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3 Aug. 1951
Verdict from Space
Gordon Kent is on trial for allegedly killing a scientist in an underground cavern. Desperately, he tries to explain what they found inside the cave, and the the implications for the future of mankind.
10 Aug. 1951
Scientists race to warn a colleague that his experiment could destroy life on Earth.
17 Aug. 1951
A Child Is Crying
A young child with a genius I. Q. is taken away from her mother to work at a military base. Unfortunately her intellect is so stellar she can only predict absolute doom for everyone in the future.
28 Sep. 1951
The Dark Angel
A man searches for the cause of his wife's unprecedented physical and mental transformation.
12 Oct. 1951
The Crystal Egg
A crystal egg reveals live tableaux of the planet Mars. A 19th Century scientist is obsessed with investigating the crystal, but the antique shop owner who came across the seemingly worthless glass hopes to sell it ASAP to a tall, insistent stranger, for whom no price is too dear. The delay while the scientist experiments on the egg makes the buyer even more desperate.
26 Oct. 1951
Test Flight
An ambitious, headstrong businessman uses his huge personal fortune to construct a spaceship that will take him to Mars.
9 Nov. 1951
The Search for the Flying Saucer
An airman travels to a small town looking for clues about flying saucers and only meets denial.
7 Dec. 1951
Sneak Attack
When unmanned Soviet planes land at 25 big city airports and threaten to detonate their payloads, America's only hope is a covert agent in an Iron Curtain hospital.
12 Dec. 1951
The Invader
A research team led by Dr. Burroughs witnesses a UFO crash into the sea. Burroughs' son Roy makes a dive on the ship, but when he surfaces, his father begins to realize that Roy is not himself.

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