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11 Aug. 1951
California Outlaws
Kit takes on a bold gang preying on stagecoaches.
18 Aug. 1951
Prince of Padua Hills
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25 Aug. 1951
The Road to Monterey
After an attempt is made to assassinate Sen. Fowler--who happens to be Kit's former commanding officer--Kit escorts him to Monterey. In the meantime, El Toro tries to re-start a romance with an ex-girlfriend.
8 Sep. 1951
The Murango Story
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15 Sep. 1951
Riders of Capistrano
American bad guys steal a bell from a mission in Mexico which could create a war.
22 Sep. 1951
Enemies of the West
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29 Sep. 1951
Law of the Six Guns
Kit and El Toro attempt to rescue a man being dragged behind a horse but are too late to save his life. Knowing that the man was the foreman for his old friend, Ray Bolton, Kit visits the ranch and meets a stranger who declares himself to be its new owner. Kit manages to sneak inside the ranch house and rescues Ray, who is bound and gagged in the basement. Kit learns that Ray's lovely daughter has been abducted to force him to sell the ranch to crooks.
6 Oct. 1951
The Devil at Angel's Camp
When a harmless water carrier is murdered during a terrible drought, Kit and El Toro search for the motive for the killing and the ruthless murderer.
13 Oct. 1951
Law of the Frontier
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27 Oct. 1951
Fury at Red Gulch
Kit and El Toro rescue a newspaper editor falsely accused of murder and help him capture the real villain, the town's gambling house owner.
3 Nov. 1951
The Outlaws of Manzantia
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10 Nov. 1951
The Desperate Sheriff
Carson is asked by a sheriff to guard a captured bank robber and the recovered loot, while his gang plots tricks and deceptions to free him.
17 Nov. 1951
The Hero of Hermosa
After finding a friend and fellow lawman murdered for some gold, Carson and El Toro go to a small Mexican border town to await the arrival of the gang. Toro is mistaken for a bullfighter of some fame, and gets mixed up with the innkeeper's daughter and desperately tries to get out of an impending shotgun wedding.
24 Nov. 1951
A Ticket to Mexico
Kit and El Toro try to catch the thief of the winning ticket to the Mexican state lottery.
1 Dec. 1951
The Return of Trigger Dawson
A bandit breaks jail to blackmail his former wife.
8 Dec. 1951
The Teton Tornado
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15 Dec. 1951
Badman of Brisco
Kit and El Toro are asked to help break up an outlaw gang preying on new post offices in frontier territory.
29 Dec. 1951
Feud in San Filipe
When El Toro receives a desperate plea from his uncle, Manuel Lopez to come to his aid when a family feud is rekindled, Kit Carson volunteers to join the fight. The argument started over the possession of an inheritance of family jewels that the Hernandez clan claims is rightfully theirs. Kit discovers that the Hernandez clan has resorted to forgery, murder and buying off a judge to make their claim stick.

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