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Season 1

The Big Shakedown
A photograph, with two hoodlums, of a crusading councilman threatens the career of a courageous public official until Craig Kenney conducts some revealing experiments in trick photography. Even Walt Jameson's city editor at the Evening Star has been fooled by the damaging picture. Before justice wins out, however, a striking brunette model pays with her life for her amorous attachment to a clever but unscrupulous photographer.
Dead Right
The weakling nephew of a Texas cattleman attempts to murder Craig Kennedy after he has been framed for an attempted murder and a robbery. Kennedy and his friends, Police Inspector J. J. Burke and Evening Star reporter Walt Jameson, encounter a rough, tough blond beauty, Gertrude Smith, who has social and business affiliations with an unscrupulous night-club operator. Persistent sleuthing gets Kennedy a crack on the head, but also leads to the exoneration of the wayward nephew and the recovery of the stolen $49,000. It also brings a conclusion to a couple of budding ...
The Case of Fleming Lewis
A planned fishing trip turns into a murder mystery when Fleming Lewis, a wealthy chemist, who is host to Craig Kennedy, Walt Jameson, Evening Star reporter, and inspector J. J. Burke, is killed by a bomb. Several suspects, each of whom has a motive for the murder, balk at Kennedy's efforts to solve the crime. But Kennedy's laboratory examinations reveal the murder was accomplished by poison blasted into Lewis' body by fragments of a glass bomb. The killer is trapped when Kennedy, aided by Jameson and Burke, baits a trap for the culprit.
The False Claimant
An amnesia victim, a gardener who hates flowers and green grass, and a million-dollar art collection are part of the plot in this episode featuring the crime-breaking trio of criminologist Craig Kennedy, newspaper reporter Walt Jameson and police inspector J. J. Burke. Kennedy is confronted by Alice Woodwine, a frightened girl seeking his aid,and Kennedy is knocked unconscious by an unseen assailant. The mystery deepens when Kennedy identifies the girl as the wealthy heiress pictured in one of Jameson's news stories. Jameson, ostensibly on an interview assignment, ...
File 1313
Criminologist Craig Kennedy is slugged as he interrupts two intruders who are rifling the files in his office. Kennedy's File 1313, dealing with is investigation of an electronic device, has disappeared. However, a hidden camera reveals that one of the intruders was a woman. Later, a stranger is found dead in the homes of the president of a big electronics company. Evening Star reporter Walt James and Police Inspector J. J. Burke team up with Kennedy to solve the mystery.
Formula for Murder
Criminologist Craig Kennedy, aided by his friends Police Inspector J. J. Burke and Evening Star reporter Walt Jameson, investigate the murder of a friend who was engaged to marry an actress. The friend, Dr. Armstrong, was a famous research doctor and dietitian, engaged to blonde actress Jean Roget but also involved with Wilma Gray, a glamorous brunette. As a counterpoint to the title formula, Kennedy brews his own formula for justice when he proves that professed love can be greed and jealously, and that avarice leads not only to crime, but prison as well.
I Hate Money
Craig Kennedy, famed criminologist, assumes the role of a tramp to investigate the mystery of why an old man prefers to lives in a hobo's shack rather than accept a half-million dollar inheritance. Kennedy's talents are almost lost to criminal science when his is run down by a car, and later almost slugged by a man with a hammer. A girl, Ethel Jardine, is strangled and the benevolent hobo, Emery Jardine, is almost tricked into giving his inheritance to a vicious murderer, Denver Bryant. Aided by rapid-fire police work by Police Inspector J. J. Burke, and physical ...
The Amateur Ghost
A ghost who wasn't a ghost, and two spiritualists come off second-best in a battle of wits with Craig Kennedy, famed criminologist, who finds himself in an uncomfortable position between a gullible matron with a guilt complex, and a racketeering combine with a yen for $200,000 in cash. Walt Jameson, Evening Star reporter, is dismayed when his expose brings a violent reaction not from the racketeers but from one of the intended victims. The mysterious Professor Zachary and the glamorous Princess Henrietta, whose spiritual qualities fail to stack up with her physical ...
