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Season: 1 | 2
Year: 1951 | 1952 | 1953

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Verdict from Space

3 August 1951
Gordon Kent is on trial for allegedly killing a scientist in an underground cavern. Desperately, he tries to explain what they found inside the cave, and the the implications for the future of mankind.

Lon McCallister ... Gordon Kent
Martin Brandt ... Professor Adrian Sykes
William Lally ... Prosecutor
Bernard Lenrow ... Judge
Watson White ... Defense Attorney

Season 1, Episode 2: Blunder

10 August 1951
Scientists race to warn a colleague that his experiment could destroy life on Earth.

Robert Allen ... Carl Everson
Ann Loring ... Jane Everson
Philip Faversham ... Jeffrey Stackpole (as Phil Faversham)

Allan Drake ... Chu Ling (as Alan Drake)
Michael Keene ... Hugh Dunning
Julius Bing ... Joachim Ortega

Jean Alexander ... Elena Ortega
Will Hussung ... Planetarium Lecturer (as Will Hussong)
Kyle MacDonald ... Vocalist
Ray Morgan ... Announcer
Boyd Crawford ... Man on Aircraft (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 3: A Child Is Crying

17 August 1951
A young child with a genius I. Q. is taken away from her mother to work at a military base. Unfortunately her intellect is so stellar she can only predict absolute doom for everyone in the future.
Bert Lytell ... Dr. Hardensteen
Robin Morgan ... Lily Massner
Donald McClelland ... Congressman Folmer
Cal Thomas ... General Gates
Peggy Allenby ... Mrs. Massner
Shirley Egleston ... WAC Corporal (as Shirley Eggleston)

Walter Abel

Season 1, Episode 4: The Woman at Land's End

24 August 1951

Season 1, Episode 5: The Last Man on Earth

31 August 1951

Season 1, Episode 6: Errand Boy

7 September 1951

Joseph Walsh (as Joey Walsh)

Season 1, Episode 7: The Monsters

14 September 1951

Season 1, Episode 8: The Dark Angel

28 September 1951
A man searches for the cause of his wife's unprecedented physical and mental transformation.

Sidney Blackmer ... Tim Hathaway
Meg Mundy ... Joanne Hathaway
Donald Briggs ... Will Jethroe (as Don Briggs)
Mel Ruick ... Dr. Jack Farleigh (as Melville Ruich)

Season 1, Episode 9: The Crystal Egg

12 October 1951
A crystal egg reveals live tableaux of the planet Mars. A 19th Century scientist is obsessed with investigating the crystal, but the antique shop owner who came across the seemingly worthless glass hopes to sell it ASAP to a tall, insistent stranger, for whom no price is too dear. The delay while the scientist experiments on the egg makes the buyer even more desperate.

Thomas Mitchell ... Professor Frederick Vaneck
Edgar Stehli ... Mr. Cave
Josephine Brown ... Mrs. Cave
Sally Gracie ... Georgette
Gage Clarke ... Walker

Season 1, Episode 10: Test Flight

26 October 1951
An ambitious, headstrong businessman uses his huge personal fortune to construct a spaceship that will take him to Mars.

Lee J. Cobb ... Wayne Crowder
Vinton Hayworth ... Davis
Cameron Prud'Homme ... Marty Peters
Harry Townes ... Wilkins

Season 1, Episode 11: The Search for the Flying Saucer

9 November 1951
An airman travels to a small town looking for clues about flying saucers and only meets denial.

Jack Carter ... Vic Russo
Olive Deering ... Ginny Walker

Vaughn Taylor ... Crazy John
Maurice Manson ... Saucer Man

Season 1, Episode 12: Enemy Unknown

23 November 1951

Season 1, Episode 13: Sneak Attack

7 December 1951
When unmanned Soviet planes land at 25 big city airports and threaten to detonate their payloads, America's only hope is a covert agent in an Iron Curtain hospital.

Zachary Scott ... Ray Clinton
Barbara Joyce ... Dr. Maroff
Theo Goetz ... Dr. Kamrass
Royal Beal ... General
Richard W. Shankland ... The President (as Richard Shankland)
John Seymour ... Secretary of Defense
Peter von Zerneck ... Colonel
Allyn Edwards ... Announcer (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 14: The Invader

12 December 1951
A research team led by Dr. Burroughs witnesses a UFO crash into the sea. Burroughs' son Roy makes a dive on the ship, but when he surfaces, his father begins to realize that Roy is not himself.

