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Season 4

30 Sep. 1954
Forged Plates
Helping an American newspaperman get a headline story, Christopher Storm takes a backstreet tour of Vienna in search of counterfeit plates.
7 Oct. 1954
International Diamond Smugglers
Christopher Storm becomes the reluctant guardian of a beautiful visiting blonde when the underworld suspects she has smuggled a million dollars worth of contraband diamonds out of Vienna.
21 Oct. 1954
The Confidence Game
Christopher Storm aids one of his guests when he gets involved in an innocent card game with a group of gangsters which results in murder. Chris discovers a wallet lost and, quickly returned, establishes the identity of the victim of an international racket.
28 Oct. 1954
The Empty Room
After years of pursuit, a would-be killer wounds his victim in front of Christopher Storm's "Hotel Frontier". Collapsing in Storm's arms, the exhausted man inadvertently involves Storm in a deadly feud, with death as the easiest way out.
11 Nov. 1954
International Robbery
A frightened girl on a particular errand leads Christopher Storm to the hideout of a British bank robber who is hiding a teenage girl and her mother incommunicado.
25 Nov. 1954
The Jewel Thief
Shortly after his conversation with a sultry beauty, Christopher Storm finds a priceless diamond necklace stuffed into his pocket. Chris is given one hour to prove that he did not actually steal the necklace.
2 Dec. 1954
The Poisoned Teacup
Christopher Storm is poisoned by a strange woman who mistakes him for the main witness in a murder trial.
9 Dec. 1954
The Playful Prince
A Balkan Prince, traveling incognito, comes to Christopher Storm's "Hotel Frontier" on a holiday from his royal duties.
23 Dec. 1954
The State Secrets
An undercover agent carrying state secrets is found stabbed to death in Christopher Storm's "Hotel Frontier". The key witness, an attractive French girl, refuses to talk. Chris Storm starts off to bring the murderer to justice.
29 Dec. 1954
The Speed Demons
When Christopher Storm returns a handbag to Maria Dona, an important lady secretary that he hit in a freak auto accident, he finds another woman in the apartment claiming the same name.
5 Jan. 1955
The Spy Ring
A pleasure trip to Copenhagen turns out to be strictly business for Christopher Storm. He is led into a carefully laid trap, set by a European spy ring, that is designed to acquaint him with a female spy. The ring plan to use Chris as an unwitting courier for top secret defense plans.
12 Jan. 1955
Appointment at Five
Christopher Storm concludes an innocent luncheon date and then learns that his luncheon companion, a respectable Viennese businessman who works for Western Ingelligence on the side, is the unwitting target for two shadowy killers at five o'clock that evening.
19 Jan. 1955
The Wayward Brother
Christopher Storm steps out of his role as a Vienna hotel owner to get involved with a juvenile delinquent and his doting sister. The delinquent, a part-time boot black, starts a lot of trouble by stealing a packet of narcotics from a gangster's office in Vienna.
29 Jan. 1955
The Missing Schoolteacher
An Iowa school teacher has an innocent aperitif with a nice young man in Vienna and finds herself kidnapped by a man hunted by the international police.
5 Feb. 1955
Blind Man's Bluff
Christopher Storm is led into a deadly game of hide and seek when a blind man's hallucinations turn out to be the real thing. The old man believes that he is going to be killed.
12 Feb. 1955
The Mad Gunman
Hotel owner Christopher Storm is the victim of a surprise gun attack by a vindictive youth who blames him for his imprisonment. When Chris finds out who the gunman is, he runs into another problem with the man's sister.
19 Feb. 1955
The Diamond Allergy
Two lovers, who cannot get married because of financial difficulties, plan to part. Jan, the boy, finds a diamond necklace, dropped by a fleeing thief near Chris Storm's "Hotel Frontier" and feels his luck has changed.
26 Feb. 1955
A Game of Chance
A beautiful girl sneaks out of Christopher Storm's Viennese Hotel without paying her bill. The girl leaves behind a suitcase with $75,000 inside. Chris recognises her as a fashion model and gets involved with a case of blackmail when he tracks her down.
