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6 Jan. 1955
Episode #5.17
Golf pro Jim Ferrier and lion Fearless Fagan's owner are among the guests.
13 Jan. 1955
Episode #5.18
Hollywood makeup artist, Layne 'Shotgun' Britton; former boxing middleweight champion, 'Mickey Walker; and Groucho's daughter, Melinda, are among the guests.
27 Jan. 1955
Episode #5.20
Tom Blazina, who soldiered with Dwight D. Eisenhower back in 1916, and Gordon Hahn, L.A. City Councilman, are among the guests.
3 Feb. 1955
Episode #5.21
A sheep rancher and Hollywood costume designer Edith Head are among the guests.
17 Feb. 1955
Episode #5.23
Psychiatrist, Dr. Leonard Krause, and the world's greatest archer, Howard Hill, are among the guests.
24 Feb. 1955
Episode #5.24
Celebrity chef Mama Weiss and Far Eastern affairs lecturer Aly Wassil are among the guests.
3 Mar. 1955
Episode #5.25
A medical student and perhaps the greatest Heavyweight Boxing Champion in the sport's history, Joe Louis, are among the guests.
10 Mar. 1955
Episode #5.26
The man who invented the Zoomerang and Cleveland Indians star pitcher Bob Lemon are among the guests.
7 Apr. 1955
Episode #5.30
Newly sworn in lawyer, Beverly Rubens; Major League Baseball manager Chuck Dressen; and Gypsy Boots, American fitness pioneer, who lived in caves and atop of trees for twenty years, are among the guests.
12 May 1955
Episode #5.35
A hydrologist, the 1954 Rose Queen of Pasadena, and the brother of actor Aldo Ray are among the guests.
19 May 1955
Episode #5.36
Baby food executive, Dan Gerber, and Sean Meany of Ireland, are among the guests.
29 Sep. 1955
Episode #6.1
A publicity man, who once sold an icebox to an Eskimo; country songwriter Bebe Blake; and Donald Douglas Jr., vice president of Douglas Aircraft Company; are among the guests.
6 Oct. 1955
Episode #6.2
Anthony Herbert, the most-decorated veteran of the Korean War, is among the guests.
20 Oct. 1955
Episode #6.4
Hollywood composer Dimitri Tiomkin and a Hoover Dam tour guide are among the guests.
17 Nov. 1955
Episode #6.8
A 7-year-old girl, a lawyer, a USC student, and Emmett Ashford, who was the first black umpire in professional baseball, are among the guests.
22 Dec. 1955
Episode #6.13
Dr. Giovanni, known as the World's Greatest Pickpocket, and highly decorated World War II veteran, US Air Force Gen. Clarence A. Shoop, are among the guests.

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