Eva Gabor ... Laura

William Eythe ... Roy
Edgar Stehli ... Burroughs
Salem Ludwig ... Chandler
Farrell Pelly ... McQueen

Season 1, Episode 15: The Dune Roller

4 January 1952
On isolated Lightning Island, a rock mysteriously crashes out of a house after pebbles combine and grow. Scientists discover the rocks consist of an unknown mineral. But long-time resident Cap Zanse believes it's an Ouroboros or hoop snake, a legendary creature which rolls with tail in mouth, and is blamed for the mysterious extermination of local animals on the Lake Michigan isle.

Bruce Cabot ... Sam Thorne
Nancy Coleman ... Jean Burgess
Nelson Olmsted ... Dr. Carl Burgess
Lee Graham ... Sally
Truman Smith ... Cap Zanser
Virginia Gilmore ... (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 16: Frankenstein

18 January 1952
Dr. Victor Frankenstein, working in a castle on a remote Swiss island, attempts to create a perfect man but his resultant creation turns out to be a murderous beast who must be destroyed.
Allyn Edwards ... Announcer

Lon Chaney Jr. ... The Monster (as Lon Chaney)
John Newland ... Victor Frankenstein
Mary Alice Moore ... Elizabeth
Peggy Allenby ... Elise the maid
Raymond Bramley ... Elizabeth's Father
Michael Mann ... William
Farrell Pelly ... Matthew the butler

Season 1, Episode 17: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea: The Chase: Part 1

25 January 1952

Season 1, Episode 18: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea: The Escape: Part 2

1 February 1952

Season 1, Episode 19: What You Need

8 February 1952
An unscrupulous free-lance writer extorts the elderly owner of a seedy second-hand shop who is prescient about the future.
William Redfield ... Tom Carmichael
Edgar Stehli ... Peter Talley

Season 1, Episode 20: Age of Peril

15 February 1952
In 1965 an intelligence agent is assigned to discover how national secrets are being stolen from a high security plant.

Phyllis Kirk ... Irene Chappell
Donald Briggs ... Herbert Rand (as Don Briggs)

Dennis Patrick ... Larry Calhoun (as Dennis Harrison)
John McGovern ... Dr. Chappell
Maurice Burke ... Chief
Skedge Miller ... George Elwood
Phil Minoff ... Phil Minoff

Season 1, Episode 21: Memento

22 February 1952

Season 1, Episode 22: The Children's Room

29 February 1952
A couple -- Bill and Rose -- are having increasing difficulties with their son Walt: he talks down to his parents like they are stupid and reads books written in a language that no one understands. The books come from a "children's room" that supposedly does not exist. Once the room is discovered its true meaning is revealed.
Claire Luce ... Rose

Una O'Connor ... Edythe
John Boruff ... Bill
Terry Greene ... Walt (as Tarry Green)
Lisa Ayers ... Miss Perkins
Charles Kenney ... Boy in Corridor
Grant Roberts ... First Child
Mark Nemerson ... Second Child
Nancy Ann Kramer ... Third Child

Season 1, Episode 23: Bound Together

7 March 1952

Dario Barrie ... Unidentified Character

Nina Foch
Russell Hardie
Leola Harlow (as Leola Harlowe)

Robert Webber

Season 1, Episode 24: The Diamond Lens

14 March 1952

Season 1, Episode 25: The Fisherman's Wife

21 March 1952

Tom Drake
Hildy Parks ... Claire
Cameron Prud'Homme ... Garig
Rock Rogers ... Inspector
Maud Scherer ... Woman

Season 1, Episode 26: Flight Overdue

28 March 1952
An internationally acclaimed aviatrix is recruited ostensibly for a flight over the Pacific over her husband's misgivings. Years after she disappears, her angry husband is informed of the true nature of her mission and her ultimate fate.

