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Bugs Down Under

Author: Thomas ( from Berlin, Germany
18 May 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Bushy Hare" is an American cartoon from over 65 years ago and this one is still from the Golden Age of Animation. Just like all the others, it runs for seven minutes and if you are a bit interested in these old Warner Bros cartoons, I won't need to tell you who Robert McKimson, Warren Foster and Mel Blanc are, the 3 people who made this little movie. In here, Bugs makes a bad decision of holding a bunch of balloons and off he goes until landing in Australia. There he meets a couple very bizarre locals, animals and people and the interactions with these are the comedic core of this short film. Overall, I did not find it very funny or entertaining. The animation is probably the film's biggest strength, but with this sheer quantity of Warner Bros cartoons, not everyone can be a winner. I don't recommend the watch here.

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Unexceptional but has its moments

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
28 August 2012

Bugs Bunny is one of my all time favourite cartoon characters, however I do think he has definitely done much better than Bushy Hare. The cartoon itself is not as bad as I was led to believe, but I didn't care much for the routine story and while some worked like the chase in the canoe and the sequence with the kangaroo a lot of the other gags fell limp for me not helped by pacing that didn't really come to life. But the biggest issue I had was the character of Nature Boy. And it wasn't just because he was a negative stereotype of Aborigines but also that he was very bland and the chemistry between him and Bugs was lacking. However, the animation is great, the colours look ravishing and the backgrounds are lush and detailed. The music is stylishly orchestrated and gives a crisp energy lacking in the gags and the pace(loved the use of Strolling Through the Park, a song that is growing on me all the time), while the dialogue actually manages to be very funny. Bugs bags all the best lines with "Look mother, that thing could give you a conclusion of the brain", "Get Me Outta Here, I'm afraid of the dark" and "Me and my big fat mouth". I personally didn't find the "Unga Bunga bit" all that funny though. Bugs is intelligent, arrogant and very likable, and Mel Blanc's voice work is stellar as always. All in all, Bushy Hare has its moments, but at the same time it could've been so much better. 6/10 Bethany Cox

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Unga bunga bunga, Binga binga binga bunga!

Author: wilhelmurg from United States
16 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was the 40th cartoon Robert McKimson directed, and it's one of those Looney Tunes that qualify as essential spiritual nourishment. This has the one appearance of Nature Boy, a character that made such an impact that it seems like he was around a lot more (i.e. - they played the hell out of this cartoon when I was a child in the 1960s and 1970s...thankfully!) This is a masterpiece, with the "unga bunga" argument as it's centerpiece, but you also have to love the fight inside Gracie, the mother Kangaroo and the Daliesque landscape when Bugs is bouncing around on the ground by himself. This is the only cartoon where Gracie gets more screen time than Hippety Hopper and the only time Hippety speaks. This is also one of the 12 Bugs Bunny cartoons Cartoon Network did not play in their June 2001 "June Bugs" marathon where they played all the rest of the Bugs Bunny cartoons: it was pulled for being a stereotype of an Aborigine. While he's obviously SUPPOSED to be an Aborigine, I always saw Nature Boy's design as more of a generic wild man with no particular ethnicity (caveman?)

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Not as rude as it may sound

Author: Chip_douglas from Rijswijk, ZH, Netherlands
18 March 2004

Bugs Bunny is strolling through Golden Gate park and for some reason feels a lot like singing. A scary looking balloon salesman asks Bugs to hold his balloons while he ties his shoe. This unusual set-up leads the bunny to flying all the way to Australia via balloon. Normally, Bugs appears ready for anything, but in `Bushy Hare' we learn he has quite a few shortcomings: in rapid succession he claims to be scared of hights, afraid of the dark and can't stand to see a mother cry (no matter what species she is). Worst of all, he just will not stop singing those show tunes. Still, at least he did not take another left turn at Albuquerque.

After bumping into a stork, Bugs is delivered to an expecting kangaroo. Feeling pity, Bugs pretends to be a baby kangaroo and soon finds himself being hunted by `Nature Boy'. This politically incorrect Aboriginal acts like Elmer crossed with the Tasmanian Devil and therefore offers little challenge to Bugs. Although Bugs appears to speak fluent Abbo, the two of them still end up fighting inside the mother kangaroo's pouch. It all ends with a happy family reunion and a very strange mode of transportation for Bugs to return to the states. Thankfully `Bushy Hare' came to an end before the bunny started to sing again.

4 out of 10

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Bugs and 'Nature Boy'

Author: TheOtherFool from The Netherlands
26 June 2004

Bugs finds himself from San Francisco suddenly in Australia, where he is brought part by balloons part by bird-who-delivers-babies-to-kangaroos (I'm not too big on nature, people).

In Australia he has an encounter with what seems to be an aboriginal, although Bugs is naming it Nature Boy. Rude and politically incorrect by standards these days, I'm sure, but keep in mind this was made 55 years ago.

Bugs and Nature Boy have a go in some chases (of which one of them, in a canoo, is pretty funny), but this short cartoon is obligate in every possible way.

Not that many good moments, really: 4/10.

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"That thing could give you a conclusion of the brain."

Author: utgard14 from USA
8 August 2016

Bugs finds himself in Australia (don't ask how; it's stupid) in this tired Bob McKimson Looney Tunes short. While in Australia, Bugs deals with kangaroos and an aborigine hunter he dubs Nature Boy. The aborigine stuff is far less offensive than I'm sure it sounds. It's not funny, mind you, but not that offensive. Anyway most of the cartoon is Bugs going back and forth with the hunter. We've all seen it before and better. I like McKimson but he was one of the weaker directors when it came to Bugs. The gags aren't terribly creative or funny and none of the lines have any punch. To make matters worse, this is one of those Bugs shorts where he talks incessantly and every other character is silent or unintelligible. The voice work and music are nice. The animation is the best part of the cartoon. I really love the colors in this. It's a pretty forgettable effort but Bugs completists might want to take a look. Also worth mentioning the baby kangaroo that appears here is sometimes cited as a Hippety Hopper appearance, but I'm not sure if that's accurate. He doesn't really look like Hopper to me (the ears are different), plus he speaks and Hopper never spoke. I think it's just a generic nameless kangaroo character.

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"I read that there are more accidents in the home . . . "

Author: Edgar Allan Pooh from The Gutters of Baltimore
10 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

" . . . than on the highway," Bugs Bunny relates to the loose-laced balloon vendor at the beginning of BUSHY HARE. Best distinguished by its equal opportunity racism, BUSHY HARE mocks Australian Aboriginal People in nearly identical fashion to the way Warner Bros. animators dealt with Native Americans in LITTLE HIAWATHA. Fortunately, a stork and a pair of kangaroos also are on the job here to serve as foils to Bugs, so the weaker plot lines involving the Bush Man Bugs derisively dubs "Nature Boy" do not monopolize this animated short's entire seven-minute running time. Supposedly Warner Bros. keeps tons of "Looney Tunes" locked up in its vaults because they're deemed to be too "politically incorrect" to ever again see the light of day (or a projector, DVD player's laser, or what have you). When offerings such as BUSHY HARE still are widely circulated, it kind of makes you wonder just how low the restricted cartoons sunk to merit their current lock-up in Super Max.

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