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Season 14

15 Sep. 1965
Tangled Web
It's becomes a tangled web, indeed, after Clara tries to impress an old friend by fooling her into believing Ozzie is her husband.
22 Sep. 1965
A Rose a Day
A rose a day from a secret admirer is being delivered to Harriet, and it's driving Ozzie crazy trying to find out who it is.
29 Sep. 1965
Kris & the Queen
Once again, Wally and Ginger are on the outs, so Kris and Rick help to set him up on a date to the dance with the Prom Queen in hopes of making Ginger jealous.
6 Oct. 1965
Helpful June
June is bored being a housewife and jumps at the chance to help Dave at his office. A misunderstanding at lunch, has June tailing a client of the law firm Dave works at. It gets really confusing when Harriet and Ozzie get involved.
13 Oct. 1965
The Prowler
While hiding out from the Randolphs, Ozzie is mistaken for a prowler in his own home.
20 Oct. 1965
The Nelsons Revisited
When Ozzie laments that since Dave and Rick are married, he never sees much of their school friends any more. The boys go around hinting this fact, and soon the Nelsons have lots of visitors. Wally invites them to chaperon a Frat house party, but they misinterpret it as a request to throw a party of their own.
27 Oct. 1965
Secret Passage
Rick and his fraternity brothers use a secret tunnel in a scheme to retaliate against the Betas, who stole their blue moose head.
3 Nov. 1965
Wally, the Author
The Nelsons and Rick's fraternity brothers panic when they learn that Wally has included embarrassing tidbits about all of them in a book he is trying to sell to a publisher.
10 Nov. 1965
A Message from Kris
Kris has left an important message for Rick. The trouble is, Wally has torn it into six pieces to use as paper to write IOUs, which he has issued to several fraternity brothers. Rick now has to hunt them down, redeeming them along the way.
17 Nov. 1965
Flying Down to Lunch
Harriet and Clara accuse Ozzie and Joe of being set in their ways and never doing anything different. So when a friend of Joe offers to take them along on an errand, by airplane, the boys decide to go with him and have lunch in Mexico.
24 Nov. 1965
The Equestrian
Rick and Kris buy a horse they can't afford.
1 Dec. 1965
Dave, the Worrier
June talks Dave into taking some time off. Dave leaves Rick in charge of the office and he and June head up to a cabin on the lake for a few days. But Dave can't relax and worries that Rick might not be able to handle things by himself.
8 Dec. 1965
The Ghost Town
Ozzie and Harriet unexpectedly wind up spending the night in a ghost town.
15 Dec. 1965
David Picks a Pie
June has volunteered Dave's services as a pie taster on a TV show - and he'd better be able to pick out his wife's pie.
5 Jan. 1966
Kris, the Little Helper
Kris is worn out from doing favors for Rick and his fraternity brothers.
12 Jan. 1966
The Sheik of Araby
Dave and June are chosen to entertain a prince and one of his wives. Ozzie and Harriet offer to host the party at their house, but when the Sheik fails to arrive, the Nelsons come up with a last minute substitute.
22 Jan. 1966
Wally's Traffic Ticket
Wally hires Dave to defend him against a traffic ticket charge.
29 Jan. 1966
An Honor for Oz
In return for all that he has done for them, The Tigers Club (ten neighborhood boys) give Ozzie a gift: a sporty hat that he hates, and the boys continually pester him to see if he is wearing it.
12 Feb. 1966
Ozzie wants to show up his neighbor Joe, so he asks Kris to teach him the steps and moves to the latest dance craze.
19 Feb. 1966
Trip Trap
With Harriet's help, June tries to trap Dave into taking a trip to Hawaii, and with the help of Ozzie, Rick, and Wally, Dave tries not to trip into her trap.
26 Feb. 1966
Waiting for Joe
Joe is consistently late which really irritates Ozzie. A picnic at the lake, planned for the next day, starts with both couples leaving together and ends with the Nelson's and the Randolph's coming back home at different times.
5 Mar. 1966
Rick's Assistant
Dave hires Joel, a bright nine-year-old boy, as Rick's law clerk assistant, which soon threatens to put Rick out of a job.
12 Mar. 1966
Dave's Other Office
The sprinkler system in Dave's law office springs a major leak, so he is forced to work at home. The trouble is, it's impossible to get any work done with June around.
19 Mar. 1966
Ozzie, the Babysitter
Ozzie reluctantly takes care of little Joel Harvey when his parents cannot find another sitter. Ozzie then breaks a slot car set that was supposed to be a surprise for Joel's birthday. With help from Harriet, Dave, and Thorny, Ozzie secretly replaces the toy.
26 Mar. 1966
The Game Room
Ozzie and Harriet desire to convert the boys old bedroom into something else. Harriet suggests a guest bedroom, but Ozzie secretly wants to buy a used pool table and convert the space into a game room.

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