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Season 2

12 Sep. 1952
The Marriage of Lit-Lit
A general store manager at a Canadian outpost marries an Indian girl named Lit-Lit. Her conniving father, in an attempt to shake down his new son-in-law, tries to get his daughter to leave her new husband until he comes through with more supplies and loot. The old man's plans go awry because the girl has fallen in love.
13 Mar. 1953
Nineteen Rue Marie
An American finds himself in the Paris home of a doctor, unaware of who he is or how he got there. His one daily visitor is Celeste who, he's told, he once loved. Armed with only the address of the bakery that makes the cakes Celeste brings him, he escapes the doctor's home and goes out to try and remember his life.
3 Apr. 1953
The Governess
Quite sentimental story of an old woman looking back on her life as a governess. Though now she's seemingly been forgotten by her past charges, the deep feelings this woman felt for her "children" never will.
1 May 1953
Medicine Woman
Smug Sam Bentley, a builder of high rise construction projects, is inconvenienced by a doctor's parked car. He decides to give him a piece of his mind, only to find the doctor is a lady. Instead of an argument, they get romantic. Things go well until one of her patients is hurt at one of his work sites.
26 Jun. 1953
The Ledge
A young artist who's come to the big city loses heart when he experiences vision problems. Despite reassurance from his doctor that his eyes will improve, he becomes disheartened and climbs out onto a window ledge. The doctor, a cop, and a young woman who knows his case all work to coax him back inside.
10 Jul. 1953
Storm Warnings
Wanda is married to one of the operators of a small Alaskan cargo airline. She sends a note to her husband's partner, Vic, suggesting a rendezvous. When the letter goes missing, Vic is convinced his partner knows about their affair and feeding him deadly landing instructions via radio during a storm.
24 Jul. 1953
Knave of Hearts
Gambler Steve returns to marry Laura only to find she is to marry homesteader Johnny . Laura's father ,rancher Warren disapproves of both men and with hired gun Dineen aims to eliminate both.
28 Aug. 1953
Two Loves Have I
After the death of her husband in the early years of World War II, a newspaper reporter throws herself into helping refugees from the Nazi invasion in wartime Lisbon.

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