5 Mar. 1955
The Pearl Necklace
A young secretary-companion steals a pearl necklace from her employer in order to help her brother. When the girl tries to return the jewelry, she can't find the opportunity, so Chris Storm dons the guise of a French waiter to return the necklace.
9 Apr. 1955
The Boy in the Park
A cryptographer finally breaks an important code while resting in a quaint Viennese park. When he suffers a heart attack, a small boy picks up the paper he was working on and uses it is make a paper airplane. Chris is sent to find this most valuable toy.
12 Mar. 1955
Two Men from Zurich
Chris Storm, while taking a couple of days' holiday in Zurich, receives a phone call from a woman, whose voice evokes more memory than mystery for him, asking him for a date. However, when Chris reaches the address she has given him, he is drawn into a police raid on the apartment. It is filled with stolen furs. Penolope, the woman in question, is alone in the flat awaiting the arrival of the police and Chris. She has also phoned the insurance company, a representative of whom arrives at the flat at the same time. The fur thieves have escaped, but Penolope knows who ...
26 Mar. 1955
The Concert Pianist
A famed concert pianist flees in terror from the Viennese police - accused of a brutal murder. The man is innocent but fears an investigation into his past because he was once in jail.
19 Mar. 1955
The Broken Wishbone
Chris Storm falls in love with an artist, but is unaware of the tragedy of her past. Chris tackles a mystery, the elements of which are: an unsolved Christmas Day murder, a confession of love from a grief-stricken man, a small artists' colony on the outskirts of Vienna, and a quiet funeral parlor. The clue to the young artist's mystery lies in a charm bracelet she wears that has one charm missing.
2 Apr. 1955
The Secret Plane
The love for a girl and the desire for quick money compel a well-known test pilot, who is slowly losing his vision, to make his last flight a secret flight for foreign agents to Switzerland.
23 Apr. 1955
The Diplomat
A diplomat friend of Chris Storm plans to double-cross the government by turning important papers over to a foreign power. He uses the unsuspecting Storm to transport the papers to Stockholm. Chris comes face to face with death while preventing the valuable secrets from falling into the hands of the foreign power.
16 Apr. 1955
Christopher Storm gives information about a black market medicine ring to the authorities. Before he can place the ring leader in the hands of the police, he finds himself accused of a vicious murder, the victim of a police hoax and receives a brutal beating.
16 Apr. 1955
Full Circle
Christopher Storm and his beautiful companion are taken hostage by a desperate convict and his accomplice. They force Storm and his companion to lead them to the border and their escape.
30 Apr. 1955
Little Romeo
European winters fail to dampen the spirits of the unstable teenage society of Vienna - and the activities of a ruthless narcotics ring. When a small-time peddler passes some narcotics in Chris Storm's "Hotel Frontier" that results in tragedy, Storm decides to clean up the racket.
14 May 1955
Big Brother
An honest but misguided young man seeks revenge for the cold-blooded murder of his younger brother by smugglers. Chris Storm is asked to help find the murderer and discovers he must protect the culprit from the dead man's brother.
21 May 1955
Miss Fortune
Robbery leads to blackmail and murder. A young woman starts the whole affair by stealing from two jealous brothers.
4 Jun. 1955
The Beauty
A diplomat's secretary steals an envelope containing some top secret papers from Christopher Storm and threatens his life.
11 Jun. 1955
First Blush
Christopher Storm encounters a strange collection of people, and objects when a successful Vienese business woman seeks his help in investigating the brutal murder of her partner.
25 Jun. 1955
In Paris, A woman recognizes a man in the street as a Nazi war criminal in hiding. She threatens to kill him, but he knocks her senseless, leaving her in a hospital with Amnesia.
18 Jun. 1955
Run Around
Christopher Storm becomes a very important man in the eyes of the Viennese police after word leaks out that he has some important stolen plans in his possession.

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