Veronica Lake ... Paula Martin Bennett
Walter Brooke ... Donald Bennett
Lenore Shanewise ... Anna the Maid
Mary Stuart McDonald ... Deirdre Bennett
Thom Conroy ... Sam Rutgers

Season 1, Episode 27: And a Little Child

4 April 1952

Season 1, Episode 28: Sleep No More

11 April 1952

Season 1, Episode 29: Time to Go

18 April 1952
An alien race is dying, but Earth can save them - by depositing saved time in their bank. Natalie loves that she can get her time back with interest, adding years to her life, while the aliens manipulate the stored hours to save their advanced civilization. She hates to waste a minute anyway, but her husband enjoys his time so much, he's not eligible to be a depositor.

Sylvia Sidney ... Natalie

Robert H. Harris ... Mr. Tickton (as Robert Harris)

Ed Peck ... Michael
Truman Smith ... Mr. Harris
Vera Massey ... Virginia

Season 1, Episode 30: Plague from Space

25 April 1952
USAF Colonel Jeffrey Ward's abilities are put to the ultimate test when a Martian spaceship lands at his base. At first glance the craft has only one passenger, but when an infection breaks out it becomes clear that there was more than one Martian on the ship.
Gene Raymond ... Col. Jeffrey Ward
Charles Proctor ... Capt. Hutchinson
Phillip Pine ... Lt. Hawkins (as Philip Pine)

James Doohan
Harry Landers
Alex Alexander ... Airbase Personnel
Richard Keith
Al Checco (as Al Checo)
Glenn Styres ... Airbase Personnel
Harley Cope ... Himself
F.E. Masland III ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 31: Red Dust

2 May 1952
The first human mission to another solar system loses 2 crew on a red dust-covered planet, which once had an advanced civilization. Due to allergies, neither of the shipmates got anti-radiation shots, so the remaining crew aren't concerned about their own return to Earth. But then the red dust starts to appear everywhere on the space ship.

Lex Barker ... Kurt
Fred Stewart ... Dr. Davidson
Robert Patten ... Duncan
Skedge Miller ... Charlie

Season 1, Episode 32: The Golden Ingot

9 May 1952
A chemist has been trying time and again to make gold from lead. He has been laughed at and his bills are overdue. Will he ever succeed? Or what would happen if someone were to fake his success?

Gene Lockhart ... Prof. Vanya
Monica Lovett ... Margaret
Theo Goetz ... Mr. Hodges (uncredited)
David McKay ... Dr. Charles (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 33: Black Planet

16 May 1952

Season 1, Episode 34: World of Water

23 May 1952
A disgruntled refugee scientist, frustrated in both his professional and personal lives, develops a universal solvent, which threatens to turn all solid material into water.

Victor Jory ... Dr. Kramer

Nita Talbot ... Nicki
Logan Field ... Nelson
Mel Ruick ... Lane (as Melville Ruick)
Maud Shearer ... Mrs. Haimes (as Maud Scheerer)

Season 1, Episode 35: The Little Black Bag

30 May 1952
A depressed, tired doctor with a shrewish wife is ready to end his practice. Instead he comes into possession of a doctor's kit with miraculous properties. He and his wife disagree ethically on how to use their newfound luck.
Vicki Cummings ... Angie Fulbright
Joseph Anthony ... Dr. Arthur Fulbright
Florence Anglin ... Mrs. Calucci
John Shellie ... Pawnbroker

Season 1, Episode 36: The Exile

6 June 1952

Season 1, Episode 37: All the Time in the World

13 June 1952
A woman proposes to rob New York's Metropolitan Museum, using a wristwatch which accelerates time for the wearer, so their movements go undetected by anyone more than 5 feet away. The small-time crook she hires for the job doesn't care where the artworks are going or why the woman who identifies herself only as "The Collector," wants the masterpieces.

Esther Ralston ... The Collector
Don Hanmer ... Henry Judson
Lewis Charles ... Tony
Sam Locante ... Bartender

Jack Warden ... Steve
Bob Williams ... Narrator

Season 1, Episode 38: The Miraculous Serum

20 June 1952
A physician invents a serum allowing animals to overcome any illness or injury, by magnifying their adaptability. He tests it on an impoverished young woman, who's moments from death. Becoming healthier than she's ever been, she thanks him for "giving her the world," which for her is much more than a figure of speech.

