene with a silly phone call.

David Niven ... Doctor Gentry
Fay Baker ... Eve
Sally Fraser ... Trudy
Sheila James Kuehl ... Luana (as Sheila James)
Freddy Ridgeway ... Mike
David Saber ... Butch
Maudie Prickett ... Mrs. Smith
Vivi Janiss ... Mrs. Randell (uncredited)
Paul Maxey ... Mr. Wilson (Romeo's Father) (uncredited)
Danny Mummert ... The Usher (uncredited)
Ralph Reed ... Andrew Wilson (Romeo) (uncredited)
Alix Talton ... Nurse Cummings (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 7: Search in the Night

5 November 1953
A newspaper reporter is intrigued as to why a woman hired a dive team to retrieve her purse from the Chicago River.

Frank Lovejoy ... Randy Stone

Frances Rafferty ... Janet Walker
James Millican ... Diver

Rhys Williams ... Watchman
Vic Perrin ... Ed Walker (as Victor Perrin)
Frank Gerstle ... Tender
Steve Pendleton ... Police Sergeant

John Alvin ... Morgue Attendant (credit only)
Colleen Miller ... Girl in Bar (as Coleen Miller)
Joan Banks ... Laughing Woman (uncredited)
Jane Easton ... Woman in Crowd (uncredited)
John McKee ... Man in Crowd (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 8: Moorings

12 November 1953
An overworked man is ordered by his doctor to take a vacation. While at the resort, he falls in love with a blind woman.

Charles Boyer ... Eric

Dorothy Malone ... Ann

Will Wright ... Scupper
Freddy Ridgeway ... Kevin (as Freddie Ridgeway)

Hayden Rorke ... Doctor
James McCallion ... Johnson (as Jim McCallion)
John Eldredge ... Young
Lisa Golm ... Rooming House Owner (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 9: The Hard Way

19 November 1953
Vic breaks the bank at Willie's gambling hall, and Willie unknowingly pays him off with counterfeit money. When Vic threatens him, Willie convinces him that they've both been duped, and they cooperate to track down the real culprit.

Dick Powell ... Willie Dante
Robert Osterloh ... Stan the Stickman

Regis Toomey ... Lt. Manny Waldo
Elisabeth Fraser ... Janice Howell

Jack Elam ... Vic
Leonard Bremen (as Lennie Bremen)
Joe De Santis
Herb Vigran ... Monte

Season 2, Episode 10: For Art's Sake

26 November 1953
Ted Parker enlists his friend Addy, a famous art expert, into an elaborate ruse to portray his budding love interest as a break-out artist, despite her lack of talent.

David Niven ... Ted Parker

Barbara Billingsley ... Addy Bancroft

Nancy Gates ... Lois Rogers
William Forrest ... Sam Rogers
Dorothy Vaughan ... Mrs. Mack
Charles Maxwell ... Broker

Murray Alper ... Mechanic

Season 2, Episode 11: The Girl on the Park Bench

3 December 1953
Trudy is incensed when her rent goes up after the city relaxes rent control. She marches down to the mayor's office and threatens to make his name mud if he doesn't reinstate the controls. He doesn't, so she calls some reporters and sets up housekeeping in the city park.

Joan Fontaine ... Trudy
Thurston Hall ... Judge
Joan Banks ... Madeline
Charles Cane ... Peavey
Jack Carol ... Bonds
Myra Marsh ... Mrs. Tracey
Larry J. Blake ... 1st Reporter (as Larry Blake)
Gil Herman ... 2nd Reporter
Herb Vigran ... 3rd Reporter
Lucille Barkley ... Secretary

John Litel ... Mayor

Craig Stevens ... George

Season 2, Episode 12: The Room

10 December 1953
A doctor opens an office in a small Cuban village, but he finds out that doctors are not allowed, according to the decree of a vengeful 200-year-old unseen tyrant.

Dick Powell ... Graham

Raymond Burr ... Gonzales

Jay Novello ... Fredrico
Charlita ... Sarina
Carlos Vera ... Jaime
Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. ... Emello (as Rudolfo Hoyos)
David Fresco ... Rodriguez (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 13: A Man of the World

17 December 1953
Predictable Andy Bush is taking a train to his annual three week vacation without his wife. A young woman in trouble approaches him and asks him to help her by pretending to be her husband.

David Niven ... Andy

Catherine McLeod ... Leila

Dick Simmons ... Detective (as Richard Simmons)

Ralph Moody ... Conductor

Walter Sande ... Graysuit
Bobby Johnson ... Porter (as Robert Johnson)

Chick Chandler ... Salesman
James Adamson ... Waiter (as W. James Adamson)
Barbara Lawrence ... Kathi
Roy Engel ... Phil (uncredited)
Rudy Lee ... Harold (uncredited)

William Schallert ... Bank Teller (uncredited)
Milton Woods ... Bartender (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 14: The Gift

24 December 1953
Businessman Carl Baxter is a good boss for 364 days a year, but his memories of his estrangement with his son causes his mood to change at Christmas.

Charles Boyer ... Carl Baxter

Maureen O'Sullivan ... Minna Baxter
Dan Tobin ... George Lennox
Joan Camden ... Mrs. Mitchell

Ann Doran ... Welfare Woman
Virginia Christine ... Clerk
Eddie Firestone ... Young Father
Leonard Bremen ... Bartender (as Lennie Bremen)
Gene Hardy ... Young Man

Season 2, Episode 15: House for Sale

31 December 1953
A woman visits an isolated house expecting to meet with the realtor. Instead, she encounters a murderer who's escaped from a mental hospital. When a couple drops in to tour the home, she tries to escape with them, but they refuse to believe her story of a killer with a body in the fireplace.

Ida Lupino ... Ellen

George Macready ... Man
Thomas Browne Henry ... Mr. Jones (as Thomas B. Henry)
Helen Brown ... Mrs. Peterson
Howard Negley ... Policeman
Joseph Crehan ... Mr. Kramer

Season 2, Episode 16: The Test

7 January 1954
A test pilot learns that it's possible that his sick daughter could have polio, just before he tests a new military plane.

Dick Powell ... Dan

Frances Rafferty ... Pat
Darla Ridgeway ... Chris
William Forrest ... Charlie
Mack Williams ... Doctor

William Hudson ... Tower Control Man
Roy Engel ... Ground Crew Man

Season 2, Episode 17: The Bad Streak

14 January 1954
The owner of a financially distressed casino faces a dilemma when his estranged son gambles against him. Either his casino will go bankrupt, or he'll bring about the financial ruin of his son.

Charles Boyer ... Renneck

Virginia Grey ... Angela

Robert Arthur ... David (as Robert R. Arthur)

Horace McMahon ... Chick

Esther Dale ... Mrs. Weston

John Hoyt ... Bentridge
Manuel París ... Croupier

Season 2, Episode 18: A String of Beads

21 January 1954
A gem expert declares a worthless string of beads worn by a poor governess to be a valuable pearl necklace.

