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When Frank starts to sit down next to Jeanie at the club, his cigarette is in his left hand. But in the next shot, while he's still in the motion of sitting down, it's now in his right hand.
When the bus stops in front of one of the henchmen chasing Frank , the front door opens, but when they cut to the inside of the bus, the door is still closed, and remains closed, until Frank gets up and goes out the rear door.
When Frank leaves the St. Francis and gets on the cable car, it is going towards the end of the line on Market Street, a few blocks away. But in the next scene, the cable car is going uphill in the opposite direction.
At 21:10, the amount in Frank's glass is less than when seen at 21:45. He did not ask the bartender for more.
In the bar, the glass changes positions on the bar relative to the man with the checkered coat. It goes from behind his arm to in front of his elbow.
At 28:31 the way the doctor holds the paper changes.
At 39:36 Halliday's position changes as he sits on the desk.
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Crew or equipment visible 

Near the end of the first scene in Halliday's office, a large shadow or change in lighting briefly passes across Bigelow.
At 49:20, camera shadow on Frank.
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At 1:12:15 camera shadow on Frank and store window.
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During the chase in the drugstore, you can see several bystanders watching the filming from across the street.

Plot holes 

Bigelow goes to the doctor complaining of a stomach ache. A toxicologist ran tests showing he was poisoned by luminous toxin. A doctor would not run toxicological tests upon an initial patient visit with a stomach ache complaint.
When Dr. MacDonald is showing the beaker that supposed to contain the luminous poison, which he just removed from Frank's blood, there is more toxin in the beaker than could possibly have been in a small blood sample; more than Frank could have drunk in the 2 small sips he takes in the bar; more than could have been dissolved in the glass.

Revealing mistakes 

After finding out who's in the photo, Bigelow leaves the photography studio and immediately starts getting shot at. He heads toward the factory (screen right) where the shots are supposed to be coming from, but all the shots being fired and ricocheting off the ground, pipe, barrel, etc. are coming from the other direction (screen left).
When Dr. MacDonald is showing the test tube that supposed to contain the poison liquid that glows in the dark and moves it around, you can see it's really a solid substance, and not a liquid.

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