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earlytalkie31 May 2011
Seeing the old "Dinah Shore Chevy Show" reminds me of when I was a kid. This show was a Sunday night staple in our house, like "Bonanza" on the same network. The shows on my DVD set are kinescope recordings in black-and-white of originally live color telecasts. What one is amazed at when watching this musical-variety show is the work and talent that went in it. We don't really have anymore prime-time variety shows anymore and it's a shame. These shows bring an immediacy and importance to performers who, for the most part, are long gone. The costumes, sets and choreography in these shows were first-rate. Dinah could really sing back then, and she wasn't afraid to share the limelight with her co-stars. After years of reality shows and animated sit-coms, it is a refreshing change to sit back and enjoy what they probably took for granted back in the old days.
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