1616 Hidden Lane Road
Craig Kennedy, famed criminologist, starts on a mission in a sinister setting of a storm-swept mountain hideaway to save an heir from impending matrimony, but runs head-on into a far more serious situation. Two anti-social nephews of the estate caretaker waste no time in trying to add Kennedy, Evening Star reporter Walt Jameson and Police Inspector J. J. Burke to their list of victims.
The Indian Giver
Craig Kennedy, famed criminologist, with the aid of Police Inspector J. J. Burke and Evening Star reporter Walt Jameson, uncovers a plot to smuggle a revolutionary steel formula out of the country. The mystery begins when an old man is stabbed with a shoemaker's awl, and leads to how did a servant girl acquire $50 pair of shoes and why did a shoemaker's curiosity almost lead to his death. Kennedy's talents for make-up and impersonation help trap a ruthless and desperate criminal.
The Kid Brother
Greed, love and the devotion of a young brother, Butch Moore, highlights an unusual action story revolving around an ordinary young man (Ken Moore)---described as "just a little bit wild"---who associates with hardened criminals. The cooperation of Ken's fiancée, Della Cameron, and the younger brother, coupled with Craig Kennedy's laboratory examination of an apparently innocent letter helps bring an incipient crime career to an end. A heroic act during a gun-battle in an industrial plant leads to the climax.
The Late Corpse
Craig Kennedy's knowledge of minerals and precious stones uncovers a cruel hoax, while taking Kennedy from a desert in Mexico to a lavish penthouse in an American city. Kennedy, Evening Star reporter Walt Jameson and Police Inspector J. J. Burke, work together to overcome one of their most vicious opponents. DEsert tragedy, a bold impersonation, attempted blackmail and murder involve a group of people in a sordid whirlpool of greed before Kennedy's deductions and actions bring about a solution.
The Lonely Hearts Club
Craig Kennedy and his friend, Evening Star reporter Walt Jameson, pose as a couple of seafaring men to save an old man from murder. Kennedy's detective skills pay off as he unravels the mystery of a hoodlum who forces the operator of a lonely-hearts club to furnish him with a groom for a brunette beauty. Kennedy also discovers that glamour and sex appeal, as well as rat poison, can be dangerous tools for a criminal.
Murder Preferred
Craig Kennedy, famed Criminologist, hears the murder shots as a welching gambler makes a telephone appeal that is too late. Kennedy, Evening Star reporter Walt Jameson, and Police Inspector J. J. Burke have two clues---an untraceable telephone call and some apparently illegible doodlings on a page of a phone book. Kennedy uses his training in psychology to translate these hieroglyphics into the thoughts that occupied the mind of the murdered man in his last living moments. Miss Thompson, a cleaning shop clerk who "doesn't have anything to do with gamblers and bookies,...
Murder on Stage 9
Murder is performed before the eyes of a dozen witnesses on a Hollywood motion-picture set when a killer switches a real gun for a prop gun during the filming of a dramatic sequence. Walt Jameson, Evening Star reporter, with a nose for news and eye for beauty---both blonde and brunette---is on the set when the murder occurs. James calls Craig Kennedy, Criminologist, and Police Inspector J. J. Burke, who become involved in a game of wits and another murder attempt when they order the killing scene re-enacted. Jameson's routine interview turns into a sensational scoop ...
The Strange Destiny
A phony doctor, a notorious smuggler, and a sultry secretary combine their talents to outwit U. S. Customs officials. Walt Jameson, Evening Star reporter, finds the corpse of a famous dancer in a New York City hotel room. He proceeds to get his scoop when Craig Kennedy, famed Criminologist, examines a plaster cast in his laboratory and discovers that the clever criminals have used this device in their smuggling racket. U.S. taxpayers are spared the customary legal expenses when the crooks fall out under the pressure of Kennedy's pursuit. One is shot in a rooftop gun ...
