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6 Jan. 1960
Ozzie Keeps a Secret
The parents of a girl that Rick is dating ask Ozzie & Harriet for their help in planning a surprise birthday party for their daughter. Ozzie originally intends to tell Rick but suddenly has a change of heart about telling him.
20 Jan. 1960
Dave's Car Payments
David panics when he gets a letter informing him that he's missed a series of car payments and his car could be repossessed.
27 Jan. 1960
The Circus
David's boss assigns him the difficult task of serving a summons upon the father of a girl that he's interested in getting to know better.
9 Mar. 1960
Dave Goofs Off
David has never met his other boss, senior partner Mr. Kelley, who is back in town. David wants to make a good first-impression, but no matter how hard he tries, a comedy of errors seems to have "pink slip" written all over it.
16 Mar. 1960
Magic Dishes
Mystifying events occur after Ozzie and his friends make fun of a romantic story attached to a set of heirloom dishes once owned by Harriet's great-grandmother.
6 Apr. 1960
The T-Shirts
One of the founders of the Men's Club is returning to town and Ozzie's in charge of getting T-shirts welcoming him back. He becomes stuck with 31 shirts saying "Welcome Back Skinny" because the guys think the nickname is undignified for a man who's made it big and isn't skinny anymore.
4 May 1960
Dave and the Schoolteacher
David strikes up a relationship with an old elementary school classmate, who has now grown up to be a beautiful elementary school teacher.
18 May 1960
Forgotten Promise
Ozzie and Joe try to duck out on a promise they made to their wives that they would attend an upcoming lecture with them.
8 Jun. 1960
No News for Harriet
Harriet has been hearing neighborhood news and gossip through the grapevine when she could be hearing it first from Ozzie, so she asks him to keep her more abreast of what he learns when he's out and about.
15 Jun. 1960
Weekend Vacation
Ozzie & Harriet make plans to go to the lodge at the lake, for the weekend. Harriet happens to mention this to Clara Randolph, who thinks it would be a great idea if she and Joe came along.
5 Oct. 1960
David Gets Discouraged
After Dave's boss, Mr. Kelley, asks him to do several menial tasks, Dave feels like he's not getting anywhere in the law profession, so he considers quitting his job and entering the advertising field.
12 Oct. 1960
Ozzie, the Boat-Keeper
Joe Randolph buys a new boat without telling his wife. He then makes Ozzie cover for him, until he summons up the courage to tell Clara about the boat.
19 Oct. 1960
His Brother's Girl
Dave falls for Rick's girlfriend, Jane, and the feeling is mutual. Dave invites Jane to a dance and can't decide how to break the news to his brother.
2 Nov. 1960
The Table and the Painting
Ozzie admires a table built by Joe Randolph, so Joe gives it to him. Ozzie then feels compelled to give an old picture he painted to Joe. Both friends suspect each others motives.
9 Nov. 1960
A Sweater for Rick
Rick's girlfriend is secretly knitting him a sweater. When she turns down several dates to work on the project he begins to date another girl, who also knits him a sweater. Now Rick has two sweaters and two girlfriends to juggle.
16 Nov. 1960
A Friend in Need
Ozzie begins to question whether he can count on his friends when the chips are down.
23 Nov. 1960
David's Almost In-Laws
When Ozzie and Harriet are invited to Dave's girlfriend's house for dinner, they assume that the two youngsters are about to announce their engagement.
30 Nov. 1960
David Hires a Secretary
When Mr Kelley's secretary goes on vacation, Dave is assigned the task of hiring a temporary replacement.
7 Dec. 1960
A Lawnmower for Ozzie
Ozzie and Rick break into the Randolph's garage to retrieve the lawnmower that Joe borrowed but never returned.
14 Dec. 1960
Girl in the Emporium
Ricky and Wally notice a pretty sales clerk in a store and try to get jobs for the Christmas shopping rush in the same department.
21 Dec. 1960
A Piano for the Fraternity
David and Rick's fraternity tries to find an affordable piano to use for their upcoming Christmas party. The brothers are just about to give up when they meet the Stewarts who offer them their old, but serviceable, upright piano. The boys find a sheaf of Christmas carols in the piano stool and convince their fraternity brothers to invite all their parents to the party - and the Stewarts, too - for an evening of Christmas carols, dance and punch.
28 Dec. 1960
Rick Counts the Ballots
Rick is in charge of the committee counting the votes to elect a new Prom Queen. His girlfriend is among the candidates, and Rick does his best to keep the winner's identity a secret from her and everyone else until the prom.

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