Ronald Colman ... Himself - Host / Narrator

Angela Lansbury ... Joan Robinson
Brenda Forbes ... Edythe Livingstone

Ron Randell ... Peter Jeffries

Nigel Bruce ... Col. Mournay

George Macready ... Count Borselli

Sean McClory ... Robert Upton
Sarah Selby ... Della Charlton
Ben Wright ... Jeweler
Dorothy Green ... Laura

Season 2, Episode 19: Indian Taker

28 January 1954

Season 2, Episode 20: Second Dawn

4 February 1954
A blind man has a chance for surgery to restore his sight, but it may last for just a few minutes.

Charles Boyer ... Carl

Dorothy Hart ... Vivian
Luis Van Rooten ... George
Edwin Jerome ... Dr. Peteira
Neil Fitzgerald ... Hodgins

Season 2, Episode 21: The Gun

11 February 1954
Dick Powell plays a cop who returns home after a tough night only to be confronted with noisy kids, his wife, neighbors, delivery men and a vacuum cleaner salesman. When he discovers his gun is missing, he must track everyone down to see who has it.

Dick Powell ... Dan Hodges
Dorothy Green ... Stella Hodges

Douglas Fowley ... Frank Harvey
Larry J. Blake ... Milkman (as Larry Blake)
Frank J. Scannell ... Postman (as Frank Scannell)

Joe Turkel ... Willie (as Joseph Turkel)
Ray Ferrell ... Danny, Jr. (as Raymond Ferrell)
Peter J. Votrian ... Freddie Hodges (as Peter Votrian)
Lee Erickson ... Johnny
Sam Flint ... Doctor
Paul Bryar ... Salesman

Season 2, Episode 22: The Bomb

18 February 1954
An engaged couple and the woman's former suitor take shelter in an abandoned house, too late to notice an unexploded bomb. Their retreat is cut off by a cave-in, and they must defuse the bomb with instructions delivered over a phone line.

David Niven ... Richard Lilliam
Margaret Sheridan ... Janet

John Dehner ... Charles Quine
Philip Tonge ... Colonel Briggs
Patrick O'Moore ... Police Sergeant

Barry Curtis ... First Boy
Gregory Marshall ... Second Boy

Robin Hughes ... Army Sergeant
Anthony Marsh ... Army Corporal
Vernon Downing ... Father

Season 2, Episode 23: Meet McGraw

25 February 1954
McGraw, a private eye, is hired by Lila Lamont to protect her from her threatening husband Louis.

Frank Lovejoy ... McGraw

Audrey Totter ... Lila Lamont

Ellen Corby ... Martha - Maid

Paul Picerni ... Freddie
Peter Whitney ... Gus

Steve Darrell ... Police Lt. Smith
Percy Helton ... Hotel Desk Clerk

Season 2, Episode 24: Detective's Holiday

4 March 1954
A detective (Dick Powel) takes a trip to a cabin in the woods to get away from it all. A man, his wife, and his two kids entertain him. When one of the kids let's it slip that their step-mother just got her blond hair, the detective predicts she is running from the law and decides to check it out.

Dick Powell ... Dave Robinson
Joan Camden ... Doris Hepburn

Dick Foran ... Esau Hepburn

Ralph Moody ... Doc
Tiger Fafara ... John Hepburn (as Tigera Fafara)
Christopher Olsen ... Mattie Hepburn (as Chris Olson)

Barney Phillips ... Steve O'Brien

Season 2, Episode 25: An Operation in Money

11 March 1954
The chief teller of a bank openly embezzles a large sum of money to extort a pay raise from the bank's board of directors.

David Niven ... Andy Fields

Marjorie Lord ... Bessie

Willis Bouchey ... Mr. Dunwood
Leo Curley ... Mr. Hepplewhite

Jimmie Dodd ... Charlie (as James Dodd)
Edward Clark ... Mr. Griggs

William Fawcett ... Mr. Beecher
George Meader ... Mr. Forsythe (as George F. Meader)
Ted Stanhope ... Detective

Season 2, Episode 26: Lady of the Orchids

18 March 1954
Neglected by her husband, Stacy goes out with wealthy bachelor Paul. The evening ends in a fatal car accident from which Stacy escapes unnoticed. She is the only one who can save Paul from manslaughter charges, but at risk of her own marriage.

Lilli Palmer ... Stacy Lawrence (as Lili Palmer)

John Howard ... David Lawrence
Robert Paige ... Paul Campbell
Phyllis Stanley ... Janet

John Hoyt ... Simpson
Anne Loos ... Ellie - Maid
Virginia Christine ... Miss Chase
Pamela Duncan ... Floor Nurse Miller
Elizabeth Harrower ... Nurse

Season 2, Episode 27: The Book

1 April 1954
A stranger tussles with John over a library book and is struck and killed by a passing car. John discovers a message in the book and follows it to a blind meeting, only to be mistaken for a hit man with an assassination team.

David Niven ... John

Marguerite Chapman ... Linda

Douglas Fowley ... Police Lt.

Frank Ferguson ... Ed

Robert J. Wilke ... George (as Bob Wilke)
Ted Stanhope ... Man
Herbert Lytton ... F.B.I. Man (as Herb Lytton)

Claire Carleton ... Anna
Claire Du Brey ... Mrs. Miggs (as Claire DuBrey)
Katherine Warren ... Librarian
Richard Reeves ... Stevedore

Season 2, Episode 28: A Study in Panic

8 April 1954
Wise-guy newspaperman Fred Jordan writes a column making fun of "normal" men who panic during a fire. Soon afterward he gets a letter from a deranged man who promises Jordan that he will soon know the "real" meaning of the word "panic"--because within 24 hours, the man is going to kill Jordan.

Dick Powell ... Fred

Dorothy Malone ... Ella
George Eldredge ... Capt. Davidson

Claire Carleton ... 'Cuddles' LaVerne
Marlo Dwyer ... Telephone Operator
John Harmon ... Joe

Ralph Moody ... Stranger
King Donovan ... Thin Man

Robert Foulk ... Desperate Man
John Larch ... Harris

Season 2, Episode 29: Masquerade

15 April 1954
Kit and her fiancé are hosting a Mardi Gras costume party at her huge mansion when frightening news arrives. Her ex-husband, a crazed murderer, has just escaped from prison and is believed to be costumed as the corpse-like character from Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death."

Ida Lupino ... Kit
John Bryant ... Sabin
Carleton G. Young ... Drew
Arthur Space ... Officer No. 1
Jack Harris ... Officer No. 2
Dan Riss ... Officer No. 3
Jack Daly ... Roman Senator
Gloria Marshall ... Pussy Cat
Renny McEvoy ... Tom Cat
Ruth Brady ... Melinda

Season 2, Episode 30: Village in the City

22 April 1954
An artist discovers that one of his favorite model's has been murdered and an investigation begins to discover the murderer.

David Niven ... Royal Thurston
Joan Camden ... Sally
Anthony Eustrel ... Leslie Lorraine (as Antony Eustrel)
John Damler ... Smith

Dick Simmons ... Manville Harlan (as Richard Simmons)
Joseph Waring ... Mario
Ken Terrell ... Fish (as Kenneth Terrel)
John Daheim ... Mort (as John Day)

Season 2, Episode 31: The Doctor and the Countess

29 April 1954
A famous plastic surgeon is recruited to severely disfigure the face of a beautiful countess, in order to relate to her husband, who was burned and disfigured in a serious accident and has become a recluse.

