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Season 15

2 Sep. 1966
The Day All Marriages Were Cancelled
In 1850's Arizona, Charles Poston fills many positions including the ability to perform weddings. After his arrival, Father McCabe declares all marriages invalid. A trial is conducted to settle things.
1 Oct. 1966
Solid Gold Cavity
Sawbuck would give his left arm for a good set of teeth. When he saves a dentist's life on the trail they use some of Sawbuck's gold to make a set. But the two bandits that nearly killed the dentist have other plans for the gold.
1 Oct. 1966
The Resurrection of Deadwood Dick
A local blowhard is causing problems with his tall tales so the town fathers decide to make use of the situation. They create the persona of Deadwood Dick and it works so well that what was once fiction starts to seem like fact.
5 Oct. 1966
Brute Angel
Sheriff McBain leaves home to arrest notorious gunslinger Sam Bolt for murder when he would prefer to see the arrival of his first grandchild. He encounters Pony, an associate of Bolt's, whose life he once saved and gains a needed ally.
6 Oct. 1966
A Sense of Justice
A young Roy Bean rides into 1850's San Diego to visit his brother. Bad blood quickly develops between him and a local with Roy arrested for wounding the man. But is it justice for him to spend ten years in prison?
8 Oct. 1966
The Lady and the Sourdough
Tom does the mining and Rupert the cooking in a partnership, where any profits are split equally. But Rupert becomes suspicious of Tom's behavior, especially concerning neighbor Mrs. Daigle and interest in her farm.
20 Oct. 1966
The Kid from Hell's Kitchen
Billy the Kid sets out to avenge the death of a friend.
27 Oct. 1966
Samaritans, Mountain Style
While serving as scouts for Fremont's expedition, Carson and Godey come across a man who has lost everything in an Indian raid. They face a choice between helping him or moving on with their jobs.
21 Dec. 1966
One Fast Injun
A prospector who continuously loses bets and is subject to ridicule from a barroom crowd; thinks he has discovered salvation by betting on a fast Indian that he spots running near his mine. After winning a few bets and paying an opposing runner to throw a race; he loses again when the opposing runner uses some of his bribe money to pay the fast Indian to throw the race. However, the barroom crowd has a good laugh at his expense and he wins back the friendship that he lost while he was winning.
23 Dec. 1966
The Jolly Roger and Wells Fargo
Robert Louis Stevenson is exploring a deserted mine with his son when they discover a Wells Fargo strongbox.
24 Dec. 1966
The Hero of Apache Pass
After a settler's son is stolen during an Apache raid, an Army doctor leads a small band on a near impossible mission to rescue a group of wounded soldiers and the child.
28 Dec. 1966
The Gypsy
A Gypsy woman has a gift that allows her to see a person's future from a deck of cards. When one man decides to take advantage of her gift he doesn't count on what the cards say about his own future.
29 Dec. 1966
A Calamity Called Jane
After Calamity Jane joins Wild Bill Hicock's show, her uncouth behavior causes Bill to think he made a mistake. When Bill tells her she should act like a lady he soon realizes he made a bigger mistake.
30 Dec. 1966
Doc Holliday's Gold Bars
After a run of bad luck at faro Doc Holliday is in need of working capital. When he meets an investment banker from the east he decides to take advantage of the banker's greed to fund his next game.
26 Feb. 1967
Silver Tombstone
Ed Schieffelin has spent seven long years hoping to strike a bonanza but it always ends in failure. About to quit, he discovers what he believes to be a sure thing and convinces his brother to give up everything and join him.
1 Mar. 1967
The Man Who Didn't Want Gold
Wilson and Winters have had many unproductive years mining when a young stranger arrives looking for a hideout. They lie to a sheriff about his whereabouts, than Redmond uncovers a lucrative gold strike. The race is on to file a claim.
2 Mar. 1967
Halo for a Badman
An ex-convict is hired by Animas City, Colorado's mayor to be their marshal because no one else can stand up to the outlaws that rob every gold shipment that tries to leave town. Some of the gold miners don't trust their new peace officer believing he's in cahoots with the gangs.
3 Mar. 1967
A Wrangler's Last Ride
A former cowhand now prefers to paint the life of the cowboy, which he feels is vanishing. While visiting his childhood home he must decide if using violence to protect that way of life in the face of inevitable progress is justified.
4 Mar. 1967
The Man Who Wouldn't Die
When a group of five men are ambushed by the Comanche, only two escape. But one other of the five men is still alive, and his dying sister's psychic bond with another woman may be his only chance for survival.
18 Mar. 1967
The Saga of Dr. Davis
Dr. William Davis is asked by his current partner Jenny to replace her with young Tad in his magic act. Everything is fine until they need to perform for some rengade Indians.
26 Apr. 1967
Major Horace Bell
Major Bell, an early settler of Los Angeles, comes to the defense of a man who he believes was framed for murder.
28 Apr. 1967
The Day They Stole the Salamander
When a freight line's near impregnable strongbox is stolen by road agents, the proprietor's girlfriend finds her loyalties tested when she discovers her wounded brother is the safecracker for the gang.
3 May 1967
Siege at Amelia's Kitchen
Warren takes an unreasonable dislike to his stepmother after returning to his father's ranch. An attack by rogue Indians leads Warren to have a change of heart.
5 May 1967
Solid Foundation
Prospector Jim Otis is taken hostage by robbers after he stumbles onto their loot.
11 May 1967
Along Came Mariana
After the territory of New Mexico joins the United States, a young woman decides to challenge the peonage system in court when her father's debt forces her into servitude.
21 Jun. 1967
A Man Called Abraham
A man of God living in the desert tries to convince a hardened killer that he could truly change in his heart, no matter his past crimes.

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