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Followed by 

Ozzie's Girls (1973) (TV Series)

Edited into 

Heavy Petting (1989)

Referenced in 

What's My Line?: Episode dated 27 May 1956 (1956) (TV Episode)
Moderator John Daly mentions the show after Ozzie and Harriet's mystery guest identity is revealed.
You Bet Your Life: Episode #9.38 (1959) (TV Episode)
Crash Corrigan mentions that his wife, Elaine DuPont, appears in the series.
I've Got a Secret: Episode dated 21 May 1962 (1962) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by guest Arlene Francis during her segment.
The Patty Duke Show: Patty Meets the Great Outdoors (1965) (TV Episode)
Natalie refers to Richard's parents as Ozzie and Harriet.
The Weird World of Weird (1970) (TV Movie)
"Ozzie & Harriet" is mentioned by the narrator.
Mary Tyler Moore: It Was Fascination, I Know (1972) (TV Episode)
Ted describes a relevant episode of this series.
American Graffiti (1973)
Curt watches the show on a TV set in a store window.
Sanford and Son: Home Sweet Home (1974) (TV Episode)
Fred mentions this iconic television couple.
Sanford and Son: The Masquerade Party (1975) (TV Episode)
Fred compares Ozzie and Ricky to he and Lamont.
Lifeguard (1976)
Rick mentions Ozzie and Harriet by name
Grease Day USA (1978) (TV Movie)
John Byner jokes about the show.
Lou Grant: Hooker (1978) (TV Episode)
Title referenced by Patti
Saturday Night Live: Ricky Nelson/Judy Collins (1979) (TV Episode)
Characters appear in Twilight Zone sketch
Stockard Channing in Just Friends: Invasion of the Body Grabber (1979) (TV Episode)
Victoria mentions the show.
Saturday Night Live: Ellen Burstyn/Aretha Franklin/Keith Sykes (1980) (TV Episode)
Title referenced during Weekend Update
Mork & Mindy: Mindy and Mork (1981) (TV Episode)
"In one day he went from being Ozzie to Harriet." - Mindy referring to Mork
Fame: Homecoming (1982) (TV Episode)
Doris mentions Ozzie Nelson to her father
The A-Team: Say It with Bullets (1984) (TV Episode)
Murdock pretends to be in an episode of 'Ozzie and Murdock'
Night Court: Walk, Don't Wheel (1985) (TV Episode)
"Your Honor, while the people sympathize with the plight of Ozzy and his brood here..."
Rate It X (1986)
"Ozzie and Harriet's Son" is visible on a magazine cover.
Light of Day (1987)
Raising Arizona (1987)
H. I. says of his relationship with Ed, "It ain't Ozzie and Harriet".
Hunter: Night on Bald Mountain (1987) (TV Episode)
mentioned by name
T.V. Sphincter (1987) (Video)
This show is referenced in an ABC commercial.
ALF: I'm Your Puppet (1988) (TV Episode)
Paul suggests replacing Kate and Willie with Ozzie and Harriet.
Beetlejuice (1988)
Running on Empty (1988)
Lorna sarcastically asks Danny if his parents are Ozzie Nelson and Harriet Nelson.
Full House: Tanner vs. Gibbler (1988) (TV Episode)
Jesse and Joey refer to each other as Ozzie and Harriet.
Day by Day: Won't You Be My Neighbor? (1988) (TV Episode)
Eileen references the show.
China Beach: Psywars (1989) (TV Episode)
Frankie refers to the series.
Muppet Babies: Muppet Babies: The Next Generation (1990) (TV Episode)
When the "Jetsons" theme tune malfunctions, it briefly sings "Meet the Nelsons
Law & Order: The Serpent's Tooth (1991) (TV Episode)
Cragen mentions this show
Married with Children: Buck Has a Belly Ache (1991) (TV Episode)
Al calls the other family members "Harriet, Ricky, David".
Designing Women: Screaming Passages (1992) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by name.
Married with Children: It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This (1993) (TV Episode)
When Al wonders why he never had a bed of his own, he says: "Ozzie had his own bed."
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Village of the Giants (1994) (TV Episode)
Tom (noting Mike & Nancy): Ozzie & Harriet, after dark. (growls)
Melrose Place: Psycho-Therapy (1994) (TV Episode)
Ozzie and Harriet mentioned
North (1994)
the members of the Nelson family are named after characters from classic family television shows (the last name of Nelson is named after Ozzie and Harriet Nelson)
Crumb (1994)
Casino (1995)
Sam says he and Ginger presented Nicky and Jennifer all over town, "like regular Ozzie and Harriets".
ER: The Secret Sharer (1995) (TV Episode)
"Ozzie and Harriet" mentioned
Biography: Mary Tyler Moore: All American-Girl (1995) (1995) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by name and a commercial with Mary is shown.
Justice for Annie: A Moment of Truth Movie (1996) (TV Movie)
Detective McAdams tells Carol that the Prestons put on the pretense of being like Ozzie and Harriet.
NYPD Blue: Hollie and the Blowfish (1996) (TV Episode)
Quote: "This ain't Ozzie and Harriet"
Picket Fences: Bye-Bye, Bey-Bey (1996) (TV Episode)
Jimmy tells Jill at home, "Long way from Ozzie and Harriet. Long way."
Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996) (Video)