Charles Boyer ... Dr. Giboux
Paula Raymond ... Countess

Carleton Young ... Andrea (as Carleton E. Young)

Hayden Rorke ... Dr. Lawrence
Don Kohler ... Steward
Zacharias Yaconelli ... Victor (as Zachary Zaconelli)
Freddy Ridgeway ... Little Boy (as Freddie Ridgeway)
Darla Ridgeway ... Little Girl (as Darla Lee Ridgeway)

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: The Man in the Cellar

30 September 1954
A little girl who regularly talks to imaginary friends grows frustrated when her parents refuse to believe that there is a real man in the cellar.

Charles Boyer ... Dr. Dumont
Fay Baker ... Claire

Beverly Washburn ... Janet

Mae Clarke ... Mrs. Braun

John Doucette ... Moretti
Peter Reynolds ... Danny
Elaine Williams ... Secretary
Donald Murphy ... Mr. Reeves
Aline Towne ... Receptionist
Frank Gerstle ... Mr. Braun

Season 3, Episode 2: Never Explain

7 October 1954
A novice social worker is dispatched to the home of a widower who refuses to send his children to school.

David Niven ... Hal Winters

Irving Bacon ... Carter
Janine Perreau ... Cindy
Christopher Olsen ... Steve (as Chris Olsen)
Millie Doff ... Girl
Herb Vigran ... Lieut.. Richards
Barbara Lawrence ... Marjorie

Season 3, Episode 3: Interlude

14 October 1954
A girl at a boarding school is neglected by her family and grows depressed, until she becomes infatuated with a vacationing newspaper correspondent who befriends her.

Dick Powell ... Chris

Joanne Woodward ... Vicki
Nana Bryant ... Mrs. Dehring
Daria Massey ... Joan

Robert Bice ... Boatman
Jonathan Hole ... Hotel Clerk
Donna Jo Gribble ... First Girl
Diane Jergens ... Second Girl

Season 3, Episode 4: The Wallet

21 October 1954
A French waiter with more pride than money will not stand for his sickly wife to be admitted to a free public hospital. When a wealthy customer leaves behind a wallet containing thousands of dollars, the server takes it to upgrade his wife's medical care. Their son also becomes a thief to pay the bills.

Charles Boyer ... Andre

William Campbell ... Peter
Maria Palmer ... Elsa

Rhys Williams ... Sidney
Harry Bartell ... Doctor

Nestor Paiva ... Mr. Davis
Sarah Selby ... Mrs. Maclean

John Alvin ... Clerk

Howard McNear ... Buyer
John Harmon ... Joseph

Season 3, Episode 5: The Adolescent

28 October 1954
Ida Lupino is a teacher who, in her role as a member of her school's disciplinary board, must investigate her nephew's misconduct.

Ida Lupino ... Celia Coberly

Robert Arthur ... Philip Weir
Hugh Sanders ... Steve Weir

Hugh Beaumont ... Albert Woods
Lewis Martin ... Mr. Macready

Allene Roberts ... Lisa Collins

John Doucette ... Bartender
Nan Boardman ... Mrs. Collins

Season 3, Episode 6: The Contest

4 November 1954
The head of detectives runs into problems when he suspect his fiancé has committed murder.

Dick Powell ... Dan

Marguerite Chapman ... Lisa

John Hubbard ... Beecher
Ray Walker ... Police Lieutenant
Alan Dexter ... Macilvaine
Ralph Volkie ... Police Sergeant
Steve Carruthers ... Kramer Cleveland (uncredited)

Douglas Dick ... Larry Morgan (uncredited)
Alphonso DuBois ... Club Patron (uncredited)
Bess Flowers ... Club Patron (uncredited)
Rudy Germane ... Club Patron (uncredited)
Monty O'Grady ... Club Patron (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 7: Vote of Confidence

4 November 1954
A con man, recently released from prison, attempts to recoup his fortunes by convincing an heiress' secretary that he needs funds to run an orphanage.

David Niven ... Tony

Amanda Blake ... Susan
Elizabeth Patterson ... Ma

Chuck Connors ... Mervyn (as Chuck Conners)
Dayton Lummis ... Warden
Rusty Hamer ... Dickie
Barry Froner ... Joe
Nadine Ashdown ... Patty (as Nadene Ashdown)
Isa Ashdown ... Melinda
Patricia Fowler ... Lois
Jack Deery ... Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Tiger Fafara ... Fourth Street Kid (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 8: My Own Dear Dragon

18 November 1954
A successful playwright does his best to avoid reading the script written by his young new wife. She can't understand why he refuses to encourage her. At a party celebrating his 25th year in the theatre, he reveals the incident from his past that causes him to discourage her writing.

Charles Boyer ... John

Vera Miles ... Maggie

Mabel Albertson ... Hannah

Alex Gerry ... Bengal
Charles Victor ... 1st Reporter
Mitchell Kowall ... 2nd Reporter (as Mitchell Kowal)

Season 3, Episode 9: Marked Down

25 November 1954
A woman who works at a fancy dress shop is determined to meet and marry the millionaire whose office is next door. Once she is asked out, she realizes that money doesn't make a person. Meanwhile, a young boy is buying a dress on layaway for his mother's birthday, but there's more to his story.

Ida Lupino ... Evelyn
Hal March ... Clint
Joan Banks ... Celeste
Peter Raynolds ... Tony
Sarah Selby ... Martha
James Stone ... Mr. Winters (as James F. Stone)

Joi Lansing ... Secretary
Lyn Guild ... Customer

Season 3, Episode 10: Meet a Lonely Man

2 December 1954
An attractive young lady mistakes a lonely hotel desk clerk for a Texas oil millionaire she'd once met. Loving the attention she's lavishing on him, he plays along...until his big spending catches up with him.

David Niven ... George

Martha Hyer ... Jan
Hal Baylor ... Jamison

Stanley Andrews ... John
Don Shelton ... Sullivan
Barbara Bestar ... Mildred
Jack Lomas ... Bystander (uncredited)
Ralph Peters ... Generous George (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 11: Bourbon Street

9 December 1954
Jeff Ward is a musician who got out of his Bourbon Street neighborhood, but lost his wife to Danny Paris. Three years later, his ex-wife is dead, and Jeff comes back intending to kill Danny for what he's done.
King Donovan ... Drunk

Beverly Garland ... Julie
William F. Leicester ... Donny (as William Leicester)

Clarence Muse ... Phil

Edward Platt ... Freddie (as Ed Platt)

Dick Powell ... Jeff
Richard Reeves ... Jack
Ralph Volkie (as Ralph Volker)

Season 3, Episode 12: A Championship Affair

16 December 1954
A championship bridge player attempts to woo the woman he had previously loved and lost, by competing against her financially desperate husband.

Charles Boyer ... Alan Abbey

Vera Miles ... Julie Tolin

Ross Elliott ... Bert Tolin

Don Beddoe ... Mr. Vickers

Richard Hale ... Dr. Kessell
Dayton Lummis ... Whit Lonigan
Ray Walker ... Reporter

Season 3, Episode 13: The Answer

23 December 1954
A disillusioned Hollywood screenwriter returns to his old neighborhood bar, where he meets an alcoholic genius and undergoes an epiphany.

