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This series of Lash La Rue "Western Adventure Productions", financed by Southern theatre-owners J. Francis White and Joy Houck, was put together by the husband-wife combo of Ron Ormond and June Carr with much use of stock footage from the Lash LaRue series they had made for Screen Guild distribution a few years earlier(hence the frequent references and use of the town name Rhyolite), and is primarily a confused mish-mash of new footage incorporated with footage from other La Rue films, to the extent that they even cannibalized footage from Western Adventure films before they were through. This one features a prolonged saloon encounter between Fuzzy and a saloon tough, The Bad Hombre(Archie Twitchell), who is picking on a quiet character, Walker (Riley Hill), before Lash comes to the rescue. Walker is an undercover Pinkerton Agent and gets Lash and Fuzzy involved in cleaning up the Taggert (stock footage)/Jackson (new footage) gang, and employs an element(new footage) of the gang using...

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