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Season 16

7 Oct. 1967
Shanghai Kelly's Birthday Party
Shanghai Kelly works a side job filling ships with shanghaied sailors. He counts on long sea voyages to insure his "clients" don't come back after him. His fiancé sets him up to retire early.
14 Oct. 1967
Chicken Bill
Chicken Bill (Dub Taylor) owns a silver mine that isn't paying out. He salts his mine to get his competition to pay off his old debit and fund his future.
21 Oct. 1967
Let My People Go
The Chumash Indians, enslaved by Spanish soldiers in early day California, rebel against their captors. Their leader Paconio realizes they are trapped in the mission and talks with the Padre to find a solution.
28 Oct. 1967
The Lone Grave
John Hail honors his wife's dying wish and returns to make a solitary journey to place a headstone on her remote grave.
4 Nov. 1967
The Girl Who Walked the West
Sacagawea leads the Lewis and Clark expedition.
11 Nov. 1967
The Informer Who Cried
Jim Murphy is about to be sentenced when Texas Ranger Captain Peak offers him a deal in exchange for his freedom. He must help capture bandit Sam Bass dead or alive but fellow gang member Barnes is suspicious of his return.
18 Nov. 1967
Spring Rendezvous
At a gathering of trappers Kit Carson takes on a belligerent man, who has insulted the Indians, in a series of contests.
30 Dec. 1967
Lost Sheep in Trinidad
Sister Blandina comes to the aid of a wounded robbery in the rough frontier town of Trinidad when no one else will. As she works to comfort him she learns he is a friend of the notorious Billy the Kid.
13 Jan. 1968
The Saga of Sadie Orchard
The Orchards get the contract to deliver silver in the isolated town of Hillsboro. After her husband is waylaid and beaten by bandits, Sadie takes over as the stage driver.
20 Jan. 1968
The Indiana Girl
A tomboy changes her ways when she meets the handsome constable of a mining town.
28 Jan. 1968
Prince of the Oyster Pirates
Jack agrees to buy French Frank's oyster boat but only if he spares Scratch's life. French, a violent man, vows vengeance when he loses his girl Mamie to Jack. Jack must outwit and diminish French as a hooligan.
17 Feb. 1968
The Friend
An inexperienced young man hears about a planned ambush on the sheriff and vows to help.
23 Feb. 1968
The Great Diamond Mines
A prospector and his partner try to con a banker.
24 Feb. 1968
Count Me In, Count Me Out
Count Peter is a charming rascal in Old California who expects to marry the beautiful heiress of a wealthy Don. But first he must serve a brief stint in a jail he designed and clear up a misunderstanding that might get him killed.
1 Mar. 1968
Dress for a Desert Girl
While her husband Zeb looks for gold, Cynthia lives in isolation in Death Valley. Although he has promised they will eventually leave, Cynthia begins to give up hope and her health fails. Zeb hopes a new dress will help.
2 Mar. 1968
Britta Goes Home
Gustaf Olaffson eagerly awaits the arrival of his future bride Britta from Sweden. Heading to Gustaf's sod house, Britta becomes disillusioned about her future. Visiting with Dan and Mary Brown, other Dakota homesteaders, help her overcome her fears.
2 Mar. 1968
Bread on the Desert
Two Americans on their way to Santa Fe are captured by Mexican troops and held prisoner until an Indian woman comes to their aid.
6 Mar. 1968
Green Is the Color of Gold
Aaron brings his new bride Rosie to Death Valley where his place is isolated and rundown. Aaron continues a futile look for gold but as Rosie is about to leave him, he discovers another mineral to make them wealthy.
7 Mar. 1968
Out of the Valley of Death
A wagon train takes the wrong cutoff and end up in Death Valley running short of food and water. Two of the stronger men leave to find supplies but those left behind start to give up hope of their return.
15 Mar. 1968
The Gold Mine on Main Street
Jesse declares the middle of Main Street is the place to find gold and is seemingly correct after the mine is successful. But his backers in town become increasingly suspicious when their questions go unanswered.
5 Apr. 1968
A Friend Indeed
Ten years after the events described in "Out of the Valley of Death", Asa Bennett is persuaded to join an expedition to find the Lost Gunsight Mine, a legendary vein of silver in the heart of Death Valley. Running low on water, the men decide to return to civilization, but when they awaken they discover Charley Alford is too drunk to walk. Leaving the old man to his one devices, Bennett and his other partner arrive safely, but when the old desert rat doesn't turn up two days later, the man who rescued Bennett, Wiillam Lewis Manley, insists that a rescue mission be ...
12 Apr. 1968
The Thirty-Caliber Town
The story of how the Winchester repeating rifle helped to bring law and order to a new north Idaho town. An epilogue featuring host Robert Taylor and Lester Shadduck, the mayor of Winchester, Idaho, was shot on location in 1967.
13 Apr. 1968
The Other Side of the Mountain
Wagonmaster Lassen faces an unruly mob when he tries a new route to California in the 1840s and is overheard saying he may be lost.
10 May 1968
By the Book
Two young ladies move to Colorado to prove their land claim, but the local land manager intends to own it himself. Two brothers are enlisted to hinder the women, but find their charms irresistible.
11 May 1968
The Pieces of the Puzzle
"The Baron of Arizona," James Reavis, files a claim against the government.
17 May 1968
Tall Heart, Short Temper
Pike has a terrible temper and his fiance Angela breaks off the engagement after too many altercations with the townspeople. He heads off with his partner to trap, vowing to stay calm to win her back but an encounter with Indians changes things.

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