Lola Albright ... Carol Williams
Richard Derr ... Dr. Dan Scott
Louis Hector ... Dr. Bache
Peggy Allison ... Nurse
Rex Marshall ... Host / Pitchman

Season 1, Episode 39: Appointment on Mars

27 June 1952
Three astronauts land on Mars, hoping to find valuable minerals. After discovering a rich deposit of uranium ore, one of the men becomes increasingly paranoid. Is it just his imagination, or are they really being watched?

Leslie Nielsen ... Robbie
William Redfield ... Bart

Brian Keith ... Jack (as Robert Keith Jr.)
Mark Allen ... Martian (voice) (uncredited)
Allyn Edwards ... Announcer (uncredited)
Sam Locante ... Martian (voice) (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 40: The Duplicates

4 July 1952
Blast off for excitement with television's first science fiction hit! The trendsetter for such shows as The Twilight Zone and Star Trek, this live weekly program features a strong roster of guest stars and gripping storylines still fascinating today.

Darren McGavin ... Bruce Calvin
Cameron Prud'Homme ... Dr. Johnson
Patricia Ferris ... Frances Calvin
Alexander Lockwood ... Dr. Gorham

Season 1, Episode 41: Ahead of His Time

18 July 1952
The world in 2052 is a pretty wonderful place - no wars, no poverty, no famines - but all humankind is about to be destroyed because of a small miscalculation in a scientific experiment a century earlier set off a chain reaction that will contaminate the Earth with a lethal amount of radiation. With only hours before the end of the world, a 21st century scientist attempts to send a message to colleagues a hundred years in the past to prevent the mistake using a 20th century man's new time machine.
Paul Tripp ... Sam Whipple
Ruth Enders ... Mary Jarvis
Theo Goetz ... Doctor Jarvis
Joy Hathaway ... Sara
Arthur Tell ... Doctor Thorne
Rex Marshall ... Scientist

Season 1, Episode 42: Sudden Darkness

1 August 1952

Season 1, Episode 43: Ice from Space

8 August 1952
During a Congressional appropriations investigation, an Air Force sounding rocket returns to Earth with an unexpected cargo: a block of ice with unusual chemical properties. Soon the base commander, Major Dozier, is forced to deal not only with the bullheaded Congressman Burns, but the fact that the ice seems to be able to freeze everything around it.

Season 1, Episode 44: A Child Is Crying

17 August 1952

Bert Lytell ... Dr. Hardensteen
Robin Morgan ... Lily Massner
Donald McClelland ... Congressman Folmer
Cal Thomas ... General Gates
Peggy Allenby ... Mrs. Massner
Shirley Egleston ... WAC Corporal (as Shirley Eggleston)

Walter Abel

Season 1, Episode 45: A Bird in Hand

22 August 1952

Season 1, Episode 46: Thanks

29 August 1952

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Seeing-Eye Surgeon

5 September 1952
Faced with performing a very difficult brain operation on an important scientist, a neurosurgeon is given a pair of glasses with special powers.

Bruce Cabot ... Dr. Tyrell
Edwin Jerome ... Dr. Foyle (as Ed Jerome)
Joseph Holland ... Dr. Xenon

Constance Towers ... Martha

Season 2, Episode 2: The Cocoon

12 September 1952
Scientists exploring a crater in a remote jungle discover a perfectly-preserved cocoon, which releases an invisible and very dangerous creature.

Jackie Cooper ... Tom
Edith Fellows ... Susan
Edgar Stehli ... Professor John Blanforth

Season 2, Episode 3: The Chase

19 September 1952

Season 2, Episode 4: Youth on Tap

26 September 1952
A man named Jeff definitely has his share of problems: his truck has been stolen, his girlfriend Kitty is impatiently waiting to be married, and he only has one week to come up with a thousand dollars to buy a gas station with so he can earn money. When a mysterious Dr. Platan shows up offering the thousand dollars for a pint of Jeff's common blood type (type A), Jeff accepts at first, but then has doubts...
Robert Alda ... Jeff
Harry Townes ... Dr. Platan
Mary Alice Moore ... Kitty
Bernard Burke ... Gunman
Ralph Porter ... Bartender

Season 2, Episode 5: Substance 'X'

3 October 1952

Vicki Cummings ... Selena
Charlotte Knight ... Paula

Will Kuluva ... Samuel
James Maloney ... Carmichael

Season 2, Episode 6: The Horn

10 October 1952
An inventor labors on a horn to directly communicate emotions in an all-powerful way, while he's building violins in a factory. A scientist begged the company owner to let the inventor use his factory. The shop foreman, a failed pianist, is jealous of the respect the owner feels for the inventor's dedication and idealism. The foreman connives to sabotage the inventor's masterwork.

