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2 Jan. 1969
A Restless Man
Hendry Brown takes the unenviable job of sheriff in a lawless town. But old habits die hard, and Brown is faced with a moral dilemma when a friend from his outlaw past has an idea for easy money.
10 Jan. 1969
A Gift
Rachel Barrett's act of kindness toward an injured Indian leads to her family's capture by his fellow tribesmen. Despite their lives being endangered, Rachel continues to be compassionate which impresses the chief.
17 Jan. 1969
Solomon's Glory
A successful newspaperman turns town drunk. His old boss must get him clean and sober for an important guest.
28 Jan. 1969
The Understanding
John Parker has been raised by the Comanches since he was a boy and wants to remain with his Indian family. Stranded in the desert after being injured, a young Mexican woman rescues him and he starts to wonder about his choice.
15 Feb. 1969
Long Night at Fort Lonely
Ben Cotterman, wife Rachel and brother Ab have bought an abandoned, isolated fort to live in. Thier lives are put in jeopardy by renegade Indians led by disaffected white man Clay.
18 Feb. 1969
Here Stands Bailey
Brit and Hannah Bailey fend off Indians and outlaws in 1820's Texas to hold onto their farm. But when Stephen F. Austin arrives to claim the land as part of a government grant, Brit vows to fight whatever the cost.
8 Mar. 1969
Angel of Tombstone
Nellie runs a restaurant and lends a helping hand to those in need. But gold fever takes hold when she learns that nuggets just lay on the ground in a remote area of Mexico. More importantly she finds out why the locals ignore the easy wealth.
14 Mar. 1969
A Full House
Cliff and Frank, best friends recently out of the army, finds themselves at odds over their future. They use a card game to determine a very important decision about marriage.
18 Mar. 1969
How to Beat a Badman
Jack and Johnny left behind their outlaw ways and have a successful silver claim. Senator Stewart uses underhanded methods to obtain it and the men vow revenge. But Johnny's new wife Delia objects.
26 Mar. 1969
A Key for the Fort
Cora and Ella visit a remote Utah fort, not knowing it is under the threat of an Indian attack. When the tribe's leader Black Wing becomes desperately ill, the women compassionately try to nurse him back to health, perhaps endangering everyone's lives.
25 Apr. 1969
Drop Out
George Parker is unwilling to follow the rules of either his father or his church in 1880's Utah. His friend Michael encourages his rebellious ways and suggests he even change his name. George decides to start his new life as Butch Cassidy.
29 Mar. 1969
The Oldest Law
The town of Helena, Texas hears the news the railroad is coming but the law abiding citizens live in fear of the corrupt sheriff Ackerson. When the son of local rancher Colonel Butler is killed, the father vows to get revenge on the sheriff and his henchmen.
11 May 1969
Lucia Darling and the Ostrich
Lucia Darling arrives in territorial Montana to start a school. After being robbed of her books she is determined to continue despite being accused of being naive. She quickly learns the ways of the West to achieve her goals.
11 Jun. 1969
Jimmy Dayton's Bonanza
Florrie is tired of empty promises and bad behavior that she sees as a saloon girl. When a Death Valley ranch foreman Jimmy treats her well and offers to marry her, she accepts. But after learning he misrepresented his situation, she debates whether to stay with him.
2 Oct. 1969
The Taming of Trudy Bell
Lumberjack Will is attracted to Trudy, the daughter of his boss Mr. Bell. But Trudy thinks highly of herself and after Will spanks her at a box social he expects to lose his job plus his best friend's Danny whose advice he took.
4 Oct. 1969
Tracy's Triumph
A convict is released from prison - but not from his past.
4 Oct. 1969
Old Stape
An old thief outwits lawmen by returning to his rundown shack, which straddles the U.S. and Republic of Texas border.
9 Oct. 1969
The Tenderfoot
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10 Oct. 1969
Biscuits and Billy, the Kid
A blue eyed goat named Billy and a mother's ability to bake biscuits help family members traveling by wagon from Utah to California when they are abandoned by their guide.
26 Oct. 1969
Son of Thunder
A gunfighter comes to town to challenge the "Avenging Angel". A gunman that is invincible. That bullets can't harm.
27 Oct. 1969
The Lady Doctor
Amy Caldwell serves as the "doctor" in the remote mountain community over the objections of her husband John. He is also concerned about the threats of an Indian warrior who wants to take over from the old chief.
16 Nov. 1969
The Great Pinto Bean Gold Hunt
After a trip to town, two down and out miners find gold nuggets mixed with beans they bought. Convinced that finding origin of the beans will make them wealthy, they head across the Arizona desert encountering difficulties along the way.
17 Nov. 1969
The Visitor
A peace seeking Indian scout aids pioneers besieged by Indian renegades.

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