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That Nibbles Is A Real 'Firecracker!'

Author: ccthemovieman-1 from United States
1 August 2007

"Nibbles" is back in this 1950 Tom and Jerry. He's the little orphan that was dropped off at the door several years back and has appeared in a few episodes, usually stories about the little gray mouse's appetite. This one has nothing to do with food or drink, but fireworks. It appears it was going to be a good moral story for little kids, warning them about the dangers of fireworks. Instead, it turns out the opposite. This is NOT a good message but it IS a funny cartoon!

Jerry looks at the calendar one morning and sees it is July 4, points that out to Nibbles who then goes and gets a big box overflowing with fireworks. Jerry is not happy, puts the 'works back in the closet and points out what it says on the bottom of the calendar: "make it safe and sane."

Anyway, Nibbles is not happy as most kids wouldn't be with Jerry putting away the goodies. He wants to see some explosions, not some stupid hats-and-horns New Year's Eve-type stuff Jerry is doing. Funny things happen after that, beginning with Jerry discovering an entire arsenal of fireworks hidden in Nibbles' diaper! The little guy is always producing a firecracker no matter what his elder is doing. Finally, he gets banished to his room.

When Jerry goes to sleep in the hammock outside, Tom starts fireworks of his own. From there, it's predictable - but funny in spots - that Nibbles and his arsenal comes in handy and the little mice get a bang out of what happens to Tom in the second half of the story.

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Amusing cartoon about Nibbles and his fireworks...

Author: Neil Doyle from U.S.A.
24 May 2008

Typically amusing Tom & Jerry cartoon in which the star part goes to Nibbles, the mischievous little mouse with a penchant for getting into trouble. Jerry awakens in the morning and the wall calendar tells him it's July 4th. When Nibbles awakes, he brings him over to view the calendar which warns "Stay safe"--but the lesson is apparently lost on the little one.

He's got fireworks in hidden spots all over the place, including his own diapers. He gleefully sets about lighting them whenever he has a chance--always at the expense of Jerry who gets the worst of it when he attempts to defuse the situation.

Later in the day, while resting in a hammock, Tom finally appears with his own big firecracker ready to light under Jerry. Nibbles quickly goes into action so that the result will literally backfire on Tom.

Amusing stuff, but kiddies aren't likely to learn their lesson from this one!

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Don't expect explosive laughter.

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
29 September 2014

It's July 4th and cloyingly cute orphan mouse Nibbles wants to celebrate Independence Day by lighting firecrackers; however, his safety-conscious pal Jerry keeps trying to spoil the fun by confiscating the fireworks. Unfortunately for Jerry, Nibbles isn't the only one armed with explosives: Tom has fireworks too and is intent on causing trouble with them.

An extremely one-note comedy caper, virtually all of Safety Second's gags revolve around either Tom or Jerry being blown up, which isn't exactly groundbreaking material (they even roll out the classic 'blackface' joke for the finalé, although this has been cut from certain versions). Ironically, as far as Tom and Jerry cartoons go, this one is a bit of a damp squib.

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Not quite a classic, but still a lot of fun

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
5 December 2012

I may be biased as I have always loved Tom and Jerry since childhood. Safety Second is not one of their absolute best, there are moments where it is a little too routine and predictable, but it has the ingredients that make Tom and Jerry so entertaining. The animation is still wonderful, with a lot of detail in the backgrounds and luscious colouring. Tom, Jerry and Nibbles are all well-drawn as well. The music has always been a large part of Tom and Jerry's energy, in Safety Second I can't make any exception. The lively tempos and lush orchestration makes for very characterful music indeed that succeeds in enhancing the humour. And the gags are enormously entertaining to watch, thick, fast and never laboured. The story is not much new, but is never dull. Tom and Jerry are as likable as ever and true to character, while Nibbles is adorable and is charmingly endearing in his curiosity and innocence.

Overall, a lot of fun even if it falls this short of being a classic. 9/10 Bethany Cox

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Nobody is safe when Nibbles is around fireworks!

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
24 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This short sees the return of Nibbles; the grey orphaned mouse who presents a greater threat to Jerry than Tom ever could! As the story begins Jerry looks at the calendar and notices that it is the fourth of July; he points this out to Nibbles and he promptly pulls out a firework! Jerry confiscates it and tries to demonstrate a safer but less fun way of celebrating the holiday... Nibbles is unimpressed and just pulls another firework from his nappy! Jerry takes it off him just as it explodes; he then turns Nibbles upside down and shakes a huge pile of fireworks out of his nappy. He sends Nibbles to bed then goes to relax in a hammock... only to have Tom place a firework underneath him... this leads to the usual shenanigans as the two fight and Tom chases Jerry who is repeatedly saved by Nibbles use of fireworks. In the end it looks as if the two mice are going to be victorious but ultimately only Nibbles is as he plays with his safe devices while Jerry is left with a blackened face after nearly getting blown up again.

The inclusion of Nibbles makes this short more fun than if it had just featured Tom and Jerry; there is a certain innocent charm to the character despite the fact that he is a menace to friend and foe alike. There are plenty of great gags; nearly all of which end up with Tom or Jerry getting blown up... this doesn't include the most painful looking moment though; that is when an angry Jerry punches Tom right in the eye! This might not be a classic episode but it provides plenty of laughs so is definitely worth watching.

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Danger First

Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
13 October 2008

It's Independence Day, and Jerry's nephew Nibbles is determined to get himself blown up by playing around with all kinds of fireworks, leading to Jerry getting blasted every time. Tom appears and torments the mice, and a war breaks out between them leading to the usual tricks, chases and fights.

Safety Seconds repeats a lot of jokes from previous cartoons and is treading water for most of the running time. One thing I don't get is why Nibbles wears a diaper. I mean, neither he nor Jerry are toilet trained and mice just defecate wherever they please. So surely it would be more hygienic for Nibbles to do just that rather than going around with it all mashed-up between his butt cheeks.

An average cartoon regardless.

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