Franchot Tone ... Martenson
Stephen Elliott ... Lippitt
Barbara Joyce ... Evelyn
Joseph Latham ... Heinkle (as Joe Latham)

Season 2, Episode 7: Double Trouble

17 October 1952

Season 2, Episode 8: Many Happy Returns

24 October 1952
An alien on the Moon persuades an Earth boy to build a gadget, accidentally electrocuting the boy's father, who disbelieves the machine can work with no visible power-source. The alien telepathically communicates instructions to the thrilled boy, who's reluctant to be candid with his family, referring to the hideous creature merely as Mr. White, a handyman helping him with a basement science project.
Flora Campbell ... Jane
Edwin Cooper ... Dr. Barnes
Gene Raymond ... Andy
Clifford Sales ... Jack
Richard Trask ... Peter

Season 2, Episode 9: The Tomb of King Taurus

31 October 1952

Season 2, Episode 10: The Window

7 November 1952
Live telecast of Tales of Tomorrow keeps being broken into by a phantom broadcast of a cheating couple preparing to launch her soused husband out a window. The Tales crew scramble to investigate if the caper's real & if so, how can they interrupt the murder already in progress?

Rod Steiger ... Henry
Frank Maxwell ... Al

Virginia Vincent ... Jean
William Coburn ... Father
Merle Albertson ... Daughter
Muffet Peter ... Secretary
Jim Walsh ... Himself - Floor Manager
Roger De Koven ... Himself - Announcer
Robert F. Lewine ... Himself - Agency Executive
Merle Worster ... Himself - Chief Engineer
Don Medford ... Himself - Director
Mort Abrahams ... Himself - Producer

Season 2, Episode 11: The Camera

14 November 1952

Season 2, Episode 12: The Quiet Lady

21 November 1952

Season 2, Episode 13: The Invigorating Air

28 November 1952

Season 2, Episode 14: The Glacier Giant

5 December 1952

Season 2, Episode 15: The Fatal Flower

12 December 1952
A botanist breeding a monstrous carnivorous plant spars with his assistant, in the isolation and oppressive heat of their research compound in a remote sector of the Amazon. Dr. Alden's gleeful obsession with his hybrid plant buoys him along, until his aide Merriman's boredom inspires a means to play on the older man's weak heart and narrow mind.

Victor Jory ... Dr. Alden
Don Hanmer ... Merriman (as Don Hamner)

Season 2, Episode 16: The Machine

19 December 1952

Season 2, Episode 17: The Bitter Storm

26 December 1952
An embittered scientist secretly invents a receiver which picks up sounds from anytime in the past. As a savage hurricane closes in on the island where he lives, his family press him to demonstrate the instrument, and overcome the hatred which paralyzes him into staying in isolation on the otherwise-abandoned island.
Arnold Moss ... Prof. Russell
Phillip Pine ... Steve (as Philip Pine)
Ethel Remey ... Madeleine Barnett

Joanne Woodward ... Pat
Warren Parker ... Voice

Season 2, Episode 18: The Mask of Medusa

2 January 1953

Season 2, Episode 19: Conquerer's Isle

9 January 1953

Season 2, Episode 20: Discovered Heart

16 January 1953

Jim Boles ... Stranger
Susan Hallaran ... Josie
William Lee ... Capt. Hayes
Frank Milan ... Frank
Robert Patten ... Phil
Alfreda Wallace ... Rose

Season 2, Episode 21: The Picture of Dorian Gray

23 January 1953

Season 2, Episode 22: Two-Faced

30 January 1953

Season 2, Episode 23: The Build-Box

6 February 1953

Season 2, Episode 24: Another Chance

13 February 1953
The mysterious Dr. Borrow transports cornered petty thief Harold back in time to avoid both capture and his wife leaving him. Borrow's price is right for the shattered Harold: a stolen brooch that he couldn't cut down or fence anyway. Supplied with the new identity of handsome, unmarried John Marshall, the young man gains the 7 futile years back.

