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Ricky tries to keep Lucy away from auditioning for a TV show, but when a clown becomes unavailable, Lucy takes his place.
15 Oct. 1951
The Girls Want to Go to the Nightclub
It's Fred and Ethel's 18th wedding anniversary, Ethel wants to go to the Copa Cabana and Fred wants to go to the fights. Lucy helps Ethel to try and change the boys minds and Ricky helps Fred to do the same with the girls. Neither side will give in so Lucy tries to find dates to escort her and Ethel to the Copa, when Ricky finds out he tells Fred they need to find dates so they can go to the Copa and keep an eye on the girls. They both end up calling the same person for help with finding escorts and the result was the beginning of TV's funniest sitcom ever.
22 Oct. 1951
Be a Pal
Worried that Ricky is starting to lose interest in her, Lucy decides to remind Ricky of Cuba and his childhood. With Ethel's help she decorates the home and decides to impersonate a singer like Ricky's mom.
29 Oct. 1951
The Diet
Lucy can be in Ricky's act, but only if she can lose 12 pounds in four days.
5 Nov. 1951
Lucy Thinks Ricky Is Trying to Murder Her
After becoming too involved in a murder mystery book, Lucy believes that Ricky is trying to murder her.
12 Nov. 1951
The Quiz Show
When Lucy is months behind in paying the bills, she decides to go on a radio show to win $1,000. To win the money, she must introduce a stranger to Ricky as her 'first husband'.
19 Nov. 1951
The Audition
After the clown in Ricky's act gets injured, Lucy fills in for him.
26 Nov. 1951
The Seance
In this episode, Lucy gets superstitious with the daily Horoscope. When she explains to theatre producer Mr. Merriweather that Ricky's horoscope is not Ricky's day and he should say no, Lucy once again convinces Ricky to invite Mr. Merriweather to contact his beloved Tilly. However, the Ricardos get a big surprise of who Tilly really is.
3 Dec. 1951
Men Are Messy
When Lucy gets mad at how sloppy Ricky is, she decides to get back at him by only cleaning 'her half' of the apartment. When a magazine photographer comes to photograph the place for a musician's magazine, she goes all out and makes it as messy as she can.
10 Dec. 1951
The Fur Coat
Lucy thinks a mink coat that Ricky rented for a dance number at the club is actually her anniversary gift. She's so thrilled that Ricky can't bring himself to tell her the truth. He plans to fake a burglary to get it away from her.
17 Dec. 1951
Lucy Is Jealous of Girl Singer
After reading a newspaper article planted by Ricky's press agent, Ethel convinces Lucy that Ricky is fooling around with the lead dancer in his nightclub act.
24 Dec. 1951
Ricky and Fred are going to do a show for the Army troops at Fort Dix. To keep Lucy from wanting to be in it, they keep the reason they're going a secret. Lucy and Ethel think they've been drafted.
31 Dec. 1951
The Adagio
Lucy decides to try out for a job as an Apache dancer in Ricky's show. The man she rehearses with falls madly in love with her.
7 Jan. 1952
The Benefit
Lucy gets Ricky to perform with her at a benefit for Ethel's club.
14 Jan. 1952
The Amateur Hour
To earn some extra money to pay for a new dress, Lucy takes a job babysitting a little boy. She is amazed that she will be getting $5 an hour. She finds out why when the boy's mother sneaks a second, twin boy into the apartment.
21 Jan. 1952
Lucy Plays Cupid
Lucy's neighbor wants her to deliver an invitation to the grocer for a date. When she does, the grocer thinks the note is from Lucy rather than the neighbor. The grocer is delighted to think he will have dinner with Lucy.
28 Jan. 1952
Lucy Fakes Illness
Lucy is so frustrated that Ricky won't let her go into show business, she fakes being mentally ill. When Ricky finds out, he hires an actor to play a doctor and tell her she's really very sick and needs an operation.
4 Feb. 1952
Lucy Writes a Play
Lucy enters a playwriting competition, hoping to cast Ricky, but has to settle for Fred, and rewrites. But when Ricky learns a movie producer will be judging the plays, he takes over for Fred, not knowing the script's been changed.
11 Feb. 1952
Breaking the Lease
The Ricardos try to break their lease after a fight with the Mertzes.
18 Feb. 1952
The Ballet
Lucy claims to have been a ballerina, to get into Ricky's show. She goes to Madame Le Mond's class to hone her ballet skills.
25 Feb. 1952
The Young Fans
Lucy and Ricky try to deal with youthful admirers.
3 Mar. 1952
New Neighbors
Lucy thinks the new neighbors are plotting a murder.
10 Mar. 1952
Fred and Ethel Fight
Lucy tries to reunite the separated Mertzes after they had a big fight.
17 Mar. 1952
The Mustache
Ricky grows a mustache to get an acting job in a movie. Lucy doesn't like it, so she wears a fake beard and mustache she gets from Fred. The adhesive is so old, it won't come off.
24 Mar. 1952
The Gossip
The boys and girls bet each other breakfast in bed for a month that they can't stop gossiping.
31 Mar. 1952
Pioneer Women
The girls revolt over housework and want modern conveniences. The boys bet that they can survive longer than the girls without using anything invented after 1900, including electricity.
7 Apr. 1952
The Marriage License
When Lucy finds a misspelling on her marriage license, she believes her marriage to Ricky isn't legal.
14 Apr. 1952
The Kleptomaniac
Lucy is the chairman of a bazaar for her club, but doesn't tell Ricky. When he finds all the cash and donations hidden in the apartment, he accuses her of being a compulsive thief.
21 Apr. 1952
Cuban Pals
Lucy tries to emulate Ricky's former dance partner from Cuba.
28 Apr. 1952
The Freezer
Lucy and Ethel decide to make some money by buying a used walk-in freezer. When they unwittingly buy 700 pounds of beef, they try to sell it to customers at the butcher shop.
5 May 1952
Lucy Does a TV Commercial
In this classic "I Love Lucy" episode, Lucy angled here way onto Ricky's special as the show's pitch girl. She advertises a medicine called "Vitameatavegamin." Believe it contains vitamins, minerals, meat, and vegetables, Lucy actually does not know is that the stuff is also contained twenty-three percent of alcohol.
12 May 1952
The Publicity Agent
Ricky's publicity goes bad, so Lucy creates a stunt that includes her posing as the "Maharincess of Franistan."
19 May 1952
Lucy Gets Ricky on the Radio
The gang listens to a quiz show on the radio and Ricky answers all of the questions right. This inspires Lucy to get Ricky and herself on the show.
26 May 1952
Lucy's Schedule
After Lucy causes them to be late for dinner with Ricky's new boss, he puts her on a tight schedule.
2 Jun. 1952
Ricky Thinks He's Going Bald
Lucy tries to convince Ricky that he is not losing his hair.
9 Jun. 1952
Ricky Asks for a Raise
After Ricky loses his job when he asks for a raise, Lucy comes up with a plan to demonstrate to his boss how important he is.

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