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1 Jan. 1970
The King of the Uvalde Road
King Fisher keeps the mail from arriving from San Antonio, knowing if it succeeds, he will lose the power he has in Uvalde. The government sends Harry to resolve the problem and he finds a unique way to get King to open his road.
2 Jan. 1970
The Mezcla Man
Jess intends to marry his longtime sweetheart but thinks he needs to find some hidden gold so she will accept. When a wealthy traveler from New Orleans shows up and courts her, Jess begins to realize what he really wants.
3 Jan. 1970
Pioneer Pluck
Annabelle ignores her grandmother's advice and flirts with ranch hand Winn while waiting for her beau Frank to propose. Winn's violent past becomes apparent when he vows revenge on her after she marries.
12 Jan. 1970
Simple Question of Justice
Caleb relies on the advice and support of his upstanding friend Andrew but has a blind spot concerning his son Johnny. Eventually Johnny goes to far and Caleb tracks him down to make him faces the consequences of his actions.
17 Jan. 1970
The Wizard of Aberdeen
Newspaperman L. Frank Baum is having a hard time making his paper a success. He spends most of his time telling stories to the local kids, full of scarecrows, lions, and little girls carried away to magical lands by tornadoes.
24 Jan. 1970
The Dragon of Gold Hill
Maso and Okei, tea growers in Gold Hills, encounter both friendship and racism from the locals. A worsening drought has some looking for a scapegoat and local bully Dan leads a mob to drive their Japanese neighbors out.
24 Jan. 1970
The Biggest Little Post Office in the World
Postal inspector Wesley Hull is determined to discover how postmaster Jack Reardon can sell so many stamps in such a small town. He doesn't count on Reardon's pleasant disposition, or his knowledge of the letter of the law.
14 Feb. 1970
A Saint of Travelers
Bishop Lamy and Tom Forbes head across the desert with Blue Feather, angry at his sister's conversion, in deadly pursuit. Tom learns about faith when the bishop stops to aid a man ill with cholera, then faces off with Blue Feather.
15 Feb. 1970
Talk to Me, Charley
Charley and Stokes are partners in a productive gold mine and are successful holding off any claim jumpers. The main problem is Charley drinking too much and when the beautiful Wilhelma arrives the situation worsens. It is Charley who devises a solution.
28 Feb. 1970
Amos and the Black Bull
Amos can't marry his girl Maggie because he's poor. When his new friend Yucca offers to trade some of his land for a black bull, Amos has to figure out how to get his hands on one.
1 Apr. 1970
The Solid Gold Pie
A town's pie supply is threatened when the loveless lady baker decides to leave.
7 Apr. 1970
A Gift from Father Tapis
Father de la Cuesta has replaced the deceased Father Tapis and is curious why the padre ordered a hand organ for the mission. Father and Jose refuse to leave when Joaquin and his renegades become a threat, using the organ to save the day.
9 Apr. 1970
Clum's Constabulary
John Clum is given the task of turning a small group of Apache men into a force that can aid the US Calvary. Not only must he prove their worth but deal with the prejudice of both the army and the local Anglo community who try to sabotage him.
18 Apr. 1970
The Contract
Red Eagle, with his wife Little Fawn, compete for an army freight contract against Manning. But Manning uses underhanded means to win so Little Fawn finds a clever solution after arriving at the fort.
21 Apr. 1970
The Duke of Tombstone
Tombstone sheriff Ray Ritter and wife Joanna have a bright future but then the he tosses shady gambler Fields out of area. He returns with a deed to half the town and Ritter finds he must protect the scoundrel from vigilant justice.
24 Apr. 1970
Early Candle Lighten
A gold camp cook is threatened with hanging after it's discovered he has been skimming nuggets from the miners. His assistant thinks he can save his life by bringing the cook's sister from Tucson.

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