The Trap
Criminologist Craig Kennedy poses as a tramp to solve a jewel theft. The story centers on a jewel theft and the character weakness of a two-timing wife. Police Inspector J. J. Burke loses a clue when he is slugged by an unseen assailant, and reaches a tense climax when the same character, exposed by Kennedy, attempts to plant a knife blade between Kennedy's ribs. Moral of episode being that even clever criminal are out-witted, out-maneuvered, and out-ought when they run head-on into Kennedy, Inspector Burke and Evening Star reporter Walt Jameson.
The Mummy's Secret
A group of weird sideshow mummies, or "living dead", are the center of interest in a bizarre carnival setting. In a holiday mood, Craig Kennedy, Criminologist, Police Inspector J. J. Burke and Evening Star reporter Walt Jameson, attend the carnival and take in the midway sights. And find mystery, danger and suspense. Kennedy, who himself had been attacked by a vengeful escaped convict, save Reva, a glamorous dancing girl, from death at the hands of a strangler. Then his trained perceptions uncover a fraud in the sideshow display, and a strategically-placed tape ...
The Secret Will
A would-be murderer demands payment for killing a victim who is still very much alive, while criminologist Craig Kennedy unravels the mystery of a criminal who hunts his victims with a bow-and-arrow. Aided by Police Inspector J. J. Burke and Evening Star reporter Walt Jameson, Kennedy breaks up a wedding, rescues a kidnap victim, and reveals to the loyal-but-naive housekeeper, the source of "voices" which has been misguiding her activities. Along the way, Kennedy and the forces of law get an assist from the criminals themselves, who liquidate one of their own gang in ...
Murder on a Million
An elderly inventor falls wounded at the door to Craig Kennedy's criminologist laboratory and, a short while later, Police Inspector J. J. Burke finds the wounded man's partner shot to death in his palatial home. Cross trails of evidence point toward several suspects and Kennedy unravels the mystery, and is almost murdered himself when he discovers the killer's desperate ruse to free himself from suspicion. The identity of the killer provides a surprise when Kennedy's deductions and quick actions, aided by support from Inspector Burke and Evenening Star reporter Walt ...
The Vanisher
When a notorious gangster is killed by a rival hoodlum Craig Kennedy assumes the murdered-man's identity in order the trap the killer. Kenney and his friends, Police Inspector J. J. Burke and Evening Star reporter Walt Jameson. discover that glamour---in this case, supported by a brunette singer---is sometimes a mask for evil. Solution of the mystery brings to an end a nation-wide auto-theft racket. It also closes out the careers of three would-be entrepreneurs in crime.
There's Money in It
Evening Star reporter Walt Jameson, eager to come up with a scoop for his grumpy city editor, almost gets a sword through his throat for his efforts. Craig Kennedy, Police Inspector J. J. Burke and Jameson, match wits with a clever gang who attempt to pass off some glass beads as the famous Von Anton diamond necklace. Kennedy poses as a highly-efficient English butler, and uses a thread to discover a secret panel entrance to a hidden room. He then proves himself adept at swordsmanship when the crooks discover his true identity. Inspector Burke hauls in two ...
The Golden Dagger
Strange hieroglyphics on a golden dagger provide a clue for murder when Craig Kennedy, criminologist, is called upon to translate the markings on an evil-omen-ed blade. Kennedy, along with Police Inspector J. J. Burke and Evening Star reporter Walt Jameson, is drawn into a bizarre mystery when a collector of antiques is shot to death. Kenney turns a slight clue into a trap for the cold-blooded killer when his examination of the drapes in the murdered man's library leads to the identification of the killer, who had built an air-tight thread of evidence against an ...
Tall, Dark and Dead
A well-known stage star is shot at when he approaches the front door of Craig Kennedy's laboratory. Later, the actor is murdered in his backstage dressing room, and Kennedy, aided by Police Inspector J. J. Burke and Evening Star reporter Walt James, is drawn into one of his most bizarre adventures. Blamour, sex and publicity motivate the mystery, played before an intriguing background of Oriental stage-settings and theatrical backdrops. Passions, bot homicidal and amorous, almost lead to Kennedy's death at the hands of the killer.

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