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Season 2

9 Feb. 1952
Hit by a Meteorite
A boring day in the spaces lanes above Terra quickly turn to terror when Commander Corry's spacecraft is disabled after being struck by a meteorite and plummets out of control towards the artificial planet's spaceport.
24 May 1952
Threat of the Thormanoids
Commander Corey, Cadet Happy and Carol Carlisle struggle to identify Thormanoids, alien humanoids that resembling Earthlings and are bent on galactic domination, who have infiltrated the ranks of the Space Patrol.
28 Jun. 1952
Interplanetary Smugglers
Deadly weapons are outlawed on Terra, but smugglers have adapted ordinary ray guns to fire explosive missiles. Commander Corry and his friends investigate the racket, but are captured and imprisoned in the hold of a refrigeration ship bound for the far reaches of the galaxy.
13 Sep. 1952
The Energy Thief
Commander Corry sends Tonga to investigate reports that a number of travelers have disappeared in the space lanes near Mercury. When Tonga fails to keep a rendezvous with Corry, Happy and Robbie, the men attempt to retrace her steps and are forced to land on a barren asteroid inhabited by a man who claims to know the secrets of eternal youth.
11 Oct. 1952
Errand of Mercy
The Space Patrol take a ship back into the past to Earth in 1952 with an urgent delivery of blood needed at the time. The star drive fails during the flight and the team land in an unknown time period.
6 Dec. 1952
The Human Trap
A strange missile crashes to Earth near Capital City. Commander Cory take charge of the mission sent in to disarm the weapon before it explodes.
13 Dec. 1952
The Chase in Time
An aging prospector strikes it rich when he discovers a vein of rare metal on a remote planetoid. He plans to keep a small portion for his own needs and turn over the rest of the claim to the United Planets but his shiftless relatives have other ideas and try to force the old man to reveal the location of his mine. When Commander Corry and friends intervene, the miner's relatives get their revenge by blowing up the entrance to the valuable mine - with the Space Patrol members inside.
20 Dec. 1952
The Deadly Sunbeam
A scientist working on Mars accidentally invents a horrific new death ray. A Martian politician decides to take advantage of the discovery in a mad grab for power.

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