David Niven ... Deacon

Anthony Caruso ... Bart

Nestor Paiva ... Rocco

Carolyn Jones ... Dolores
John Harmon ... Sailor
Ted Stanhope ... Cabman
Richard Reeves ... Truck Driver
Jack Lomas ... Sharpy (as Jack M. Lomas)

Season 3, Episode 14: Go Ahead and Jump

30 December 1954

Dick Powell ... Eddie
William Johnstone ... Mr. Keith
Joanne Jordan ... Molly

Robert Foulk ... Charlie
George Wallace ... Sam (as George D. Wallace)

Robert Bice ... Doorman

Season 3, Episode 15: A Bag of Oranges

6 January 1955

Alexander Campbell ... Warden
Walter Coy ... Don Gavin

Ida Lupino ... Anna
Herb Vigran ... Bartender
Ray Walker ... Tom Barry

Season 3, Episode 16: Stuffed Shirt

13 January 1955
An unfaithful wife learns the hard way that her husband isn't the only "stuffed shirt" to give her problems.

Charles Boyer ... Robert
Peggy Maley ... Lucy

Jay Novello ... Hutchinson
Lawrence Dobkin ... Masterson
Philip Ahn ... Chang
Christopher Dark ... John Hudson

Richard Hale ... Fotheringham

Paul Cavanagh ... Bertrand (as Paul Cavanaugh)
Anthony Eustrel ... Stevenson (as Antony Eustrel)

Season 3, Episode 17: Breakfast in Bed

20 January 1955
An artist is enticed away from his lucrative commercial advertising contracts by a young model who shows obvious disappointment that he is not striving to achieve his potential as a creative artist.

David Niven ... Charles

Gloria Talbott ... Germaine

Barbara Billingsley ... Nina
Don Shelton ... Alec
Phil Rich ... Ed

Season 3, Episode 18: The Good Sister

27 January 1955
A nun in German orphanage during World War II will is determined to marry her oldest orphan to an American serviceman in order to secure a future for her.

Teresa Wright ... Sister Mary Winifred

Chuck Connors ... Stan
Violet Rensing ... Irmgard

John Dehner ... Captain Bowns
Lisa Golm ... Sister Katrina

Robert Bice ... Chaplain

John Doucette ... Sergeant Katrel
Harold Dyrenforth ... (uncredited)
Norbert Schiller ... (uncredited)
Teresa Tudor ... (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 19: A Kiss for Mr. Lincoln

3 February 1955
Henry entertains railroad executive Murdock to persuade him to support Lincoln for president, but Murdock is only interested in Henry's wife Delight. For her husband's benefit, Delight concocts an improper scheme to win Murdock's backing.

Joanne Dru ... Delight
Robert Cornthwaite ... Henry

Dick Foran ... Mr. Murdock
Kristine Miller ... Mrs. Murdock
Mary Treen ... Madeline

Season 3, Episode 20: Fair Trial

10 February 1955
Chicago television newsman Dave Sheridan (Dick Powell) arrives in a small Ohio town, Hadenville, where Richard Fulton has just been lynched. The chief of police (Edward R. Platt) tells Sheridan he confessed to killing sweet old Mrs. Winslow and the town went wild. Sheridan plans on doing a piece exposing how sick the town is. Hotel clerk Carol (Jean Howell) wants him to give the town a "fair trial".

Dick Powell ... Dave
Jean Howell ... Carol
Ray Walker ... Sam

Frank Ferguson ... Mr. Fielding
Rodney Bell ... Charlie

Edward Platt ... Chief of Police (as Edward C. Platt)

Richard Hale ... Judge
Larry Hudson ... (uncredited)
Gayle Kellogg ... (uncredited)
Jack Lomas ... (uncredited)
Patrick Miller ... (uncredited)
Ralph Montgomery ... (uncredited)
Stephen Roberts ... (uncredited)

Harry Tyler ... Policeman (uncredited)
Ralph Volkie ... (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 21: The Wild Bunch

17 February 1955
On the way home after their honeymoon, a bride confesses two things to her groom: She's wealthy and has three teenage children plus a dog waiting for them at her home. He soon learns that they're a wild bunch in need of taming.

Charles Boyer ... George

Gigi Perreau ... Carlotta

Natalie Wood ... Louise
Noreen Nash ... Leonora
B.G. Norman ... David
Tommy Cook ... Johnny
Willa Pearl Curtis ... Aunt Cassie
Bill Walker ... Uncle Sam (as William Walker)
Barbara Stuart ... Hostess
Les Raymaster ... Plane Passenger (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 22: Tusitala

24 February 1955
Robert Louis Stevenson, near the end of his life, mediates between two Samoan tribes to prevent war.

Season 3, Episode 23: The Returning

3 March 1955
An American professor in Japan falls in love with a half-breed former student in 1941. He is fired for violating school policy, so he returns to America, resolved to bring his intended to America once settled. World War II intervenes.

Dick Powell ... Capt. Avery
Joan Elan ... Laura
Walter Kingsford ... Cary Howard
Christopher Dark ... Major Evans
Herbert Deans ... Ames

Robert Stevenson ... Co-Pilot (as Bob Stevenson)
William Boyett ... Navigator (as Bill Boyett)

William Schallert ... Airline Clerk

Season 3, Episode 24: Eddie's Place

10 March 1955
Ellen is released from a punitive work farm without means, but Eddie befriends her and gives her a job at his restaurant. She wants to go straight, but Eddie pressures her to cover for some of his own shady activities.

Ida Lupino ... Ellen

William Talman ... Eddie
Kathryn Card ... Ma
Louis Jean Heydt ... Dan
Glen Gordon ... Ollie

Philip Carey ... Dr. Ed Marshfield (uncredited)

Jane Darwell ... Mrs. Riggs (uncredited)
Joseph Forte ... Dr. Hartman (uncredited)

Merle Oberon ... Sara Belmont (uncredited)

Eddy Waller ... Station Master (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 25: Henry and the Psychopathic Horse

17 March 1955
After falling for a medical student, a New York City psychiatrist travels to her family ranch to announce their engagement. Her father hates city slickers and expect her to marry a rancher to run the estate. To win his woman's hand, Henry's challenged to ride an unbroken stallion known as a "killer." He puts his professional skills to work on the horse.

David Niven ... Henry

Barton MacLane ... Milo
Hal Baylor ... Cal

Eddy Waller ... Andy
Barbara Lawrence ... Claire

Season 3, Episode 26: Night at Lark Cottage

24 March 1955
A woman with no companion other than her young daughter knows that an escaped convict is on his way to kill her.

Charles Boyer ... Paul

Beverly Garland ... Lucille
Mimi Gibson ... Julie

John Doucette ... Sgt. Wood
Helen Mayon ... Operator

Season 3, Episode 27: The Girl on the Bridge

31 March 1955
After drawing and painting an unknown young woman he met on a bridge near his vacation retreat, an artist (Dick Powell) is desperate to find her again when the painting begins calling to him.

Dick Powell ... Andrew

Coleen Gray ... Lisa

Alexander Campbell ... Prof. Tenant
Lawrence Dobkin ... Bukov

Celia Lovsky ... Mrs. Carrena
Hugh Sanders ... Bob
Katherine Warren ... Bissie (as Katharine Warren)

Season 3, Episode 28: The Collar

7 April 1955
The night before the military plans to massacre a warring tribe of Blackfoot Indians, an imprisoned and tortured priest comes out from the tribe to ask for mercy.

