I Was a Communist for the FBI (1951) Poster


Gerhardt Eisler: This section produces more steel than all the rest of the country put together. Move Pittsburgh an inch and we can move this country a mile. But, er, Pittsburgh is too quiet, too peaceful. To bring about the victory of Communism in America, we must incite riots, discontent, open warfare among the people. That is the purpose of tonight's meeting.

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Gerhardt Eisler: A very enjoyable evening. Close the door. Blandon, you did exceedingly well

Jim Blandon: [chuckles] Thanks. Those niggers ate it up, didn't they?

Matt Cvetic: You mean, Negroes, don't you, Jim?

Jim Blandon: [shrugs] Only when I'm trying to sell them the party line

Gerhardt Eisler: They're very useful comrades

Matt Cvetic: There's going to be trouble on the streets tonight

Jim Blandon: Well, if there isn't, I've been wasting the Party's time. Anyone want a drink? Do you mind?

Gerhardt Eisler: Go ahead

Jim Blandon: Comrades, comrades! You know, Matt calls them comrades too, only he believes it. You see, Matt, if one of that crowd goes out into the street tonight and picks a fight with a white man, and... well, kills him maybe... then he gets convicted by a White jury, we can go to bat and raise a defence fund. Am I correct, Mr Eisler?

Gerhardt Eisler: Ahha... just like in the Scottsboro case

Jim Blandon: Exactly, do you know that the Party raised nearly two million? Yes, nearly two million dollars just to defend those six niggers and all it cost was 65,000...

Gerhardt Eisler: ...to lose the case

Jim Blandon: Right. Yes, we made a tremendous profit on that deal. Shall I tell him what was done with it?

Gerhardt Eisler: No, no. No, Blandon. I am afraid the National Committee wouldn't like that

Matt Cvetic: In other words, Jim, your speech had a double purpose

Jim Blandon: Bright boy, Matt. The Pittsburgh Branch needs dough. We're always in the red!

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