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15 Feb. 1959
Episode #10.24
Martin Gabel returns this week, along with guest panelist, Robert Cummings. Challenger Number 1 is Helen P. Mann, who hails from Boston. Her glamorous looks belie her 'line' - she tracks missiles at Cape Canaveral, Florida (to the degree that she can track the exact location of a nosecone.) The second challenger this evening is Mrs. Helen Mitchell, a Pennsylvania woman who owns her own business - she sells sewer pipe. Mystery guest, Maria Schell, appears tonight to promote her newly released film, "The Hanging Tree," starring Gary Cooper and marking the film bow of ...
4 Jan. 1959
Episode dated 4 January 1959
Tony Randall returns as guest panelist this evening with Dorothy, Arlene, Bennett and John Daly for the first show of the new year. The first challenger is a woman from Lowell, Kentucky who is a deputy sheriff. Next up, one A.W. Clark of Waco, Texas is introduced and he makes foot warmers. Celeste Holm is the mystery guest and John Daly and Arlene Francis congratulate her for her performance in "Third Best Sport," a Broadway comedy that opened just a few days earlier. Last up was a young German woman who emigrated from her native Hamburg. She is the elevator operator ...
11 Jan. 1959
Episode dated 11 January 1959
Guest host Dick Powell joins the panel on tonight's show. The first challenger is the warden of Washington State penitentiary, followed by a woman from Omaha, Nebraska who is a masseuse. Joseph Cotten, currently co-starring with Arlene Francis on Broadway in "Once More, With Feeling" is the mystery guest. John Daly mentions that January is the month for non-citizens to come forth and register at designated offices around the country. To finish off this very lively show, are two men, who sign in as Holmes and Watson. The two are lifeguards in Florida.
18 Jan. 1959
Episode dated 18 January 1959
Guest panelist, Van Heflin, joins the panel on what John Daly calls this very cold evening. The first challenger is the host of the Canadian "What's My Line" and Bennett Cerf and John Daly persuade him to simulate how he would sound to a French-Canadian audience. The second challenger, a 64 year old woman from Newton, Kansas is the night watchman for the Merchants'of Kansas facility. Richard Boone is this evening's mystery guest. He and John Daly discuss his success on his very popular TV series, "Have Gun, Will Travel" and to promote his incipient Broadway opening in...
25 Jan. 1959
Episode dated 25 January 1959
David Niven returns as a guest panelist in tonight's episode. First up, a Toronto woman who is in a knife throwing act, her husband, the one who throws the knives. The second challenger is a California woman who makes saddles. The mystery guest is Paul Newman, who confounds the panel, because he's appearing in a dramatic film, "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" and a comedy, "Rally 'Round The Flag, Boys" both of which are playing at Broadway movie houses. John Daly congratulates him when Newman mentions that his wife, Joanne Woodward, is pregnant with their first child. As well,...
1 Feb. 1959
Episode dated 1 February 1959
As the broadcast begins, Representative James Roosevelt (D-California and son of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt) joins the panel this evening. The panel are blindfolded for the first challenger, European heavyweight boxing champion, Ingemar Johansson. John Daly thought his Swedish accent might have helped the panel guess his identity, hence the need to blindfold them. Next up is Mr. J.R. Hanahan from Columbia, SC and a termite exterminator. Mystery guest, Burl Ives, appears tonight and John Daly congratulates him on his performance in the 1958 film, "Cat On A Hot...
8 Feb. 1959
Episode dated 8 February 1959
Tom Poston returns tonight as guest panelist, along with Arlene, Dorothy and Martin Gabel, who is filling in for the vacationing Bennett Cerf. The first challenger is a French woman who is the Private Secretary to the Duchess of Windsor. Next up is one Norma Dean of Miami Florida, who dives 40 feet into a tank.. on horseback into 12 feet of water. Mystery guests are Marge and Gower Champion. Dorothy Kilgallen, at the top of the show, introduces and congratulates Martin Gabel on the success of the opening the previous evening of the new play in which he stars, "The ...
22 Feb. 1959
Episode dated 22 February 1959
Former mystery guest turned panelist, Richard Boone, joins Arlene, Dorothy and his current co-star in Broadway's "The Rivalry," Martin Gabel for tonight's show. First up is a burly Indiana man who is a bridal consultant, followed by a California woman, one Miss Dietrich (no relation to Marlene), who is the chief pilot of aircraft company. Mystery guest, Johnny Mathis, is quickly identified by Dorothy Kilgallen, when she asks if he autographed a pair of her shoes recently and he confesses, happily to say that, indeed, he had (evidently, this was a hobby of Kilgallen's ...
1 Mar. 1959
Episode dated 1 March 1959
Bennett Cerf returns this week and Keenan Wynn is the guest panelist tonight. The first challenger is a Japanese woman, who is a professional billiards player. In fact, she is the world's woman's champion. Next up is a New York City woman, Mrs. Shirley Morabito, who is a medicine taster for drug manufacturer, Pfizer. In an awkward moment, as Mrs. Morabito is getting ready to depart, Cerf asks her how she's able to swallow all of that medication, geared for various ailments. Arlene leans over to him to explain that she tastes, but does not swallow the product. Mystery ...
8 Mar. 1959
Episode dated 8 March 1959
Jack Lemmon joins the panel again this week, along with Arlene, Dorothy and Bennett Cerf. First challenger is a a former football player (he ranking third in passing (1956) for the college football season) and he now runs a charm school for women. Next up is a very attractive woman from Waco, Texas, who is an anesthetist. Mystery guest is Fred MacMurray, promoting his new Disney film, "The Shaggy Dog" which will open in a few weeks. His wife, actress June Haver, makes a very brief appearance. Short on time once more, Daly introduces a young German woman who now ...
15 Mar. 1959
Episode dated 15 March 1959
David Susskind joins the panel on this Ides of March 1959 broadcast. The first challenger is a Cranbury, New Jersey man who is a scientist and chief researcher for... baby diapers. Next up, is a man who sells Rolls Royce automobiles. As well, he has the distinction of being the youngest man in the US doing this line of work. Mystery guest tonight is Sammy Davis, Jr. who is New York for a gig at the Copacabana. Finally, the last challenger is a Mr. Bob Brookhauser, an extremely large man in both height and girth, who mounts television antennas on the roofs of private ...
22 Mar. 1959
Episode dated 22 March 1959
Actor Mel Ferrer joins Arlene, Dorothy and Bennett on tonight's show. Challenger number one is a man from Los Angeles and the United States Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service. The second challenger, a Mr. Neal O'Malley Keyes, originally from Ireland, is a milkman and has route in Santa Ana, California. The mystery guest tonight is Lana Turner. Daly mentions that her next film, "Imitation of Life" was slated to open very soon, but Miss Turner said that it would not be released for at least another month. Arlene Francis mentions that something went awry when ...
18 Oct. 1959
Episode dated 18 October 1959
Legendary screen actor Gary Cooper is the weeks Mystery Celebrity Guest with Anthony Perkins as the guest panelist. A professional whaler and a female garbage collector are the other contestants.

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