David Niven ... Wyeth

Barton MacLane ... Capt. Webber
Walter Coy ... Steiner

Abraham Sofaer ... Indian Chief

Richard Hale ... Bishop
John Close ... Lt. Johnson
William Boyett ... Guard

Season 3, Episode 29: Madeira, Madeira

14 April 1955
Jacques receives a letter from an old artist friend stating of his wife that "this woman will be the death of me". When this friend disappears and is presumed dead soon after, Jacques goes to Madeira to investigate.

Charles Boyer ... Jacques

John Wengraf ... Denoir

Nestor Paiva ... Mario
Walter Kingsford ... Armstrong
Jan Arvan ... Luis

Angela Lansbury ... Mrs. Hallerton

David Niven ... William Hallerton (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 30: With All My Heart

21 April 1955
Sarah is a plump schoolteacher who has been a good friend to Joe all of his life. Joe loves and marries someone else, but Sarah stays close to Joe and helps him raise his family when Joe's wife dies.

Ida Lupino ... Sarah
Walter Coy ... Joe
Noreen Nash ... Kathy

Edward Platt ... Dr. Fain (as Edward C. Platt)
Tommy Duran ... Joey
Natalie Dale ... Nancy
Jimmy Baird ... Charles

Season 3, Episode 31: The House Always Wins

28 April 1955
Although it seems to be just another night in his gambling casino, Willie Dante runs into an old flame who reveals that the party she's with want to rob the place.

Dick Powell ... Willie Dante

Jean Willes ... Lucy
Herb Vigran ... Monte

Regis Toomey ... Police Lt. Manny Waldo

Alan Mowbray ... Jackson

Tristram Coffin ... Frank Simms
Alex Frazer ... Scotsman

Brooks Benedict ... Gambler (uncredited)

Jack Benny ... Cautious Gambler (uncredited)
Jack Deery ... Club Patron (uncredited)
Bess Flowers ... Gambler (uncredited)
Joe Gilbert ... Club Patron (uncredited)
Mike Lally ... Croupier (uncredited)
Hans Moebus ... Gambler (uncredited)
Charles Morton ... Gambler (uncredited)
Les Raymaster ... Gambler (uncredited)

Mitchell Rhein ... Croupier (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 32: Uncle Fred Flits By

5 May 1955
Uncle Fred descends upon a suburban home, completely disrupts the lives of the family by his eccentric behaviour, and brings two young lovers together. His unwilling accomplice, and a horrified spectator of this chaos, is his nephew, Pongo.

David Niven ... Uncle Fred
Robert Nichols ... Pongo

Norma Varden ... Mrs. Tarmigan
Jennifer Raine ... Julia
Leon Tyler ... Robinson
Alex Frazer ... Mr. Tarmigan
Tudor Owen ... Roddis

Marjorie Bennett ... Char Woman
Charlotte Knight ... Receptionist (as Charlott Knight)

Season 3, Episode 33: Alias Mr. Hepp

12 May 1955
Frank Hepp has made his career charming rich, unhappy women out of their fortunes. His parole officer orders him avoid all women, but he can't help himself when a single wealthy woman moves in next door. Mr. Hepp's plan to fleece his new victim runs afoul when he actually falls for her.

Charles Boyer ... Frank Hepp

Alan Mowbray ... Albert

Barbra Fuller ... Jenny (as Barbara Fuller)
Florenz Ames ... Mr. Hapewell

Morris Ankrum ... Warden

Forrest Taylor ... Dr. Washburn

Jimmie Dodd ... Turnkey

Season 3, Episode 34: Trudy

26 May 1955
Trudy innocently believes she gets whatever she wishes, and she involves several friends in her wish to be married. No one has ever seen her betrothed, and they speculate that the husband-to-be may be just a wish.

Joan Fontaine ... Trudy

Hans Conried ... Reverend Tuttle (as Hans Conreid)
Steven Geray ... Mr. Yen
James Flavin ... Mr. Swanson (as James Flaven)
Otto Waldis ... Berlzheimer

Guy Williams ... Dick

Season 3, Episode 35: Broken Journey

2 June 1955
Two cops transporting prisoner Cookie decide on a layover in the city of Westover, temporarily placing Cookie in the local jail while they freshen up elsewhere. Cookie devises a plot to snooker the locals into releasing him.

David Niven ... Cookie
Don Haggerty ... Frank
William F. Leicester ... Hi (as William Leicester)
William Forrest ... Judge
Eddie Garr ... McSally

Malcolm Atterbury ... Lt. Keough

Harry Harvey ... Johnson (as Harry Harvey Sr.)
Helene Stanton ... Maybelle

Robert Bice ... Lucenec

Season 3, Episode 36: The Executioner

9 June 1955
A complex web of deception is revealed during the investigation of the assassination of a police official. In a foreign country during the Cold War, an American doctor is accused to being a spy and targeted for murder, but the wrong man is killed. But, perhaps, the right man died after all.

Charles Boyer ... Major Tinnente
Berry Kroeger ... Detmar (as Berry Kroger)
Christopher Dark ... Tamar

Ross Elliott ... Dr. Rogers

Richard Hale ... Judge

Eve Miller ... Mrs. Rogers
Henry Rowland ... Morel
Victor Bartell
Peter Brocco ... (uncredited)
Sam Flint ... Conversing official at funeral (uncredited)
Ray Walker ... Conversing official at funeral (uncredited)
Guy Zanette ... (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 37: The Frightened Woman

23 June 1955
Carol buys a book at a quaint bookstore but forgot to take it with her. The next day, the store has disappeared. Her husband and a therapist think she's imagining it, but Carol encounters the saleswoman who sold her the book on the street.

Merle Oberon ... Carol

Craig Stevens ... George

Hugh Beaumont ... Dr. Lindell
Irene Tedrow ... Mrs. Warren
Isabel Withers ... Doris
Ralph Sanford ... Man (voice)

Season 3, Episode 38: Award

30 June 1955
Valerie is a world famous movie actress who just bombed on her first attempt at live acting on Broadway. She goes to Ben, renowned acting instructor, to teach her how to be a live actress. He refuses unless she can succeed at a challenge.

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1: The Firing Squad

6 October 1955
A military deserter is ordered executed, for a murder he probably did not commit. Disgraced Captain Adams is ordered to lead the firing squad, in exchange for restoration of his own honor. Adams struggles with his detestable assignment.

David Niven ... Adams

John Dehner ... Gen. Hatfield

Hugh Beaumont ... Padre

Michael Pate ... Sgt. Gibbons
Jon Shepodd ... Pvt. Jones
Tom Powers ... Gen. Vincent
John Warburton ... Col. Ramsey

Season 4, Episode 2: Face of Danger

13 October 1955
A reporter meets with a 100-year-old woman to ask about her life in the Old West. Her family keeps insisting she lived an upright and charming life in those frontier days, but she remembers the torrid affair she had with notorious outlaw Laramie Cole.

Ida Lupino ... Emma

Dick Foran ... Will Foster

Paul Picerni ... Laramie Cole

Ralph Moody ... Uncle Lee
Helen Wallace ... Alice

William Schallert ... Johnson
Vici Raaf ... Carrie
Sherman Sanders ... Caller (as Sherman E. Sanders)

Season 4, Episode 3: Let the Chips Fall

20 October 1955
A reformed card sharp is recruited to unmask a suspected poker cheat among a group of wealthy gamblers. He finds it difficult to be impartial when the suspect enthusiastically befriends him.

