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Season 7

15 Oct. 1958
A Surprise for Clara
Ozzie's birthday is on Saturday, it's also the Randolph's 25th anniversary on Monday. Joe wants to redecorate their home as a present for Clara. He asks Ozzie's help on how to get Clara to go to her Mother's for the weekend.
22 Oct. 1958
The Pony
Ozzie unknowingly wins a pony in a contest which makes him very popular with the neighborhood children.
5 Nov. 1958
Ozzie's Daughters
Ozzie and Harriet take in two teenage girls, while Dave and Rick temporarily stay elsewhere. Ozzie gets in a panic when his two "daughters" go missing, while on a late-night date with Dave and Rick.
12 Nov. 1958
Ozzie Spills the Beans
The Men's club decides to put on a bean counting contest-and Ozzie gets stuck with the task of actually counting the exact number of beans to go in a large jar. Numerous problems arise including interference from Darby, Doc and Joe that make him recount over and over. When it comes time to pick the winner, Oz forgets the exact count.
19 Nov. 1958
Rick's Riding Lesson
Wally, Rick and Dave decide to go horseback riding. When Rick spots a beautiful young instructor he pretends to be a novice and offers to exchange guitar lessons for riding lessons.
10 Dec. 1958
The Motorcycle
Dave is considering buying a used motorcycle, and Harriet wants Ozzie to talk him out of it.
24 Dec. 1958
The Runaways
Ozzie discovers two small children hiding in the backseat of his car.
21 Jan. 1959
Rick's Dinner Guests
Rick is expecting his new girlfriend and her parents over for dinner, but Ozzie fouls things up by mistakenly telling Rick that dinner is at the girlfriend's house, instead. Meanwhile, Harriet goes to the movies, and Ozzie invites his buddies over for a poker game, leaving Rick stuck in the middle.
28 Jan. 1959
Ozzie and the Space Age
When the Bijou Theater offers $1,000 to anyone who can get a picture of a flying saucer, Ozzie decides to have some fun and fake a photograph, but soon learns that his photo may be real.
4 Feb. 1959
Jealous Joe Randolph
Clara asks Ozzie to help her select a fishing rod for her husband's birthday, but their secret rendezvous causes Joe suspects his wife of infidelity.
25 Feb. 1959
Newspaper Interview
Darby thinks Ozzie is jealous because he was selected "Neighbor of the Week" and has his picture in the town newspaper.
4 Mar. 1959
The Exploding Book
Dave and Wally are both dating the same young lady. Dave is invited to the girl's birthday party, but accidentally picks up the box with the wrong gift - a book that will explode when opened.
25 Mar. 1959
Ricky, the Bullfighter
Ricky gets interested in a lovely Señorita, an exchange student from Spain. He decides to impress her by learning some bullfighting, even using a practice dummy "Bull" in the backyard. Ozzie has a nightmare where he's a corner man to Matador Rick in a bullfighting stadium.
1 Apr. 1959
After Ozzie and Harriet attend a lecture on the topic of 'Togetherness', the Nelsons decide to do more things together as a family.
15 Apr. 1959
The Treasurer's Son
The fraternity is unhappy with Wally's performance as their treasurer, and when Rick opens his mouth at the wrong time, he gets railroaded into taking over the duties. When the fraternity decides to rent the Men's Club for their dance, Ozzie, the treasurer of the club, winds up going through some sticky negotiations with his son, Rick, who is the fraternity's treasurer.
13 May 1959
The Little Black Box
Harriet and Clara bet their husbands that men have more curiosity than women. To prove their point, they put a lock on a box and bet the men that they'll force open the box to learn its contents before the weekend.
20 May 1959
The Buckingham
David & Ricky buy an old English car, a Buckingham. Although they enjoy it at first, the upkeep of the car winds up costing them more than they can afford.
17 Jun. 1959
Ozzie Plans a Surprise
After learning from his two sons that he talks in his sleep, Ozzie worries he'll reveal Harriet's upcoming birthday surprise. He takes unusual measures to prevent this from happening.

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