As the Genie contiunous punches the turtle like a boxer, he duplicates himself as sports commentator, saying he has him several "nelsons" including "the dreaded Ozzie Nelson", after which the Genie also turns into Ozzie
ER: Fathers and Sons (1997) (TV Episode)
Open reference by a character
That '70s Show: Drive in (1998) (TV Episode)
Hyde refers to Fez's host parents as Ozzie and Harriet.
The Red Green Show: College Life (1998) (TV Episode)
When Harold says he has found a new girlfriend named Harriet, Red replies, "Oh, like Ozzie and Harriet."
Outside Providence (1999)
Old Man Delphy tells his son that "It ain't easy being Ozzy if you don't have a Harriet" referring to his deceased wife.
Ricky Nelson: Original Teen Idol (1999) (TV Movie)
stage set recreated in movie
Fight Club (1999)
mentioned in dialogue
The Sopranos: Big Girls Don't Cry (2000) (TV Episode)
Sarcastic reference is made to TV's happiest married couple.
Whose Line Is It Anyway?: Show No. 238 (2000) (TV Episode)
During "Greatest Hits", Ryan says, "Ozzie and Harriet couldn't have been prouder."
My Wasted Life (2000) (TV Movie)
Referenced by name
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: Beach Blanket Bizarro (2001) (TV Episode)
Aaron Carter says to Kevin, "Gosh! You look like Ricky Nelson"
7th Heaven: It's Not Always About You (2003) (TV Episode)
Annie jokingly compares Eric to Ozzie Nelson.
The Whole Ten Yards (2004)
Ca. 70 minutes into the film Os jokingly calls Jimmy and Jill by the names of the two protagonists of the old show.
NCIS: The Good Wives Club (2004) (TV Episode)
Tony is watching an episode of Ozzie & Harriet on the suspect's TV. Tony comments on the show: "Married for 14 years, 435 episodes" and says that he owns the "Best of" boxed set. The show and Ozzie Nelson are mentioned twice more during this episode.
Penn & Teller: Bullshit!: Family Values (2005) (TV Episode)
Penn argues family life being akin to Ozzie and Harriet.
Weeds: Suburban Shakedown (2005) (TV Short)
mentioned once
ER: No Place to Hide (2006) (TV Episode)
Abby tells Luka that he probably grew up like "Ozzie & Harriet"
The Cinema Snob: Impulse, Starring William Shatner! (2007) (TV Episode)
"She makes Bart Simpson look like the spawn of Ozzie & Harriet"
Supernatural: A Very Supernatural Christmas (2007) (TV Episode)
Dean mentions Ozzie and Harriet
The O'Reilly Factor: Episode dated 16 May 2008 (2008) (TV Episode)
This TV show is referenced during the interview with Barbara Billingsley.
Supernatural: Sex and Violence (2009) (TV Episode)
Dean mentions Ozzie & Harriet to describe a couple.
Sons of Anarchy: Balm (2009) (TV Episode)
Stahl calls Jax and Tara "Ozzie & Harriet"
And Everything Is Going Fine (2010)
Life Unexpected: Family Therapized (2010) (TV Episode)
When a caller on their radio show mentions considering twin beds, Cate says those worked for Ozzie and Harriet.
Jeopardy!: Episode #26.159 (2010) (TV Episode)
Subject of a $400 clue in the category "Before & After"
What's My Car Worth?: Two Decades of Horsepower (2010) (TV Episode)
Series is referenced when an appraiser mentions Ozzie, Harriet, David, and Ricky and their 1951 Hornet Hudson convertible when appraising a car of the same year, make, and model.
The Closer: Jump the Gun (2010) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Making the Boys (2011)
Terrence McNally mentions Ozzie & Harriet on screen.
Mad Men: Tea Leaves (2012) (TV Episode)
Ozzie and Harriet mentioned
Any Day Now (2012)
Mentioned in dialogue
Shameless: Cascading Failures (2013) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Person of Interest: RAM (2014) (TV Episode)
Dillinger refers to Reese and Stanton as "Ozzie and Harriet"
Grandma (2015)
Elle calls the couple in the coffee shop this.
Fargo: Rhinoceros (2015) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Simone Gerhardt.

Featured in 

The Movie Orgy (1968)
Clips of the family's introduction and of a party at their home
Drive-In (1976)
It's seen on a small TV in a van, and one of the characters mentions David and Ricky
Twist (1992)
TV's Funniest Families (1994) (TV Movie)
Three Wishes (1995)
America's Teenagers Growing Up on Television (1998) (TV Movie)
clips from the show are used here
Pleasantville (1998)
A clip from the opening credits is shown.
Influences: From Yesterday to Today (1999) (TV Movie)
clips from this show are used in this special
My Wasted Life (2000) (TV Movie)
A clip is shown
ABC's 50th Anniversary Celebration (2003) (TV Special)
A clip from this show appears.
Starkweather (2004)
Audio excerpts are heard as Charles and Caril-Ann sit down to watch it after killing her family
Class Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class (2005) (Video)
early working class depiction
The Wrecking Crew! (2008)
Clip of Rick Nelson singing "Fools Rush In".

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