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Straight Into Compton? Chris Rock Quizzes Compton Moviegoers on Oscar Films

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Straight Into Compton? Chris Rock Quizzes Compton Moviegoers on Oscar Films
Chris Rock took viewers to his favorite movie theater in Compton, California, during the Oscars Sunday night. "Tonight I've been calling out Hollywood on lack of diversity, and you know what, I don't want to just complain. I want to help solve the problem and that's going to take a fresh prospective," the host, 51, said. "So I went far away from Hollywood, I went as far away from Hollywood as I could." Footage of the comedian standing outside of the local theater started rolling, with Rock stopping to chat with its patrons about this year's Oscar-nominated movies and much-discussed #OscarsSoWhite controversy.
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New Harvest Moon Game Coming To 3Ds This February

Rune Factory is the new Harvest Moon. That’s what I was told, anyways – and thus, I grabbed Rune Factory 4 and have been tearing through the game ever since. I never did play Harvest Moon before it went on two year hiatus, but it looks like I may soon get the chance after all as in this week’s Famitsu, series developer Marvelous Aql revealed that a new game in the farming series is coming to 3Ds, and is on track for a February release.

Now, before I go any further, it should be noted that this is not the same as the Harvest Moon “spiritual successor” that is being made by the series’ original creator Yasuhiro Wada. That game is called Hometown Story, and is due out on the 3Ds (because where else are good games even released?) just twelve days from now. Marvelous Aql’s game is completely
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'Harvest Moon' Creator Begins Anew with 'Hometown Story'

By Miguel Concepcion

Yasuhiro Wada's 'Hometown Story' feels very much like a homecoming. As the creator of the original 'Harvest Moon', Wada-san was instrumental in spawning a franchise that has over 30 games to date (that's including spin-offs). Of course, his career hasn't been dominated with endearing and highly accessible farming simulations; directorial involvement in Marvelous Entertainment and time at Grasshopper Manufacture further showcased his multi-genre prowess. Yet there is a circular charm in seeing him at Natsume's E3 booth so he could present his new IP, the once titled 'Project Happiness', now officially 'Hometown Story'. It feels like a homecoming even though it's clearly not part of the 'Harvest Moon' universe while there is certainly strains of that franchise's DNA.

The trailer Natsume showed, however brief, did a lot to get my attention: adorable character designs that are notably different from the characters in 'Harvest Moon',
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Mill Creek 50 Movie Packs Discount Code And Giveaway

If you’ve hunted around for movie bargains, you’ve probably seen some of Mill Creek Entertainment’s 50-Movie Packs on DVD. Apart from other great releases by Mill Creek, these packs are phenomenal boons to cinephiles looking to collect older titles.

There are three new packs available, and I want to not only let you in on a discount code, but I have one of the packs available for you to win.

I know a lot of people may be quick to overlook these packs, and not every movie included stands out as a major value, but there are some great titles in each of them, and fans of the genres will be pleasantly surprised by what they get out of the deal. I have to admit that there is something about seeing a 50-movie pack, especially when it doesn’t cost a couple of hundred dollars, or more,
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