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Low Budget Moppet Western
kapecki2 April 2003
OK, so there's nothing objectively good to say about this basement budget kiddie oater from Republic, the first in a series of four featuring young'ins as the titular heroes. But when I was a city kid in the 50s, this was the sort of thing I'd eagerly plunk down my ten cents to see on Saturday afternoon. It had a boy my age who roped, rode, and packed a six-shooter (not that he ever shot anything with it). The story features your standard land-grabbing evil doer riding roughshod over a community, most of whose men are off fighting the Civil War. Featuring early roles by Hugh O'Brien (good guy)and Tristram Coffin (bad guy). Minimal production values and a scant sixty minutes run time, but, hey, we didn't notice. All that's missing are the ten color cartoons and a serial chapter for nostalgia's sake.
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