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Season 5

10 Oct. 1956
Captain Salty and the Submarine
Ozzie is curious as to how a certain toy submarine works, so he sends in 6 Salty root beer bottle caps plus 50 cents to a cartoon television program, in order to obtain one. As usual, the results are unexpected.
24 Oct. 1956
Christmas in October
David is taking art and after he brings home a Christmas scene he painted, his parents are impressed. Ozzie and Harriet decide to make it their Christmas card.
31 Oct. 1956
The Banjo Player
The rocking jazz band that Ricky plays drums in gets their first job playing at a sorority dance. Ozzie thinks they would sound much better with a banjo, so he tries to horn in on the act.
14 Nov. 1956
Pool Table
Ozzie goes to the store to buy filing cabinets for the boys' bedroom - and comes home with a pool table, instead.
21 Nov. 1956
David Picks Up the Tab
David treats his parents and date to dinner at an upscale restaurant, but it's possible he may not have enough money to cover the tab.
5 Dec. 1956
Ricky's Car
Ozzie makes a deal with Ricky that he will pay half of a car's price so his son plans to get a job. But Ozzie's involvement complicates matters for both Ricky and his friend Pete, leading to a solution that satisfies everyone but Ozzie.
12 Dec. 1956
A Doctor in the House
The Nelsons put Doc Williams up at their house for a few days. Ozzie becomes paranoid that the doctor is plotting to remove his tonsils against his will.
19 Dec. 1956
The Busy Christmas
Ozzie volunteers for so many Christmas committees that he has little time to do his Christmas shopping, hang the Christmas lights or buy a Christmas tree.
26 Dec. 1956
The Day After Christmas
Feeling nostalgic on the day after Christmas, Ozzie is determined to take the family ice skating up at the lake.
2 Jan. 1957
Ozzie's Double
A stranger with a British accent is passing through town, and he looks exactly like Ozzie. It's bad enough that he's been seen about town with an attractive young redhead - he's a wanted pickpocket, too.
9 Jan. 1957
Hairstyle for Harriet
Ozzie becomes quite anxious, when Harriet goes to a beauty parlor to get a new look.
16 Jan. 1957
The Puppy
Ozzie and the boys surprise Harriet with a Beagle puppy on her birthday, but the puppy has a surprise of his own for all of them.
30 Jan. 1957
Like Father, Like Son
A series of coincidences start around the Nelson household, starting with David telling his parents that he has just started dating a girl, whose name just happens to be Harriet.
6 Feb. 1957
The Duenna
David invites a pretty Spanish girl to a dance knowing she doesn't speak a word of English, but doesn't count on her bringing her duenna as a chaperon.
13 Feb. 1957
Hot Dog Stand
David, Wally, and Chuck take over management of the campus hot dog stand.
20 Feb. 1957
The Reading Room
It's lonely at the top. That's because Harriet converted some upstairs space into a reading room for Ozzie. Now he feels left out of family activities - mainly watching TV.
6 Mar. 1957
The Clubhouse
The Tigers are planning on building a clubhouse and Ozzie unwittingly volunteers to let them build it in his backyard.
13 Mar. 1957
The Jet Pilot
Ozzie gets a chance to fly in a jet fighter plane.
27 Mar. 1957
The Editor
Harriet is elected editor of the Woman's Club News. Ozzie gets involved, and things go awry.
3 Apr. 1957
Hawaiian Party
Ozzie, Harriet, David and Ricky attend a Hawaiian luau.
10 Apr. 1957
Ricky, the Drummer
The Tommy Jackson Band is coming to town, and Ricky dreams of sitting in on drums.
1 May 1957
Ozzie, the Treasurer
Ozzie has been treasurer of the men's lodge for the past three years, which is two years too many as far as he is concerned. Now he is balancing the books for the next elected treasurer.
19 Jun. 1957
Taking Care of Freddy
Oz agrees to babysit a small boy's pet named Freddie, but he misunderstands just what sort of pet Freddie is.
26 Jun. 1957
The Loan
Ozzie and Darby are furious with each other over the matter of a questionable ten-dollar debt.

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