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Season 5

21 Oct. 1954
The Case of the Gentleman Cheat
As part of his settlement with the IRS, a tax cheat agrees to pay all the money he owes within ten days. However, a suspicious IRS agent believes that the man is going to pay his taxes with yet more money that he has illegally hidden from the government, and sets out to prove his case.
4 Nov. 1954
The Case of the Man Outside
A prison gang discovers an ingenious way to print and distribute counterfeit money, even though they're behind bars.
18 Nov. 1954
The Case of the Little Tin Box
Three people who own a nightclub, where much of the business is on a strictly cash basis, decide to avoid paying income taxes by skimming money from the club.
25 Nov. 1954
The Case of the Green Feathers
Customs agents go after a ring of gangsters who are smuggling rare parrots into the U.S. from Mexico.
23 Dec. 1954
The Case of the Bad Bargain
A Treasury agent goes undercover at an East Coast port to break up an opium smuggling ring.
13 Jan. 1955
The Case of the Chartered Chiseler
A bus-company owner decides to keep a little extra money for himself by falsely reporting charitable donations as tax deductions.
20 Jan. 1955
The Case of the Iron Curtain
A heartless criminal sees an opportunity to take the troubles of a shaken Holocaust survivor and turn them to his own advantage.
17 Feb. 1955
The Case of the Princely Pauper
Although the feds know that an importer is smuggling expensive Swiss jewelry into the US, they can't discover how he's doing it, despite his being under constant surveillance. They begin an undercover operation, hoping to discover his methods.
17 Mar. 1955
The Case of the Tight Squeeze
Customs agents discover large quantities of expensive--and undeclared--Cuban perfumes that are flooding the market. They soon discover a criminal ring that has a clever plan for smuggling the goods from Cuba into the US.
24 Mar. 1955
The Case of the Deadly Dilemma
While attempting to infiltrate a counterfeiting ring, an undercover secret service agent is ordered to kill a man by the gang's leader.
31 Mar. 1955
The Case of the Black Sheep
A businessman strikes a bargain with a gang of bootleggers to use his legitimate shipping company to distribute their illegal product.
7 Apr. 1955
The Case of the Avoided Taxes
A man doesn't want to put his money in a bank where the IRS may find out he has it, so he decides to bury it all in an old barn.
14 Apr. 1955
The Case of the Leather Bags
An entertainer on a cruise ship whose career is on the skids is offered a chance to make some quick money by smuggling a quantity of heroin into the US aboard his ship.
21 Apr. 1955
The Case of the Steady Hand
Burglar Harry Malan has a foolproof plan: he looks in the newspaper for funeral notices of people who have recently died, and then goes and robs their now-empty houses. However, a stolen bond that he has redeemed arouses the suspicions of Treasury agents, who are soon on Harry's trail.
28 Apr. 1955
The Case of the Only Son
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5 May 1955
The Case of the Man Next Door
A somewhat nosy landlady begins to suspect that one of her tenants may be a dangerous loan shark.
19 May 1955
The Case of the Man Trap
Treasury agents get a tip that leads them to the largest counterfeiting syndicate the US has ever seen.
26 May 1955
The Case of the Ready Guns
When Harry is released from prison, his brother tries to keep him out of trouble. But a scheme sounds just like something Harry may want to do. His brother does everything he can to get Harry back onto the straight and narrow before it's too late.
1 Jul. 1955
Case of the Slippery Eel
The owner of a movie theater has come to the conclusion that it's alright to cheat on his income tax, because he's smart enough to never get caught.

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