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1 Jan. 1958
The Trophy
The Nelsons compete against other neighborhood families in the Men's Club picnic decathlon.
8 Jan. 1958
The Road Race
Ozzie fixes up an old-time car so he can enter a race against a modern hotrod. Will it be another race of the tortoise versus the hare?
15 Jan. 1958
David and the Stewardess
Dave meets a beautiful blonde stewardess on a flight, but constant interruptions and chance run-ins with one of the airline's pilots prevent them from having time alone on several attempted dates.
22 Jan. 1958
Picture in Rick's Notebook
After an 8x10 photo of a beautiful mystery girl falls out of Rick's notebook, he tries to find out who she is. He wants a date with her.
29 Jan. 1958
Harriet's Dancing Partner
Harriet goes dancing with an old dancing partner, while a nervous Ozzie stays home and plays poker with the guys.
19 Feb. 1958
Who Is Betty?
Ricky tries to secretly juggle three dates with three girls named Betty at the "Girls Asks Boy" Dance.
26 Feb. 1958
Old Band Pavilion
Ozzie spearheads a campaign to bring back live band music to the park pavilion.
5 Mar. 1958
Practical Joker
Ozzie and Darby wager on whether Darby can pull a practical joke on Ozzie within one week. With just one day left to go, Ozzie has is guard up, and he decides to attempt to play a practical joke on Darby.
12 Mar. 1958
Scavenger Hunt
Ozzie, Darby, Doc, and Joe challenge their wives to a scavenger hunt, in order to determine which is the smarter sex.
26 Mar. 1958
The Closed Circuit
Joe Randolph and Ozzie play a prank on their wives. It backfires, of course.
2 Apr. 1958
Top Gun
Ozzie tries to win a tepee for the neighborhood kids, by entering a contest to outdraw cowboy and western TV star Tex Barton.
9 Apr. 1958
Record Trout
Ozzie & Darby both claim they caught a large record making trout for the Men's Club, while fishing. This problem is made worse after they take the fish to the taxidermist.
16 Apr. 1958
The Bachelor
Ozzie and Harriet play Cupid in their effort to get their actor-friend, inveterate bachelor John Archer, married.
14 May 1958
Rick's Chemistry Grade
Oz runs into a teacher that informs him that if his son doesn't pick up his work in chemistry, he'll get a failing grade, so he high pressures Rick into studying harder, and forgoing his social life.
21 May 1958
The Magic of Three
Ozzie, Darby, Doc, and Butch are scheduled to be singing waiters at the Women's Club luncheon. Darby makes a bet with a nervous Ozzie that Ozzie won't make it through the event without breaking something.
4 Jun. 1958
Ozzie and the Bridge Group
Ozzie's new neighbor causes him to reassess what he does with his leisure time. He gives up bridge and tries golf, painting, horseback riding and going to the fights and finds he doesn't enjoy any of these pastimes.
11 Jun. 1958
A Cruise for Harriet
When Ozzie announces he will take a week off from work and go on a fishing trip, Harriet decides to go on an ocean cruise by herself.
15 Oct. 1958
A Surprise for Clara
Ozzie's birthday is on Saturday, it's also the Randolph's 25th anniversary on Monday. Joe wants to redecorate their home as a present for Clara. He asks Ozzie's help on how to get Clara to go to her Mother's for the weekend.
22 Oct. 1958
The Pony
Ozzie unknowingly wins a pony in a contest which makes him very popular with the neighborhood children.
5 Nov. 1958
Ozzie's Daughters
Ozzie and Harriet take in two teenage girls, while Dave and Rick temporarily stay elsewhere. Ozzie gets in a panic when his two "daughters" go missing, while on a late-night date with Dave and Rick.
19 Nov. 1958
Rick's Riding Lesson
Wally, Rick and Dave decide to go horseback riding. When Rick spots a beautiful young instructor he pretends to be a novice and offers to exchange guitar lessons for riding lessons.
10 Dec. 1958
The Motorcycle
Dave is considering buying a used motorcycle, and Harriet wants Ozzie to talk him out of it.
24 Dec. 1958
The Runaways
Ozzie discovers two small children hiding in the backseat of his car.

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