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Good Series Western
bsmith555217 May 2003
"The Girl From San Lorenzo" is an offering from the second series of Cisco Kid westerns starring Duncan Renaldo as Cisco. Leo Carrillo played Pancho in this series. Unlike the first series, Cisco is not portrayed as a dashing cabelliero and there are no musical numbers. You have to listen close to Carrillo's dialogue to pick up all of his oxy-morans. They're hilarious.

The plot plot of this entry has Cisco and Pancho being blamed for a series of stagecoach robberies being committed by Cisco and Pancho impersonators (David Sharpe, Edmund Cobb). The "brains" of the outfit is Byron Foulger who usually played mousy bank tellers or storekeepers. Don C. Harvey is his chief lieutenant. Jane Adams and Bill Lester are the nominal series western hero and heroine. Lee Phelps makes a rather aged sheriff.

The DVD release pairs this film with "South of the Rio Grande" (1945) from the first series. You can compare the two formats and draw your own conclusions. Also on the DVD is an episode from the TV series and a very enlightening interview with Duncan Renaldo in which he discusses his career and how he came to play Cisco.
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