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Season 1

3 Aug. 1951
Verdict from Space
Gordon Kent is on trial for allegedly killing a scientist in an underground cavern. Desperately, he tries to explain what they found inside the cave, and the the implications for the future of mankind.
10 Aug. 1951
Scientists race to warn a colleague that his experiment could destroy life on Earth.
17 Aug. 1951
A Child Is Crying
A young child with a genius I. Q. is taken away from her mother to work at a military base. Unfortunately her intellect is so stellar she can only predict absolute doom for everyone in the future.
24 Aug. 1951
The Woman at Land's End
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31 Aug. 1951
The Last Man on Earth
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7 Sep. 1951
Errand Boy
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14 Sep. 1951
The Monsters
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28 Sep. 1951
The Dark Angel
A man searches for the cause of his wife's unprecedented physical and mental transformation.
12 Oct. 1951
The Crystal Egg
A crystal egg reveals live tableaux of the planet Mars. A 19th Century scientist is obsessed with investigating the crystal, but the antique shop owner who came across the seemingly worthless glass hopes to sell it ASAP to a tall, insistent stranger, for whom no price is too dear. The delay while the scientist experiments on the egg makes the buyer even more desperate.
26 Oct. 1951
Test Flight
An ambitious, headstrong businessman uses his huge personal fortune to construct a spaceship that will take him to Mars.
9 Nov. 1951
The Search for the Flying Saucer
An airman travels to a small town looking for clues about flying saucers and only meets denial.
23 Nov. 1951
Enemy Unknown
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7 Dec. 1951
Sneak Attack
When unmanned Soviet planes land at 25 big city airports and threaten to detonate their payloads, America's only hope is a covert agent in an Iron Curtain hospital.
12 Dec. 1951
The Invader
A research team led by Dr. Burroughs witnesses a UFO crash into the sea. Burroughs' son Roy makes a dive on the ship, but when he surfaces, his father begins to realize that Roy is not himself.
4 Jan. 1952
The Dune Roller
On isolated Lightning Island, a rock mysteriously crashes out of a house after pebbles combine and grow. Scientists discover the rocks consist of an unknown mineral. But long-time resident Cap Zanse believes it's an Ouroboros or hoop snake, a legendary creature which rolls with tail in mouth, and is blamed for the mysterious extermination of local animals on the Lake Michigan isle.
18 Jan. 1952
Dr. Victor Frankenstein, working in a castle on a remote Swiss island, attempts to create a perfect man but his resultant creation turns out to be a murderous beast who must be destroyed.
8 Feb. 1952
What You Need
An unscrupulous free-lance writer extorts the elderly owner of a seedy second-hand shop who is prescient about the future.
15 Feb. 1952
Age of Peril
In 1965, an intelligence agent is assigned to discover how national secrets are being stolen from a high security plant.
22 Feb. 1952
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29 Feb. 1952
The Children's Room
A couple -- Bill and Rose -- are having increasing difficulties with their son Walt: he talks down to his parents like they are stupid and reads books written in a language that no one understands. The books come from a "children's room" that supposedly does not exist. Once the room is discovered its true meaning is revealed.
7 Mar. 1952
Bound Together
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14 Mar. 1952
The Diamond Lens
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21 Mar. 1952
The Fisherman's Wife
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28 Mar. 1952
Flight Overdue
An internationally acclaimed aviatrix is recruited ostensibly for a flight over the Pacific over her husband's misgivings. Years after she disappears, her angry husband is informed of the true nature of her mission and her ultimate fate.
4 Apr. 1952
And a Little Child
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11 Apr. 1952
Sleep No More
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18 Apr. 1952
Time to Go
An alien race is dying, but Earth can save them - by depositing saved time in their bank. Natalie loves that she can get her time back with interest, adding years to her life, while the aliens manipulate the stored hours to save their advanced civilization. She hates to waste a minute anyway, but her husband enjoys his time so much, he's not eligible to be a depositor.
25 Apr. 1952
Plague from Space
USAF Colonel Jeffrey Ward's abilities are put to the ultimate test when a Martian spaceship lands at his base. At first glance the craft has only one passenger, but when an infection breaks out it becomes clear that there was more than one Martian on the ship.
2 May 1952
Red Dust
The first human mission to another solar system loses 2 crew on a red dust-covered planet, which once had an advanced civilization. Due to allergies, neither of the shipmates got anti-radiation shots, so the remaining crew aren't concerned about their own return to Earth. But then the red dust starts to appear everywhere on the space ship.
9 May 1952
The Golden Ingot
A chemist has been trying time and again to make gold from lead. He has been laughed at and his bills are overdue. Will he ever succeed? Or what would happen if someone were to fake his success?
16 May 1952
Black Planet
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23 May 1952
World of Water
A disgruntled refugee scientist, frustrated in both his professional and personal lives, develops a universal solvent, which threatens to turn all solid material into water.
30 May 1952
The Little Black Bag
A depressed, tired doctor with a shrewish wife is ready to end his practice. Instead he comes into possession of a doctor's kit with miraculous properties. He and his wife disagree ethically on how to use their newfound luck.
6 Jun. 1952
The Exile
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13 Jun. 1952
All the Time in the World
A woman proposes to rob New York's Metropolitan Museum, using a wristwatch which accelerates time for the wearer, so their movements go undetected by anyone more than 5 feet away. The small-time crook she hires for the job doesn't care where the artworks are going or why the woman who identifies herself only as "The Collector," wants the masterpieces.
20 Jun. 1952
The Miraculous Serum
A physician invents a serum allowing animals to overcome any illness or injury, by magnifying their adaptability. He tests it on an impoverished young woman, who's moments from death. Becoming healthier than she's ever been, she thanks him for "giving her the world," which for her is much more than a figure of speech.
27 Jun. 1952
Appointment on Mars
Three astronauts land on Mars, hoping to find valuable minerals. After discovering a rich deposit of uranium ore, one of the men becomes increasingly paranoid. Is it just his imagination, or are they really being watched?
4 Jul. 1952
The Duplicates
Blast off for excitement with television's first science fiction hit! The trendsetter for such shows as The Twilight Zone and Star Trek, this live weekly program features a strong roster of guest stars and gripping storylines still fascinating today.
18 Jul. 1952
Ahead of His Time
The world in 2052 is a pretty wonderful place - no wars, no poverty, no famines - but all humankind is about to be destroyed because of a small miscalculation in a scientific experiment a century earlier set off a chain reaction that will contaminate the Earth with a lethal amount of radiation. With only hours before the end of the world, a 21st century scientist attempts to send a message to colleagues a hundred years in the past to prevent the mistake using a 20th century man's new time machine.
1 Aug. 1952
Sudden Darkness
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8 Aug. 1952
Ice from Space
During a Congressional appropriations investigation, an Air Force sounding rocket returns to Earth with an unexpected cargo: a block of ice with unusual chemical properties. Soon the base commander, Major Dozier, is forced to deal not only with the bullheaded Congressman Burns, but the fact that the ice seems to be able to freeze everything around it.

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