Charles Boyer ... Roger

Rhys Williams ... Mr. Peck

Jean Willes ... Helen Anchor

Paul Langton ... Garry Anchor
Lewis Martin ... Mr. Grinell

Pierre Watkin ... Mr. Morgan
Sam Flint ... Mr. Sheridan

Season 4, Episode 4: Full Circle

27 October 1955
A particularly bad review causes a Broadway actress to scheme to humiliate the drama critic.

David Niven ... Maxwell

Joanne Woodward ... Terry
Jeanne Baird ... Nan
Alvin Greenman ... Merv
Jacques Scott ... Don Gibbs (as Jack Scott)

Season 4, Episode 5: A Spray of Bullets

3 November 1955
A former sheriff, Will Sonnett, known for his fast draw shows up in Mesa to see an optometrist; he's become nearsighted and badly needs glasses. Also in town is a punk gunfighter who wants to make a name for himself. Knowing Sonnett has vision problems, he challenges the lawman to a duel.

Dick Powell ... Will Sonnett
Jean Howell ... Lucy Keever

Robert J. Wilke ... Ben Crane (as Robert Wilke)

Raymond Hatton ... Phineas Turner
Arthur Space ... Sheriff Sam Keever
Herbert Lytton ... Tom (as Herbert C. Lytton)
Tim Graham ... Doc Sanders
James McCallion ... Henry--Desk Clerk (as Jim McCallion)
Tex Palmer ... Townsman (uncredited)
Bob Reeves ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 6: The Devil to Pay

10 November 1955
In Hell, the administrating office is hopelessly out of date and incompetent, so Satan enlists the help of an exceptionally aggressive and heartless businessman to modernize the place. He installs an IBM system and soon it's the picture of efficiency, much, it turns out, to the businessman's regret.

Charles Boyer ... Grisby
Florenz Ames ... Mr. Scratch

Joi Lansing ... Miss Wilson
Mary Field ... Nora

Don Beddoe ... Mr. Thompson
Peter Brocco ... Martin

John Doucette ... Charon

Season 4, Episode 7: Here Comes the Suit

17 November 1955
A milquetoast employee at a novelty company is overlooked by everyone from his boss to the woman he crushes on. But after being suckered by a shady tailor into getting a shockingly garish suit, he's whistled at by woman and mistaken for a gangster. His newly found self-confidence fits him well.

David Niven ... Philip

Jesse White ... Mr. Simpson

Allison Hayes ... Christine
William Forrest ... Mr. Colter
Alvin Greenman ... Stanley
Hugh Sanders ... Inspector
Don Shelton ... Woodward
George Bruggeman ... Man at Crosswalk (uncredited)

Joi Lansing ... Elevator Operator (uncredited)

Harold Miller ... Executive (uncredited)
Bob Whitney ... Police Officer (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 8: Looking Glass House

24 November 1955
Ann marries wealthy Richard and moves into his family mansion. Richard accidentally killed his first wife in a marital conflict, and Ann's presence in the mansion confuses him and causes flashbacks.

Ida Lupino ... Ann

Arthur Franz ... Richard
Olive Blakeney ... Mrs. Comstock
Charlotte Lawrence ... Miss Downs
Sam Flint ... Doctor

Frances Robinson ... Party guest (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 9: Something Very Special

1 December 1955
Alan moves to America when his wife dies, leaving his young daughter with her grandmother in Paris. When he returns after five years, his daughter has difficulty believing that he loves her.

Charles Boyer ... Alan
Vale Hunter ... Marie
Mary Zita Perzel ... Jeanette
Ginger Hall ... Joan

Season 4, Episode 10: A Place Full of Strangers

8 December 1955
A man who is stressed over the affairs of his business walks out and goes on a surreal train ride to the nonexistent town of Meadbrook.

Dick Powell ... Fleet Mason

Dina Merrill ... Marcia Mason

Morris Ankrum ... Mr. Mason

Howard McNear ... Owens

Frieda Inescort ... Miss Proctor

Lillian Bronson ... Elizabeth
James Stone ... Brewster (as James F. Stone)

Edward Earle ... Caldwell
Jimmy Baird ... Boy

Season 4, Episode 11: One Way Out

15 December 1955
Diana finally leaves her playboy husband and moves to an apartment in New York. Soon after arriving at her new place, she finds herself locked in with no electricity and very little food. Gradually Diana becomes unhinged which is the goal of the husband and his girlfriend who booby-trapped the place to send her over the edge.

Ida Lupino ... Diana

Scott Forbes ... King

Frances Robinson ... Connie
Gayle Kellogg ... Cab Driver

Season 4, Episode 12: Dark Meeting

5 January 1956
Billie hires an odd man as the new pin boy at her bowling alley, but quickly fire him because of his violent outbursts. Only then does she learn he's a murderous psycho who escaped from prison. That's why she's so terrified when he shows up at the alley one night when she's all alone.

Ida Lupino ... Billie
Nolan Leary ... Phil
Frank J. Scannell ... Henney (as Frank Scannell)

Barbara Pepper ... Clara
Helen Mayon ... Mrs. Mason

Warren Stevens ... Dan

Elliott Reid ... Barney

Season 4, Episode 13: Magic Night

12 January 1956
Upset that his 25 years of service for the company are unappreciated, Henri treats himself to an expensive night on the town, on the company's dime. He then comes to his senses, distraught that his embezzlement will be discovered.

Charles Boyer ... Henri
Joyce Gates ... Paulette
Marcel Journet ... Monsieur Valois
Ginger Hall ... Lucette
Paul Clérouc ... Joseph
Vale Hunter ... Madame Morand
Marcelle Arnold ... Edith (as Marcelle Arnlod)
Julie Floray ... Josephine (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 14: Tunnel of Fear

19 January 1956
While traveling alone in a train compartment, an elderly, wealthy, wheelchair-bound man (Cedric Hardwicke) is confronted by a younger man (David Niven), whom he had double-crossed over twenty years ago. The younger man, now bent on revenge, tells the elderly man that he intends to kill him when the train passes through an upcoming tunnel. A battle of wits ensues.

David Niven ... Larkin

Cedric Hardwicke ... Sir George (as Sir Cedric Hardwicke)
Walter Kingsford ... Dr. Blake
Alex Frazer ... Conductor
Keith McConnell ... Chauffeur
Leslie Denison ... Footman

Season 4, Episode 15: High Stakes

26 January 1956
An employee catches attractive Mrs. Raymond making a pass at Willie, then Mr. Raymond comes to the club with a gun to get even. Willie shoots him in self defense, but Willie is framed when Mr. Raymond's gun disappears.

Dick Powell ... Willie Dante
Frances Bergen ... Rita Raymond
Herb Vigran ... Monte

Walter Sande ... Police Lt. Richy
James Seay ... Hank Edwards

Morris Ankrum ... Mr. Raymond
Richard Bartell ... Ed--Cashier (uncredited)
Ralph Brooks ... Sam (uncredited)
Kay Garrett ... Waiter (uncredited)
Les Raymaster ... Gambler (uncredited)
Guy Way ... Gambler (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 16: The Listener

2 February 1956
Sheila and her brother engineer a gas leak to kill her husband so they can split the insurance money. Overhearing the plot is the husband's invalid father, but it's no concern because he can't speak or write. Sheila doesn't realize he is able to communicate with his nurse through his eyes.

