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'Muscles' Bowls 'Em Over
ccthemovieman-115 July 2007
A mouse named "Muscles?" Yup, he's here and just hearing that name makes you figure this is going to be a funny Tom and Jerry episode...and it is.

"Muscles" is a relative of Jerry's and gets the call when Tom is being unusually nasty to the mouse we all know. Muscles, a tough guy with a bowler hat, lives elsewhere and is so tough he beats up all the alley cats and is feared by them all.

Once he arrives at Tom and Jerry's place he wastes no time with our famous cat. He tells him plain as can be to stop messing with Jerry....or else. Tom realizes he's in for a battle and immediately begins to train with weights to build up his muscles.

The battle is on. Need I remotely suggest who wins?

Regardless of winners and losers, this was a very entertaining cartoon and actually not as violent as I've seen in many other T&J cartoons. The storyline is just that, but I thought the comedy routines, just as Tom literally turning into ten bowling pins and then back into a cat, were emphasized more than anything.
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Possibly Tom's worst nightmare!
Robert Reynolds23 May 2001
This short, nominated for an Oscar, features Tom almost at his worst. In an act of self-preservation, Jerry cals upon his cousin (the very well-named Muscles) for his help. At times, I almost feel sorry for Tom (almost). Tom more or less gets what he deserves here and, were he not a cartoon, would very likely not survive his encounter here with "Jerry's Cousin". Cartoon Network shows this one fairly frequently. Highly recommended.
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Muscle was robbed
movieman_kev3 June 2005
Tom the cat is giving Jerry the mouse more trouble then usual, so he sends a telegram to his cousin Muscles to come help him as soon as possible. What a great violent (even for a Tom and Jerry cartoon) short. Definitely one of the classics in my mind. It was nominated for an Oscar as best animated short in 1951, but just like "Sunset Blvd." (the best picture nominee of the year), it was cheated out of winning by a less superior product. Stupid Academy Awards. This hilarious classic cartoon can be found on disc two of the Spotlight collection DVD of "Tom & Jerry"

My Grade: A+
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Tom & Jerry proxy war
Warning: Spoilers
"Jerry's Cousin" is an American cartoon from 1951, so this one had its 65th anniversary last year. It was nominated for an Oscar, but unlike many other T&J films, it lost, namely to Gerald McBoingBoing, even if probably hardly anybody knows him today anymore and world's most famous cat and mouse are still known to really many. Anyway, like most of the others it runs for 7 minutes, or slightly under, and is of course another Hanna Barbera production. Jerry has enough of it and he calls his cousin Muscles, the baddest mouse in town as we find out right away. Of course, Tom has no chance against him because Muscles may be talking more than Jerry, but he is certainly not all talk. Eventually, Tom has no other choice than calling some cat goons and this is what I was referring to in the title of my review. But can they really make a difference? And how come they have not heard of Muscles before and would just decline the offer. Anyway, the story here is fine, the comedy is as well and the animation is of course as good as in all the other T&J shorts. It may not be greatness, but it is very much worth watching. I recommend this entertaining short film. Thumbs up!
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Jerry's perfect cousin.
BA_Harrison29 October 2014
Apparently, Jerry the mouse has a tough cousin named Muscles who is so strong that he can take on several alley-cats in a fight without breaking a sweat. Quite why Jerry has never called on his cousin's services in the past I don't really know, but in this cartoon he finally writes to the hard-nut rodent for help.

Jerry's Cousin is the antithesis of T&J cartoons like The Milky Waif or Little Quacker, in which Jerry protected cute little sidekicks Nibbles the mouse and Quacker the duck: here it is Jerry who is in need of a bodyguard, but this little twist on a familiar formula doesn't prevent this from being yet another rather mediocre offering from the popular cat and mouse duo.

5.5/10, rounded up to 6 for IMDb.
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Hooray for Muscles!
TheLittleSongbird20 May 2010
Jerry's Cousin is not my favourite Tom and Jerry cartoon, but it is really entertaining and I definitely recommend it. Tom and Jerry are both great, but the real star of the show is Muscles, Jerry's cousin. He is quite small in stature but he is so strong, and it isn't long before Tom himself gets on the wrong side of him with hilarious consequences. While the story is a little predictable, the colourful animation, fun music and wonderful visual gags more than compensate as do Muscles's threats to Tom. Overall, this is not my absolute favourite or what I consider the best, but I had a wonderful time watching this cartoon. If you love a cartoon with great visual gags especially, you have a winner with Jerry's Cousin. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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The Most Funniest Episode
icet200421 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
to me it's the most funniest tom&jerry episode of all's so funny.even Johann Mouse isn't so funny.just amazing episode.Jerry cousin is so brutal and it's so funny you must watch it,because it's episode is more funnier.this is very funny when call to gangsters and they hit jerry cousin a little,but then they jerry cousin hit them and hardly and Tom is amazed and then he kiss his feet.i'm 17 years old and i have seen all tom&jerry episodes i have watched since 1994 from cartoon network i also like the Biker Mice From Mars and Fritz the Cat and Top Cat.I have seen a lot of tom&jerry marathons from cartoon network.I Recommend tom&jerry to everyone.
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