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Season 1

Death of a Hero
Chase tries to convince a hero-worshiping youth that the life of a flamboyant gangster isn't as much fun as it appears.
Seven Seas to Danger
While researching a human interest story on the waterfront, David Chase stumbles upon a smuggling operation and is shot for his troubles.
Echo from the Dead
David Chase tries to find the real murderer before a family exacts vengeance upon the man's wife.
Murder Rides the Night Train
When a notorious gangster is subpoenaed to testify before a Congressional committee, reporter David Chase takes the same train to get an exclusive interview and discovers that other criminals don't want the crook to appear
Murder Can't Win
When a bookie is murdered, his innocent young female employee is framed for the crime.
1 Sep. 1951
The Little Black Book
Upon returning from two weeks of investigative reporting in Washington, David Chase discovers his room ransacked and a dead body lying in his closet. Before he can investigate, two thugs try to force Chase to reveal the location of a mysterious 'little black book' that Chase had no previous knowledge of. With the help of his intrepid secretary, Dorabelle, and a timely assist from Lieutenant Andrews, Chase manages to bring the killers to justice.

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