Leslie Nielsen ... Harold Mason

Virginia Vincent ... Carlotta / Regina

Robert Middleton ... Dr. John Borrow

Season 2, Episode 25: The Great Silence

20 February 1953
A mysterious phenomenon that causes people to lose the use of their vocal cords appears in a remote corner of the northwestern United States and begins spreading. The government blames the event on freak fallout effects from H-Bomb testing, but an illiterate mountain man (Burgess Meredith) discovers the real source of the affliction.

Burgess Meredith ... Paul

Lilia Skala ... Mathilde

Paul Ford ... Commissioner
Charles McClelland ... Senator Perkins
William Kemp ... Sargeant
Glenn Styres ... Visitor

Season 2, Episode 26: The Lonesome Village

27 February 1953

Season 2, Episode 27: The Squeeze Play

13 March 1953

Season 2, Episode 28: Read to Me, Herr Doktor

20 March 1953
Patricia Kinworth is surprised to discover that her father has built a robot and named it after an old teacher nicknamed "Herr Doktor". Professor Kinworth built the robot to read his books to him, but has underestimated both the amount of intelligence he gave his creation and its desire to live out the stories that the robot has read.

Mercedes McCambridge ... Patricia Kimworth

Everett Sloane ... Professor Kimworth
Ernest Graves ... The Voice (voice)
William Kemp ... Sidney Strong

Paul Lukas ... Program Host (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 29: Ghost Writer

27 March 1953
An out of work writer accepts a well-paying offer from a mysterious man to help ease the burden on his wife. Soon, however, he becomes increasingly disturbed as the incidents he writes about begin to occur in real life.

Leslie Nielsen ... Bert
Gaby Rodgers ... Joan

Murray Matheson ... Lee Morton
Harry Mehaffey ... Lou

Season 2, Episode 30: Past Tense

3 April 1953
Physician invents a time machine to go back in time and make a fortune by selling penicillin to a pharmaceutical firm. His wife is more concerned about paying bills because he's neglecting his practice, so she threatens to destroy the device. If she does, could he be trapped in the past?

Boris Karloff ... Dr. Henry Marco
John McGovern ... Dr. Laskey
Katherine Meskill ... Jane
Allen Nourse ... Bonzy

Robert F. Simon ... Dr. Giles

Season 2, Episode 31: Homecoming

10 April 1953

Season 2, Episode 32: The Fury of the Cocoon

6 March 1953
After a scientific expedition to a meteorite impact site in the jungle disappears, a three-man relief team sets off for the expedition's camp. The lone survivor tells them that the expedition was attacked by invisible insect-like creatures that came out of the meteorite. The scientists must find a way to defeat the insects before they are overwhelmed.
Nancy Coleman ... Susan
Peter Capell ... Brenegan
Cameron Prud'Homme ... Borden
Fernande Gude ... Native Porter (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 33: The Rival

17 April 1953

Season 2, Episode 34: Please Omit Flowers

24 April 1953

Season 2, Episode 35: The Evil Within

1 May 1953
Scientist perfects a chemical unleashing the beast within, but before he can create an antidote, his neglected wife accidentally is dosed when he has to rush a batch home to keep it refrigerated. Her mild resentment of his endless hours at the lab accelerates into a torrent, after she gobbles pie on which the potion dripped.

James Dean ... Ralph
Margaret Phillips ... Anne

Rod Steiger ... Peter

Season 2, Episode 36: The Vault

8 May 1953

Season 2, Episode 37: Ink

15 May 1953

Season 2, Episode 38: The Spider's Web

22 May 1953

Nancy Coleman ... Jean

Henry Jones ... Irwin
Don Hanmer ... Matt

Season 2, Episode 39: Lazarus Walks

29 May 1953

Season 2, Episode 40: What Dreams May Come

12 June 1953

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