Ida Lupino ... Sheila

Ralph Moody ... Jarvis Miller
Walter Coy ... Verne Miller
Richard Lupino ... Jimmy
Nan Boardman ... Rose
Paul Bryar ... Lt. Casement

Don Rickles ... Announcer (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 17: Safe Keeping

9 February 1956
The chancellor of a foreign university gives newspaperman Frank Carstairs a document to smuggle out of the country. He anticipates being charged with treason by the totalitarian government and he wants the free world to know he did not willingly join their side. Meanwhile, Frank carries on an affair with a sexy foreign spy who seems to be playing both sides of the fence.

David Niven ... Frank
Tanya Borgh ... Krista
Jan Arvan ... Dr. Karpoldi
Ivan Triesault ... Volpe
Herb Vigran ... Marc
Norbert Schiller ... Clerk
Charles Tannen ... Dick Bannister
Otto Reichow ... Miklas
Harold Dyrenforth ... Guard
Robert R. Stephenson ... Volpe's Aide
Hjördis Genberg ... Krista (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 18: No Limit

16 February 1956

Dick Powell ... Willie Dante

Lola Albright ... Beverly Hudson

Regis Toomey ... Lt. Manny Waldo

Alan Mowbray ... Jackson - Waiter
Herb Vigran ... Monte - Bartender

Robert Bice ... Matt Devlin
Gloria Marshall ... Mary
Richard Bartell ... Ed Teller
Tony Dante ... Tony
Ted Pavelec ... Bennie

Colin Kenny ... Gambler (uncredited)

Harold Miller ... Gambler (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 19: Command

23 February 1956

Charles Boyer ... Montaigne

John Alvin

Hugh Beaumont ... Doctor

Robert Bice ... Carpenter

John Cliff
Christopher Dark ... Craig

Ross Elliott ... Hofer

Richard Hale ... Capt. Harmon
Nolan Leary ... Stewart
Peter Raynolds ... Philip Montaigne

Season 4, Episode 20: Once to Every Woman

1 March 1956
At a particularly vulnerable time in her life, Carol is wooed by charming David. They fall in love, but Carol then learns that David is married. He says that he will get divorced for her, but Carol is visited by David's wife.

Teresa Wright ... Carol

Arthur Franz ... David

Phyllis Coates ... Marsha
Betty Lou Gerson ... Marge
Sally Corner ... Mrs. Stuart

Alexander Campbell ... Dr. Bradford
Nolan Leary ... Druggist
Jimmy Hayes ... Boy in Park
Sue George ... Girl in Park

Season 4, Episode 21: Red Wine

8 March 1956
A police detective travels to Borneo looking for an American who murdered his wife for a huge insurance payoff. There are only three Americans there, all on a rubber plantation, but none fits the physical description. Once his cover is blown, the detective comes clean and tells the men he thinks none of them are his man. But he knows the killer is a wine connoisseur and he uses that to set a trap.

David Niven ... David

Stuart Whitman ... Fisher
Joseph Waring ... Stevens

John Craven ... Morgan

John Banner ... Koert
Norbert Schiller ... Captain Schelle
Clarence Lung ... 1st Native
Leon Lontoc ... 2nd Native

Season 4, Episode 22: To Die at Midnight

15 March 1956
A prison warden desperately tries to prove that a man scheduled for execution is innocent.

Dick Powell ... Grover Doane

Stacy Harris ... Troy

Alexander Campbell ... Governor
Dan Barton ... Dan
Dee Carroll ... Evvie
Hallene Hill ... Millie
Lewis Charles ... Cal
Sydney Mason ... Tom
Patti Gallagher ... Operator
Thomas Browne Henry ... Dr. Aimes (as Thomas B. Henry)

Don C. Harvey ... Captain of Guard (uncredited)

William Henry ... Newspaperman (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 23: Desert Encounter

22 March 1956
A playwright driving to Los Angeles gives a lift to a young woman heading to her father's ranch. Upon arriving, he's locked up and expected to marry the girl or be killed. The writer's unwittingly being used as a stand-in for the man she's being fooling around with.

Charles Boyer ... Paul

Susan Kohner ... Anita
Angela Greene ... Madeleine
Jonathan Hole ... Harold

Stuart Whitman ... Bob

Martin Garralaga ... Carlos
Pepe Hern ... Diego
Frances Mercer ... 1st Professor's Wife (scenes deleted)
Abel Franco ... Padre (uncredited)
Richard Lopez ... Jose (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 24: The Case of Emily Cameron

29 March 1956
Emily is an invalid who needs a caretaker. Her husband leaves her home alone one day, and she begins to stew over the low regard that he has for her. He, on the other hand, resents the opportunities that he's missed because of Emily.

Ida Lupino ... Emily Cameron

Scott Forbes ... Jim
Fay Baker ... Nadine

George N. Neise ... Sy (as George Neise)
Elizabeth Harrower ... Housekeeper

Season 4, Episode 25: The Rites of Spring

5 April 1956

David Niven ... Jim Kenyon
Ernest Anderson ... George
Lela Bliss ... Emma Kinsolving

Angie Dickinson
Juney Ellis ... Miss Elkins
Barbara Lawrence ... Eva Kenyon
Don Shelton ... Florist
Robert Shield
Robert Tafur ... Senor Valdez
Helen Wallace ... Belinda

Season 4, Episode 26: Autumn Carousel

12 April 1956
Steve's the successful writer of a couple of junky TV Westerns. On a train trip back to Los Angeles, he bonds with the young girl seated beside him. The lonely child's honest talk makes him realize that he's sold out his integrity for money, but it's not too late to get his life back on track.

Dick Powell ... Steve

Beverly Washburn ... Jill

Catherine McLeod ... Nora

Maidie Norman ... Coralee

George N. Neise ... Art (as George Neise)
Sonny Lee ... Porter
Ken Christy ... Conductor (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 27: Wall of Bamboo

19 April 1956
An undercover agent is dispatched to the anti-communist underground to search for an important contact. But when he's caught by the red Chinese, he's tortured in various ways for important information by a mysterious renegade white man who leads them known by the nom de guerre "Sampan Joe".

Charles Boyer ... Sampan Joe
Christopher Dark ... Ryan Sanford
Berry Kroeger ... Gen. Feng

Richard Loo ... Jo-Kai
Philip Ahn ... Capt. Shu Gat

Russ Conway ... Capt. Jordan

Season 4, Episode 28: Touch and Go

26 April 1956
Ted attacks old enemy Walter in a fit of rage. Stunned at the realization that Walter is dead, he hears a woman on the phone who overheard their conversation. Ted needs to find this woman and keep her from telling the police anything.

David Niven ... Ted

Beverly Garland ... Maxine
Berry Kroeger ... Walter Pomeroy

Byron Foulger ... Clerk
Ralph Peters ... Waiter
Thomas E. Jackson ... Detective (as Tom Jackson)
Angela Greene ... Florist
Irene Tedrow ... Landlady
Joseph V. Perry ... Interne
Dick Elliott ... Parade Marcher in Diner (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 29: A Long Way from Texas

3 May 1956
Two con men target a naive young oilman from Texas. They visit Willie's gambling hall, and the con men threaten Willie. He decides to get revenge, and teach a lesson to the oilman.

