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  • In 1875 London, young Wheeler (who lives by scavenging) finds a cameo of Queen Victoria which he thinks so beautiful he risks his life to save it. Possessed of a desire to see the Queen, he slips past the Beefeaters and wanders about Windsor Castle, just when a state dinner is in preparation. Meanwhile, prime minister Disraeli is struggling hard to persuade the Queen to end her long seclusion

  • "Mudlarks" are street children who subsist by scavenging on the banks of the River Thames. An orphan named Wheeler discovers a medallion of Queen Victoria. An older friend explains that "she is the mother of all England," and Wheeler promptly sets out to meet her. But Victoria has shut herself away in her palace for the last thirteen years, in mourning for her dead husband. Wheeler's misadventures in the palace coincide with Disraeli's attempts to convince her to end her seclusion. Amazing performance by Irene Dunne.


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  • This is a wonderful movie to show young children today. They maintain interest and it is totally G rated.

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