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The Vacation
Bud worries that Mr. Fields will rent their apartment while they're on vacation.
2 Jan. 1953
The Birthday Party
Lou invites Mr. Fields to his birthday party, but Bud winds up kicking Lou out of his own party.
9 Jan. 1953
Lou's uncle in Alaska discovers a gold mine, so Bud and Lou prepare to head up there to see if they can cash in on it.
16 Jan. 1953
The Vacuum Cleaner Salesman
Lou tries selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door.
23 Jan. 1953
The Army Story
The boys join the reserves.
3 Oct. 1958
Pots and Pans
Lou tries selling pots and pans door-to-door.
6 Feb. 1953
The Charity Bazaar
Lou spends most of his money at the kissing booth.
13 Feb. 1953
The Western Story
Hillary invites the boys to her uncle's dude ranch, there tangle with outlaws.
20 Feb. 1953
The Haunted Castle
Bud & Lou keep Hillary company one night in an old house she'll inherit.
27 Feb. 1953
Peace and Quiet
Lou can't sleep so Bud takes him to a shrink who gives him a sleep inducing record.
6 Mar. 1953
The boys visit two restaurants, one with twin waitresses.
13 Mar. 1953
The Music Lover
Hillary's Dad will only allow her to marry a man with musical talent, so Lou goes to a singing teacher.
20 Mar. 1953
The Politician
Lou runs for public office, so Bud brings in Lou's 4th grade teacher for sympathy.
27 Mar. 1953
The Wrestling Match
Lou & Stinky agree to do a charity wrestling match, but Stinky gets sick, so Lou is forced to wrestle Ivan the Terrible.
3 Apr. 1953
Getting a Job
The boys deliver straw hats to the Susquehanna Hat Company and run into crazy guys en route.
10 Apr. 1953
Lou has to get a license for his chimp but accidentally applies for a marriage license.
17 Apr. 1953
Hillary's Birthday
The boys plan a surprise party, but the noise angers Mr. Fields.
24 Apr. 1953
On the quiz show Hold That Cuckoo, the host puts Lou thru some embarrassing stunts.
1 May 1953
Las Vegas
The boys rent a car and drive to Vegas, where they play a violent game of pool.
8 May 1953
Little Old Lady
Bud & Lou raise money to keep an old lady from being evicted but she uses the money to bet on horses.
15 May 1953
The Actors' Home
Thinking it's a counterfeit, bud tears up a $500 bill. When it turns out to be real, he goes nuts and is put in the old actors' home. This episode includes the "Who's On First" Routine.
22 May 1953
Police Rookies
Mike the Cop helps the boys enroll in the police academy which Lou manages to blow up.
29 May 1953
Bingo the Chimp is sick and Lou figures he misses his family, so they all go to Africa.
The Paperhangers
Mr. Fields forces the boys to hang wallpaper to help pay off their rent.
Uncle Bozzo's Visit
Lou's uncle, an Italian opera singer, visits, and his singing annoys Mr. Fields.
In Society
Bud & Lou are hired to pose as British noblemen at a swanky party.
Life Insurance
Mr. Fields demands the boys take out life-insurance policies that name him as beneficiary, but neither can pass the physical.
Pest Exterminators
The boys exterminate the ants at a rich lady's house, but she thinks they have killed her aunts.
Killer's Wife
A jealous boxer and his sexy wife rent a nearby apartment and Lou is suspected of carrying on with said sexy wife.
The boys accidentally buy a crate of roller skates - which contain ill-gotten gems.
South of Dixie
Lou overhears a man and girl rehearsing a Civil War play and thinks the danger is real. Inspired by Buster Keaton's The General.
From Bed to Worse
The boys try to win a prize for having the best backyard garden and wind up angering their neighbor.
$1000 TV Prize
Lou answers Mr. Fields' phone and inadvertently wins a thousand-dollar prize.
When Lou prepares to marry a girl he's only corresponded with, Bud convinces him he has amnesia and has already married a shrew.
Efficiency Experts
The boys are hired to help control a man's daughters, who spend too much money. But they end up losing their money in a casino.
Car Trouble
Lou wins a car in a contest, but it's a lemon, so they drive to Flint for another.
Wife Wanted
Lou tries to marry his old girlfriend so he can inherit $10,000 but she's now dating a jealous wrestler.
Uncle from New Jersey
To avoid eviction, the boys convince Fields that Lou has a millionaire uncle. Lou winds up masquerading as his own uncle.
Private Eye
Lou takes a correspondence course to become a detective, and then tries to help a girl recover some old bonds.
The Tax Return
The IRS accidentally sends Lou a check for $1,000,000.13. When he and Bud cash it, they are followed home by thugs who witnessed the transaction.
Public Enemies
When Lou is mistaken for a fellow safecracker, the boys get involved with crooks planning a robbery.
Bank Holdup
The boys are hired as bank guards by two robbers masquerading as Brinks guys.
Well Oiled
Lou poses as a millionaire to help Mr. Fields get out of a breach-of-promise suit.
The Pigeon
Lou is set up by his sexy neighbor to take the fall for her infidelity, so that Lou is the one who gets killed by her jealous mobster boyfriend.
Honeymoon House
Lou, Bud, and Mr. Fields try to build a pre-fab house for Lou's fiancée. Inspired by Buster Keaton's One Week.
Fencing Master
Bud volunteers Lou for a science experiment that makes him immune to pain.
Beauty Contest
The boys judge the Miss Mud Turtle pageant, in which Mr. Fields' niece is a contestant.
Fall Guy
Bud and Lou are hired by a couple of toughs to act as "beards" for their girlfriends to circumvent objections from their eccentric father.

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