Dick Powell ... Willie Dante

Regis Toomey ... Lt. Manny Waldo

Alan Mowbray ... Jackson - Waiter
Herb Vigran ... Monte - Bartender
Paul Smith ... Stuart Baskin
Gloria Winters ... Molly Baskin
Milton Frome ... Dan Flick aka John Smith

Anthony George ... Barney Todd / Bob Brown (as Tony George)
Suzanne Alexander ... Girl in Cab
Tony Dante ... Tony (uncredited)
Jeanne Ferguson ... Maggie (uncredited)
Joe Gilbert ... Sam (uncredited)
Gene Hardy ... Tom (uncredited)
Herbert Lytton ... Ed (uncredited)
Laurie Mitchell ... Alice (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 30: That Woman

10 May 1956

Peter Leeds ... Jack Norton

Ida Lupino ... Flo Watson
Dorothy Neumann ... Country Woman

Jeanette Nolan ... Ma Watson
Frank J. Scannell ... Pa Watson (as Frank Scannell)
Ray Stricklyn ... Jesse Watson

Season 4, Episode 31: The Other Room

17 May 1956
A teacher wanting to leave his unfulfilling job needs money to write the book he's dreamed of. A stranger enters and makes an unusual offer: $10,000 to take a physical for a dying man so he can get life insurance to take care of his widow when he passes on.

Charles Boyer ... Martin

Barbra Fuller ... Joan Webb (as Barbara Fuller)

John Hoyt ... Roger Webb

John Sutton ... Rene Champion
Tom Fadden ... Owen
Lewis Martin ... Reeves
Robert Fortin ... Waiter

Season 4, Episode 32: One Forty-Two

24 May 1956
Ruthless dictator Mendoza summons a priest when 300,000 people in his country announce that they will pray for him to die at 1:42 that day.

Dick Powell ... Priest
Peter Mamakos ... Garcia

Rick Vallin ... Officer
Carlos Rivero ... 2nd Officer

Akim Tamiroff ... Mendoza

Season 4, Episode 33: Beneath the Surface

31 May 1956

Christopher Dark ... Pete

Ida Lupino ... Meg

Craig Stevens ... Monte
Joseph Waring ... Donny (as Joe Waring)

Season 4, Episode 34: Watch the Sunset

7 June 1956
Philip Benton is entertaining thoughts of moving on from his wife, who has been in a sanitarium for five years. Just as he is starting a new relationship with his secretary, he receives news that his wife is better and will be released.

Dick Powell ... Philip Benton
Maxine Cooper ... Carol
Lewis Martin ... Dr. Forbes

Ralph Moody ... Moreland
Audrey Swanson ... Nurse

Joanne Woodward ... Ann Benton (as Joanne Woodard)

Season 4, Episode 35: Second Chance

14 June 1956
An experienced writer is in the middle of a professional slump when he is inspired by the story of an old long lost friend. While his career is reviving, he seems to be hindering the acting prospects of his novice young girlfriend.

David Niven ... Lee

Beverly Garland ... Holly
Berry Kroeger ... Nick
Lou Krugman ... Mr. Morgan

Tristram Coffin ... George
William Swan ... Clint
Gene Hardy ... Bartender
Suzi Crandall ... Secretary

Season 4, Episode 36: Woman Afraid

21 June 1956
While her husband is laid up in a farm house with a broken leg, Nina sees a prowling burglar. She calls for help, but the hired hand that she calls for is the burglar - and he's also a murderer.

Ida Lupino ... Nina Barton
Pat Conway ... Joe
James Seay ... Carl Barton
Madge Blake ... Aunt Sophie

Robert Bice ... Al Newsome

Season 4, Episode 37: The Stacked Deck

28 June 1956
Fresh out of prison, blackmailer Gus Anderson intends to use Willie's casino to launder his victims' money. To insure his cooperation, Gus' thugs are holding one of Willie's waiters hostage. Glamorous singer Betty Maxwell shows up at Dante's, as scheduled, to lose at blackjack and avoid having a risqué photo of her mailed to the tabloids. Knowing that Lt. Waldo will but his casino yet again, Willie invites to cop over to watch Gus violate his parole.

Dick Powell ... Willie Dante

Shirley Patterson ... Betty Maxwell (as Shawn Smith)

Regis Toomey ... Police Lt. Manny Waldo
Herb Vigran ... Monte

Alan Mowbray ... Jackson
Joe Downing ... Gus Anderson
Harry Landers ... Sam
Jeanne Ferguson ... Hatcheck Girl

Harry Lauter ... Bud

John Cliff ... Max
Ralph Brooks ... Club Patron (uncredited)
Steve Carruthers ... Club Patron (uncredited)
Oliver Cross ... Club Patron (uncredited)

George DeNormand ... Club Patron (uncredited)
Joe Gilbert ... Croupier (uncredited)
Gene Hardy ... Tom (uncredited)

Harold Miller ... Club Patron (uncredited)

William H. O'Brien ... Waiter (uncredited)
Monty O'Grady ... Club Patron (uncredited)
Les Raymaster ... Club Patron (uncredited)

Cosmo Sardo ... Club Patron (uncredited)
Norman Stevans ... Club Patron (uncredited)
Arthur Tovey ... Club Patron (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 38: Distinguished Service

5 July 1956
More interested in his career than in his duty as a physician, a noted doctor intentionally misdiagnoses a patient in an Asian city so he could get back to the U.S. and accept a major award. When his wife realizes that he abandoned a town needing his help to fight a Plague outbreak, she demands a divorce.

Charles Boyer ... Dr. Severson
Dorothy Green ... Ellen
Harry Bartell ... Dr. Smith
Ray Walker ... Director
Keith Richards ... Writer
Tim Graham ... Reporter
Gayle Kellogg ... Photographer
Bruce Lester ... 1st Club Member
Leslie Denison ... 2nd Club Member

George DeNormand ... Doctor on Stage (uncredited)
Thomas Browne Henry ... Dr. Wiley (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 39: Yellowbelly

12 July 1956
A military hero becomes circumspect as his wife expects their first child. In battle, he jumps into a protective hole instead of forging to the front of the line. His company nicknames him Yellowbelly, and he loses the respect of his men.

Frank Lovejoy ... Capt. Jim Barr
Maxine Cooper ... Millie Barr
Bart Burns ... Lt. Saloman

Harry Lauter ... Lt. Stanton

Jeanette Nolan ... Capt. Johnson
Nick Dennis ... Sgt. Juliana

James Hong ... Cpl. Ikura

Willis Bouchey ... Col. Schmidt (uncredited)
Tim Johnson ... Pvt. Lavin (uncredited)
Jimmy Murphy ... Cpl. Miller (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 40: The Stand-In

19 July 1956
Actress Grace Markham's job consists of being the stand-in for movie star Marion Clayton. Unable to accept that she's supremely untalented, Grace instead becomes embittered and blames the leading lady's popularity for her own dead-end show business career.

Ida Lupino ... Grace
John Harding ... Director
James Nolan ... Producer
Herb Vigran ... Sam Rawlings
William Swan ... Arthur O'Brien
Paul Bryar ... 1st Executive
George Eldredge ... 2nd Executive
Don Ross ... Assistant Director
Gil Frye ... Leading Man
Virginia Field ... Marion

Season 4, Episode 41: Success Story

26 July 1956

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