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13 Jul. 1952
Murder Scores a Knockout
When Lionel the great, a stage magician, is poisoned at a theatrical boarding house, the two most likely killers are his wife and agent, but when valuable jewels are reported lost, King suspects another culprit.
31 Aug. 1952
The Hermit's Cat
A millionaire who never went outside of his home, is murdered, thrown out on highway, and the only good clue is the man's cat, who was killed the same night in his garage.
14 Dec. 1953
Murder, Ph. D.
Three hours before Dayton Merrill is to be executed for murder, Inspector King receives a taunting phone call from a man who claims to have really committed the crime. Unable to get a stay of execution based on the man's confession, King and Detective Lane must re-investigate the crime and find sufficient evidence to save an innocent man's life.

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