The Thing from Another World (1951) Poster

Plot Keywords

creature captain
scientist arctic
pilot outpost
ice bomb
spacecraft alien
monster vegetable
general flying saucer
dog blood
arm arctic expedition
anchorage alaska creature feature
reference to the parting of the red sea killing a dog
wound wind
whistling washington d.c.
warning walkway
vegetable man uranium
u.s. soldier u.s. constitution
u.s. congress u.s. air force
typewriter tied up
supernatural power stranger in a strange land
stove stethoscope
splitting the atom snow
snowstorm snowing
snow shoes shooting
shooting through a door shaving
seedpod secretary of state
seattle washington seat belt
science salad
rubber boots rope
rifle regeneration
refuge reference to the pony express
reference to okinawa reference to noah
reference to honolulu hawaii reference to harry s truman
reference to el alemein reference to buchenwald
reference to admiral matthew c. perry reading
radioactivity radio communications
professor post world war two
playful torture pipe smoking
pick axe physicist
parka oil drum
octopus note
north pole newspaper reporter
murder mortar
microscope meteor
metallic alloy mess hall
memory melting ice
meat cleaver mars the planet
marriage proposal man from mars
magnetism laboratory
kiss key
kerosene isotope
isolation interspecies communicatrion
intercom injury
husky dog high voltage
hand grenade hammer
gun keeping watch
greenhouse germ
geiger counter gardening
gambling frying
frostbite freedom of the press
food flora
flashlight flash camera
flame thrower fire
fire extinguisher fear
fatigue fainting
encased in ice electricity
electric razor electric generator
electric blanket electric arc
editor dying
drink drinking
door lock dog team
dog sled dining hall
death cross country skiing
corrigated iron compass
cold co pilot
cigarette smoking century plant
carrot carnivorous plant
card playing camera
broken collarbone breaking a window
botanist boots
boiling blueberry muffin
blood plasma barricade
barrel bandage
baking axe
arm wound airplane
airplane cockpit aircraft
air crew horror movie remade
scientist doesn't want alien killed reference to gary cooper
sled dog severed finger
explosion death of title character
dead dog visible breath
ufo romantic subplot
reporter fluidless body
fluid drained from a body extraterrestrial
coffee close encounter of the third kind
balding man bad breath
disembodied hand alien contact
theremin cult film
person on fire severed arm
drink thrown into someone's face electrocution

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