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Season 10

2 Oct. 1961
Queen of Spades
Mary Kileen likes the attention of as many men as possible and enjoys it even more when they physically fight over her. But Mary goes too far when someone is killed because of her and she encourages it to happen again.
2 Oct. 1961
Lieutenant Bungle
Lieutenant Ross is known for his inept ways around the fort and gets the nickname Bungle. But when his commanding officer and fellow troopers are trapped by hostile Indians it's up to Ross to save them.
2 Oct. 1961
The Third Passenger
A stray dog arrives in town and becomes loyal to Bill Gentry who is courting Susan Sayres. When her father Lewis is murdered, Bill is suspected, with the only witness being the dog who recalls both past kindnesses and injustices.
2 Oct. 1961
Trial by Fear
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13 Oct. 1961
Alias James Stuart
Jansen's store is robbed by James Stuart and Jansen is knifed. A man is arrested who bears an uncanny resemblance to James Stuart, but the arrestee claims to be Thomas Burdue. Jansen dies before he can identify the robber, and the remainder of this story centers on the trial of the arrestee. Is this man James Stuart or is he Thomas Burdue? Only Mrs. James Stuart knows.
23 Oct. 1961
Storm Over Truckee
Maggie Woolf is taking her father to Truckee, when a storm hits. While taking refuge in an abandoned cabin, they are set upon by two outlaws on the run from a posse.
30 Oct. 1961
The Treasure of Elk Creek Canyon
Stagecoach driver, Abe Williamson, hunts down two outlaws who robbed his stagecoach.
13 Nov. 1961
A Bullet for the D.A.
Belle has settled down to a respectable life but resents people in authority and how her husband is treated. When asked to recreate a famous stage robbery for a celebration Belle plots revenge against Judge Clayton.
4 Dec. 1961
The Watch
Pegarski is mistreated by mine manager Short in part to a rivalry over beautiful Mary Parker. Butae cave in alters the situation with the the better man triumphant as Mary holds vigil for a loved one.
11 Dec. 1961
Miracle at Boot Hill
A stranger arrives in town promising he can resurrect the dead which worries Bill Groat. He realizes if the claim is true his murderous ways will be revealed.
1 Jan. 1962
The Truth Teller
The story of the Medicine Lodge Indian Peace Treaty.
15 Jan. 1962
A Sponge Full of Vinegar
In Totem, Idaho, townspeople have grown tired of Dorsey Bilger (Lloyd Corrigan), a teller of tall tales.
25 Jan. 1962
Experiment in Fear
Whe oulaws kill an Indian elder and steal his horses the agent sends Two Horses after them. But the Navajos are not allowed to be armed so when his quarry captures him, Two Horses must use psychology to reverse the situation.
26 Jan. 1962
Miracle at Whiskey Gulch
Reverend Joel Todd arrives in the wild frontier town of Whiskey Gulch with intentions of making it more civilized. Armed only with a bible he meets opposition from citizens who like the way things are.
29 Jan. 1962
Feud at Dome Rock
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1 Feb. 1962
Preacher with a Past
Notorious outlaw John Wesley Hardin has ended his murderous ways and attempts to start his new life as a minister. No one in town suspects his past, than a member of his old gang arrives and threatens to expose him unless he's paid off.
3 Feb. 1962
Abel Duncan's Dying Wish
Abel Duncan is dying and his last request is for an ordained minister to preside over his funeral. His friends create a touchy situation when both a rabbi and a priest are brought to town with both groups wanting their person to have the honor.
12 Feb. 1962
Matter of Honor
Lieutenant Benson's fiance likes the finer things in life but an army pay isn't enough to provide them. She tries to persuade Benson to sell military secrets in a scheme to get more money. The officer must decide what is more important.
1 Mar. 1962
The Breaking Point
Dave Meiser learns that when it comes to greed there aren't many one can trust. Someone Dave considers a very good friend decides to swindle him out of his share of a potentially lucrative mine.
8 Mar. 1962
Girl with a Gun
An Outlaw claims he is surrendering to the sheriff but at the last second tries to kill with his hidden gun. The sheriff shoots him instead. The outlaw's daughter feels that her father was murdered and joins his old gang bent on revenge.
9 Mar. 1962
Way Station
Jason Barnes takes a job with a railroad with a plan to advance quickly. He romances the company president's daughter Cynthia and plans to marry her until someone else has a different idea for his future.
6 May 1962
The Unshakable Man
The story of Amadeo Gianni and his creating of the Bank of America from a small institution to the largest financial savings in the world. A major focus is surviving the ruin of San Francisco during the 1906 earthquake.
15 May 1962
Showdown at Kamaaina Flats
Jeremy is a crew member on a blackbirding ship thats capture and enslaves native people. He objects to the captain who sends him into the Hawaiian mountains to retrieve escapees. Jeremy finds a way to defy plus redeem himself.
21 May 1962
La Tules
Sante Fe faces an invasion by the American army and it's citizens are heading south for the protection of the Mexican forces. But the strong willed Las Tules makes a case for standing up to the soldiers and refuses to leave.

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