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  • Victoria has survived Nazi concentration by assuming the identity of one who died there. She arrives in San Francisco to see her "son" just as the boy's great-aunt dies leaving a lot of money to be inherited. Victoria falls in love with the boy's trustee Alan Spender, and they move into the mansion on Telegraph Hill. She then learns that Alan and his lover, the boy's governess Margaret, murdered an aunt and are planning the same for her.

    - Written by Ed Stephan <stephan@cc.wwu.edu>
  • In the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, the Polish Victoria Kowelska has lost her husband and family in the war. She befriends her fellow citizen Karin Dernakova, who miss her son Chris that lives with her Aunt Sophie in San Francisco. Karin dies three days before the liberation forces commanded by Major Marc Bennett arrive at the camp and Victoria assumes the identity of her friend to emigrate to the United States. However, she is informed that Aunt Sophie has just died and she stays in a camp for survivors. Four years later, she succeeds to go to the United States and meets Sophie's lawyer. She learns that Alan Spender was assigned Chris' trustee and he invites her to travel with him to San Francisco to see Chris. Along their journey, they get married to each other and Karin has a cold reception from the housekeeper Margaret that raises Chris at the mansion on Telegraph Hill. Karin meets Major Bennett, who is a friend of Alan, in a party at home and she befriends him. Soon Karin is connected to Chris, but when she has a car accident, she suspects that Alan wants to kill Chris and her to keep the money for him. Is she paranoid?

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • At the end of the war a concentration camp inmate takes on the identity of her close friend who has just died. Eventually she is able to emigrate to San Francisco, claiming to be the mother of the child the other woman sent there shortly before the war. She discovers that the boy is heir to considerable wealth and that her arrival is not welcomed by some of those at his home on Telegraph Hill.

    - Written by Jeremy Perkins <jwp@aber.ac.uk>
  • Concentration camp survivor Victoria Kowelska finds herself involved in mystery, greed, and murder when she assumes the identity of a dead friend in order to gain passage to America.

    - Written by Gabe Taverney (duke1029@aol.com)


When Victoria Kowelska (Valentina Cortese) leaves a Nazi concentration camp alive at the end of World...

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